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  • Accuracy of Youth Intake Preview.

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    I have just had the 2032 Youth Intake preview and it has told me that it's an excellent group of players. The potential to be a real golden generation. 


    Brilliant, let's see what the ratings for the individual positions are.....

    A C, 3x E's and 5x F's. This generation doesn't seem very golden to me. 


    I will come back with info on how good the intake actually is. (I have the editor activate so will be able to check CA/PA). 

    We have very good facilities and have had a double upgrade since last season so I would expect that a Golden Generation is more likely than the E's and F's shown above but I guess we will wait and see. 

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    Here is the info on the Intake when it actually arrived. 






    So it looks to me that this is labelled as a Golden Generation and is a Golden Generation so the rating system in the Intake Preview is inaccurate. 

    I've uploaded a save from the Day of the Intake but have others if you need them. 

    Saves uploaded


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    • SI Staff

    Really sorry for the length of time we took to respond here, but we'll get this investigated, looks as though you've provided everything we'd need. :) 

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