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  • Defensive marking at Attacking corners

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    It’s not a new issue, as there are reports and complaints of this going back to FMM 21, but who knows? Maybe one day it’ll actually be fixed.

    When taking an attacking corner, the opposition break and the players staying back fly forward - often into space nowhere near the ball - leaving the opposition attacker free to run clean through from his own half and score. This is despite having FOUR players (both wingers and both fullbacks) set on ‘stay back’ (not ‘stay back if needed’).

    I have zero faith this’ll be fixed as it’s been at least three years, but it should at least be noted.




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    This is weird as I have to say I almost never have an issue with at least as long my full backs or at least two players of some sort are on stay back. The fact that you have four stay back should make that more secure. Perhaps with so many staying back the game inclines them all to get further forward? There's something at play there - I've not tried it on fmm23 but tell all your players but one to stay back and a lot of them will still end up in the box - it seems to be influenced by the opposition players positions I think.

    Another point to make is with four staying back you're more likely to lose the ball - perhaps that has some to do with it.

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