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  • Missing loan fees

    Bob P
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    I have a very big squad, and as a small club look to generate transfer money by charging fees for loaning out players.

    In FM23 Touch this could lead to large sums (tens or hundreds of millions) appearing in my accounts in October/November; you said this was a known issue to be fixed in FM24 Touch.

    While this problem of money appearing seems to have been fixed in FM24 Touch, I can’t see where the money that should be coming in from loan fees (in my latest game should be about ~1.5m per month) is going.  It doesn’t show up in player transfers or - that I can see - in income.

    However, when I play forward a few months, around October/November my owner gifts some extra transfer money as a result of better than expected income.  Is this a work around for the loan fees I can’t find anywhere?  Or is it unrelated?  And if so, where are the loan fees going?


    many thanks indeed for any guidance; and sorry if I’m missing something obvious  


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    On 28/11/2023 at 13:07, Zachary Whyte said:

    Thank you for flagging this to us, we will investigate further. 

    Sorry - realise you must be very busy but wondered if you had an update (or needed any more info).  Keen to get playing again, but whole approach rather flawed if I loan fees are not appearing.  Many thanks 

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    Sorry for the long delay.  The problem seems resolved in one sense - my income now includes loan income.  But they seem out by an order of magnitude - by November after loaning in the previous transfer window, I have loan income of £150m (one hundred and fifty million), which is massively out of proportion.  (And was the same problem reported in FM23 by others.)

    Is this fixable?  It ruins a long save spent carefully managing limited funds, to suddenly have this massive influx.  I’d like to see some modest benefit from loaning players for a fee; but not to see Southport suddenly become one of the richest clubs in the world owing to dodgy accounting!


    many thanks

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    Sorry - one other thing.  I mentioned above that I’m getting about 20 times the loan fees I should be getting.  This shows as income in the finance tab - but it doesn’t appear as transfer income and affect my available transfer budget.  Is that intended?  That loan fees are club income rather than (as transfer fees) income that is available in the transfer budget?  Thanks again

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    Thanks indeed for the quick response.  It’s below - I moved the game on a bit from the September transfer window and by mid December it’s provided nearly £180 million in loan fees.

    (Though oddly this doesn’t seem to affect my transfer budget.)

    Let me know if you want anything else.


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