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    Neil Brock
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    As you hopefully have very much noticed, the format for how we're reporting and collecting bugs have changed for recent versions of FM. The aim here is to try and move towards a system that allows us to work more collaboratively and try and provide quicker responses to the issues that are being raised by the testing team.

    Adding a New Issue

    When doing so first of all find the relevant sub forum and click the Add New Issue button


    When logging an issue there are four key areas we'd like you to try and fill in. These are as follows:

    Title - This is what will appear in the main listings of each area. If you can try summarise your issue as clearly as possible, so that someone else can read that and understand what the issue is without clicking into it, that's perfect.

    Content - This is a more in-depth description of what exactly has happened and what the issue is. Please try and provide important bits of information that may be relevant, such as the team you're playing as, the date in game or anything you feel may help us understand the issue better.

    Steps to Reproduce - If there are certain actions that need to be taken in order for the issue to occur (such as clicking certain buttons, or doing so in a specific order, this is the place to list them as clear as possible. We suggest doing so in the format as shown in the example below:

    - Load up 'pre-promise' attached save game
    - Continue once
    - Inbox item will be generated headlined: "Squad unhappy with club situation"
    - Click [Discuss Issue with Squad]
    - Within the Team Meeting select the following promise option: "I'm happy with the quality of player already at the club and really want to give opportunities to some of our younger players to impress (ID: 6533)"
    - After stating you're positive about how they've reacted, end the meeting and continue
    - This will now generate the promise

    Files Uploaded to OwnCloud - If you're providing us with save games, screenshots or any other file which is useful for the bug, please make a note of it in this section so we know what file to look for. Would also recommend using names which are relevant to the issue and ideally include your username. If it's a generic name such as Milan.fm for instance, it may be we have a number of files with the same name uploaded, which makes it harder for us to locate yours.  Details on how to upload can be found here -  https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/instructions-and-notes/how-to-upload-files-to-us-r98/

    Once you've provided the above information, please [Save]. In some instances we may ask you for more information but hopefully everything provided allows us to move forward with and address the issue.

    Using Filters

    Something else we've added to make things a bit easier are 'Filters' which allow you to view the public status of any issue. 


    You can select to filter and only view issues that are Open, Known, Under Review, Resolved or in need of further info.

    We also have the 'Need More Examples' - this is when there's an issue which has been raised, but we're after more save game or pkm examples to allow us to investigate it further. 

    Other Key Points to Remember

    - For issues where something 'reacts', such as a player becoming happy or a press conference question being asked, please always try and provide a save game just before this happens.
    - For match engine issues, it's useful to have as many pkm examples as possible of an issue where you can
    - Crash dumps, screenshots and pkm files can be uploaded directly to the issue you're logging. Save game files are too big 


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