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Thread: Game Graphics Future Release Requests

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    Default Game Graphics Future Release Requests

    Ok a lot of progress has been made and the game looks fantastic this year at the side of FM09, I know a lot of forums threads are here for requests for new features but I tought I would create this as a seperate thread to focus specifically on the graphical side of the game. Just to give the guys at SI Towers some food for thought when developing the game further from a graphical perspective.

    Some of my initilal requests would be
    Dug Outs during match to be presented differently on a per stadium basis to add variety.

    Little manager figures animated on touch lines

    Multi tier stands including executive boxes and advertising.

    Fans waving banners scarfs etc.

    Flags for away teams draped over empty seating

    Important team news items presented as newspaper style clippings not just normal news item.

    Just soom food for thought and sorry if a thread already exists for this but I couldn't find one before some of the 24/7 brigade slate me :-)

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    Default Re: Game Graphics Future Release Requests

    There is a thread about this already, you should search blah blah blah. Now consider yourself told

    I think more graphical detail will come in time tbh. 09 to 10 is a big improvement on the match graphics imo, and im sure it will evolve even further.

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