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  1. Thanks Harry - I thought it had fixed itself as I moved league but come back to England and it's still a problem. Seems totally arbitrary - some croat's are fine, some aren't for instance. File name is Work Permits and have uploaded.
  2. Any reply from anyone?! I see it's been flagged with 'needs more info' but it'd be great to be told what info is needed.
  3. I've unlocked the foreign influx perk and applied 'remove work permits' to the game. This worked at first, but now when I sign foreigners (in the Premier League), they don't go through the the pre-signing work permit process, but cannot play and have the red 'wp' symbol next to their name. I've checked, and the work permit removal is still applied - i've even tried removing it and re-applying it, to no avail. Please help!
  4. I can see why you'd buy it, but that's absolutely my point - £536m in the bank now, and my facilities have actually just been downgraded due to technological advances (still, the board do nothing) and the only option i'm left with is to purchase an upgrade. If that's not a fix, I really don't know what is. Would love to hear some sort of explanation for this, but the silence should really tell me all I need to know.
  5. It's ludicrous. I now have £450m in the bank through player sales, 3 x Prem winners and 2 x CL with a fully sold out stadium for three years of just 26,000. And they still won't negotiate an upgrade on that or the training facility. No-one from SI interested in responding to this? As it doesn't seem to make sense on any level.
  6. I've spent three years asking the board for two things - a bigger stadium and a better training ground. At Woking in 2030 - there's £73m in the bank, in the Prem for 7 seasons with all CL finishes, a CL final appearance and a Premier League title. 'Great' training facilities, which as we know is the level of a mid-level championship club. Even Brentford (bottom of the table) have state-of-the-art! Also sold out home games nearly every time now, and the option to expand stadium doesn't even appear... I really don't understand why they consistently reject any upgrades season after season -
  7. Hi all, Do the Serie A non-EU signings restrictions apply in Touch? Going to start an online game with some mates and trying to decide on league, started up a Serie A one to test this and have signed multiple non-EU without restriction it seems....just wanted to check before starting!
  8. I'm not sure if this classifies as a bug or just an unrealistic set of circumstances, but i've reached January and NINE of my first team players have been called up for Olympic Games (U23) qualifying. This would be fine, except I was under the understanding that PL games were rearranged or didn't clash with international fixtures - instead i've got 3 games to play with basically a team of reserves. I can't see a situation in real life where this would be allowed to happen?!
  9. Playing on Mac, I accidentally removed the dialog box to confirm going into each match. But when I go to reset them, the reset box won't accept 'yes' as an answer on 'reset confirmation dialogs'. The box just flashes and stays there, and you have to click 'no' to exit.
  10. Sure, appreciate what you're saying - however, the issue happened BEFORE I used FMRTE. I was using that to test the issue for a potential fix. So the issue is something related to the game, not to FMRTE. Which i'm pretty sure puts it back in your remit?
  11. I signed Dani Olmo for Brentford in my first season in the Prem, only to be told a week after signing that he was unhappy with promises not kept - however the screen was blank except the headline. Apparently now he has 'Lost Trust in Manager' and played like crap for an entire season. I've used FMRTE to transfer him to another club as a test, and it remains - which leads me to suspect there is a bug at work here.
  12. It's happened to me again a few seasons down the line. So I can only assume it's not a bug....but if so, how are they coming from your youth academy if they've come from other clubs? At the age of 15?
  13. I had an academy player come through in my youth intake this year; But apparently he's played for Sevilla B?! And I owe them a 20% sell-on (that I didn't negotiate, obviously. Is this an actual thing? Or a bug? As I thought all players coming through your academy were your 'own' creations.
  14. Does anyone know exactly how many variations there are? Is it two? I'd love to know as I intend to start a game then sim until October - rinse and repeat until I get no/soft Brexit.
  15. Ah, literally every game i've played since they first introduced the conference on Champ Man - taking Woking to Champions League glory! I've seen some great FM times with the Cards. I'll be watching this with interest, if only to nick a few ideas of signings. Best of luck!
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