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  1. What's the 'best' FM Match Engine?

    FM 13 for sure. It was good enough to make me consider not buying FM14 this year (the first time I've ever skipped an FM since FM10). For me, the game and ME are good enough to last me for another year :-)
  2. The fact that most players tend to turn the sound effects off simply means that they NEED to be improved.. How many of you would turn it off if the sound effects were better?
  3. Yep... Seriously, sometimes its scary how frustrated FM 13 can make me. Currently managing Coventry, I managed to secure promotion from League 1 to the Championship. I was happy. Second season in, I managed to firmly establish the club as a mid-table team. Third season, we sat at the top of the table, eventually falling to third and securing a place for the PL play-off. Made it to the finals and won through penalties. It is worth noting that all the way from missing out on the second spot and to the finals, my mother entered my room often, and all she could see was me shaking my fist in pure frustration and anger, screaming the words "IDIOT" and "***hole", with the occasional F word making a guest appearance. Throughout the third season, there were times when I would play FM for 45 minutes or so before heading off to work. If the last I game played before heading out was a draw / loss against a weaker opposition, it seriously ends up affecting my mood for the next 4 - 6 hours.. I really wonder why I still love to play FM. I must be a masochist of some sort.
  4. Whats your FM13 playtime?

    FM 13: 98 hours so far (pre-ordered the game) FM 12: 399 hours
  5. This sounds very interesting! Its definitely too late to implement into FM 14, though...
  6. This... A louder roar for a very late equaliser or winner. Louder jeers when the team is down at home. More variety, too, like two or three audios for each scenario so they dont grow old too fast. Shouldn't be too hard to implement for FM 14, considering that FM in general is does not make use of so much audio.
  7. I'm currently on a 1,000 a week wages. If my wages were going to count towards my already slim wage budget, I wanted to be as light of a load as possible I hope they keep me, I'm currently spending 5k above the wage budget!! As for the loan, both of your answers made sense. Barside, I was not on the international transfer window. It was somewhere in October or November, can't remember (currently at work). Podunkboy, guess we'll find out if they ticked that foreign clubs option during the January transfer window :-)
  8. Hello all, I'm currently managing Coventry on FM 13. A day before English Transfer / Loan deadline day, I wanted to make a loan offer for a Midfielder (Right), a position in which I am SERIOUSLY lacking in depth.. The player in question plays for Udinese (or Bologna, can't remember). Anyway, the option for a loan was not available when I initiated a transfer offer. The only options available were transfer and enquiry. The player was listed for loan, though o_O The second part of my question. Again on the Coventry save, it seems like the Club is on a verge of a takeover, which I sincerely hope goes through because a 0 euros transfer budget is making it harder for me to achieve promotion. I know there was a proposed takeover in the summer, and it fell through. However, if this one does succeed, what are the chances that I'll keep my job? Never played with a club that actually went through a takeover proposal (let alone a successful one). What should I be expecting in terms of job security and finances? Thanks!!
  9. Still waiting for some feedback on this.. even on the Bugs forum: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/322281-Match-performance-widget Update on the issue: The size of the home-team's performance widget is always fine, the away team's widget though is always 'minimised' and cannot be expanded, showing 4 players at most.
  10. I'm not able to expand the match performance widget Basically, the only names I'm able to see are Joe hart, Kompany, Lescott, and Toure.. I'd have to scroll to see the text regarding other players. Anyone else facing this issue?
  11. I was alerted about his contract a year before it expires, just never bothered because his wage demands were more than I was willing to pay. Tried the negotiation three months before expiry, and I was saving 5,000 euros + a lower appearance fee. Lost him for good in the process Not too worried about Honda's contract, it runs for another four years, he should be able to make a significant contribution in that time period.
  12. Physio injury update?

    Bump? Anyone? Please?
  13. anyone had a red card apeal go their way?

    Tried it 5 times on each FM since FM 10.. Failed every time. Only tried it 3 times on FM 12, I don't even bother anymore
  14. I signed Honda on a free transfer too (his contract was expiring, he'll join me in pre-season). Should I be preparing myself for the heartache to follow?!