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  1. Helpful ^^^ Try tightening up away from home. Look to play on the counter. Home advantage is something the hosts look to take advantage of so they will try and force the game more. Look to nullify them and exploit any weaknesses.
  2. Yes I've had a couple in this save but sadly they won't last. Elliot Sandy - He was with me in the Skrill South at the start of the game and scored loads of goals. He left on a free as he wouldn't sign a new deal and I had someone to replace him lined up. Years went by and I was searching for a new coach. That's where I saw him again, nostalgia kicked in (I didn't really look at his stats haha) and now he is a coach for me in the PL. After euphoria died down I did look at his stats and he's actually pretty good! Alex Wynter - You know when you go up the leagues and you struggle to attract pl
  3. Best thing I can suggest is to wing it. I've gone through it recently and found the same issue. You might be able to pick up one or two capable of performing at the next level but certainly not a whole team. Reputation and finances will see to that. The problem I had is that nobody wants to come. Any players I try and get in on loan their club would prefer them to play with higher calibre players which rules them out and the ones left are barely, if any, better than what you have. I just tried to strengthen as much as I could and hoped for the best. It worked out and I stayed up comfortably
  4. So basically I took control of Leamington from day one just to see how it went more than anything. I've fallen in love with the save and whilst I don't play as much as I'd like (wife and kids grrrr!) I'm still hooked. Anyway, I'm only in my third season thus far but have secured back-to-back promotions, just, and I'm now in League 2. If anyone has ever played as Leamington you start with virtually nothing so aswell as building a team I've been trying to get the board to build the club up. The ground has had to be expanded as per regulations and I've managed to get youth and training facilitie
  5. No it's FM14. Got it sorted now. Had a clear out of all staff and hired from scratch and found I could hire one with no issues.
  6. Hi guys and gals. Started my career save and landed the job at a Skrill North side. Things are going well enough and it's ticking along nicely however a lot of my players are unhappy with training. I've tinkered and messed with intensity/areas of training and only get minimal improvement in terms of numbers of players unhappy. The nuts of it is that they are unhappy with the standard of fitness coaching. So I go to hire a fitness coach but the board won't allow it. So I speak to the board and ask them to allow more coaches to which they agree. Happy days, I shoot off and place an advert for a
  7. Yeah I don't see an issue with it. In essence it's how scouting works. Even at lower local levels there are often sides who seem to cultivate the best youngsters in the area and scouts naturally turn up for them. Where I'm from Wallsend Boys Club is responsible for a lot of players that have gone on to play professionally. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallsend_Boys_Club
  8. Kind of reaching a crossroad in my career at the moment and looking for a bit of help. Generally speaking I holiday for six months to get rid of the default start of game vacancies before applying for jobs in the lowest ranked leagues. So I did that and became manager at Stalybridge. I'm only a few seasons in but have done reasonably well. We're a football league team now for a start and are going upwards with little or no threat of dropping out of League Two. However another job, further up the ladder has come up. Only in League 1 so just one level higher, but this is the dilemma. In the p
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