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Thread: 11.3 Compatibility Patch for Mac OSX Lion

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    Exclamation 11.3 Compatibility Patch for Mac OSX Lion

    Just a quick announcement for any users now using the new Mac OSX Lion on a desktop, we very much recommend downloading the 11.3 compatibility patch. During testing we came across an issue related to the new operating system which caused the game to not load up correctly.

    That is the only thing addressed in this patch, there is nothing else so if you are not running or intending on running Lion at any point there is no need for you to download this patch.

    If you are running via Steam the patch will automatically download, for everyone else the patch can be downloaded from the following links:

    Direct Download

    Mac 11.3 Disc

    Mac 11.3 Russian

    Mac 11.3 eSellerate
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