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  1. Exactly. Low ratings affect morale, which affects development. Which affects attributes and team performance across the board. The only thing not making this destructive to the game is it happens to all teams. But when the media is still treating a 6.3 as a clanger, and you don't have enough subs to remove all the underperformers, it very much is affecting performance across the board.
  2. After the update today, I'm having the same issue, but worse. In fact, the Tactics screen will not allow me to put more than 1 player on the field. Drag and drop to the tactic removes any other players who were in the team. And drag and drop on the roster to the right does nothing. If a player is not available to play, he cannot be replaced without it removing ALL players from the match day squad. I have confirmed this happens on the Default FM skin. Save file was uploaded to cloud as Diego Marcielle - Newell's Old Boys (v02).fm Edit to add: On re-re-reload this error cleared and i
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2286332461 I was asked the typical, "How has your previous spending impacted what you have left?" question. I answered, "I still have plenty to spend." The above screenshot was the response. The headline says I'm broke. The text gave the right answer.
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