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    When using this how long does it take for the team to blend together, I brought in 4 players during pre season. In the team talk feedback my assistant reports the team are blending well together. When I look at assistant feed back prior to a match if a player who has harldy played in the team plays he reports ' A few players @@@@@@ and @@@@@@ still appear to be trying to blend into the squad'. These though are players who have hardly played a game in the team as I have not selected them. It is now the 22nd September in the game adn I have had match prepartion on team blend since I started, surely they should have blended by now. Does your assistant report to say they have so you can changed the focus in match prepation

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    I think it makes the squad more familiar with the formation, learning how to blend together when you set that formation for a game. Since you have 3 choices for a formation, the team would be able to adjust to these 3 formation you set during the game.

    As for me, match preparation training didn't help my team 'gel together'. They still run around like headless chickens and make some very poor passing during the game -_- That comes with time, I guess.

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    I don't know for sure as I'm still getting to grips with it, but I think the match prep makes it a lot harder to just "pick up and play" this year. Which to me is very very good indeed, and a notion that completely counters what I saw someone else say about the game, but hey- it's a forum after all. I'm sure once I know what the hell I'm doing it will be really useful, but for now it's quite confusing.

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