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    • The economy of the club is generally somewhat better in reality than in the game. After Robert Platek has taken over the club, a lot more money has come in. In addition, millions have been received to sell Emil Holm, Julius Beck and loan out Haji Wright. So the balance should be increased with 2-3 millions euros. 
      • For example, it has just been decided that the club will spend 1 million euros on upgrading their training grounds next year.
    • When Sønderjyske sold both Emil Holm and the great talent Julius Beck to Spezia this summer, in both cases significant sell on clauses were secured by Sønderjyske. However, these are not in the game. As Spezia is a sister club, 25-35% of upcoming sales seems to be the size.
    • Haji Wright's loan agreement includes a purchase option for Antalyaspor. This is missing in the game. In addition, Antalyaspor pays significant amounts in addition to the salary to loan the player. This is also missing in the game.
      • Payment should be around 65-70k euro pr month. 
      • Optional future fee in the loan agreement should be between 1 and 2 million euro. 
    • Dániel Prosser has joined as a starting player and profile for Sønderjyske from day one. In FM22, however, he is far from good enough to play for the team... 
    • Duplexe Tchamba who is the A national team player for Cameroon is also only good enough for the second best Danish series in the game ...
    • Both players need an upgrade.


    • Under affiliated clubs, sister clubs Spezia Calcio and Casa Pia A.C. both appear. Sønderjyske collaborates with both of them on the recruitment of players. Among other things. Spezia buys players who are rented out to Sønderjyske. In addition, Sønderjyske was at a training camp at Casa Pia this summer.


    • Last but not least, the new owners have invested a lot in the youth department and their facilities in recent months and the youth training should therefore be raised a level.

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    Thank you for reporting this, I will take a look at this :)
    This should have been reported in the Data Issues section of the forum though, as it´s not related to the rules of the leagues.


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