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  • MLS - Unable to make trades

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    I'm trying to strengthen my squad via trade using the several million dollars of GAM and stockpile of draft picks I've managed to acquire. Despite having adequate salary cap room and an open international slot, I am unable to accept any offers for players who I enquire about. Instead of being given the option to accept, I'm given the option to negotiate or withdraw. When I attempt to negotiate, everything under "Items Offered" is greyed out and I am not allowed to make an offer.

    Please help! My team is not happy that I've not found replacements for the players I transferred out of the league!



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      I posted photos from one trade enquiry, but this is happening with *every* trade enquiry that is accepted, regardless of the value or contract of the player.

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    Following this because I'm seeing the exact same issue in my MLS save. I am unable to make trade offers of any kind. And any time I negotiate offers, all options but "cancel/withdraw" are greyed out. Any Enquiries with MLS clubs are rejected. And of course, since the AI only makes derisory offers, this means there is no point having a trade function. Because there's no way the player can make moves inside MLS for players. 

    Further on this topic: It's a special kind of broken that the AI makes offers to take your star players, demand money be given *to* them for the privilege of handing your best player to them, and offer garbage draft picks in return. Even by the standards of the derisory offers the AI makes in other leagues, this is an un-fun waste of time. 

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