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  1. Graphics question

    Sound Pack available on this forum search for SounPack should bring it up. Graphics I just put in a folder under My Documents/Sigames/Footballmanager2010 and it seams to work. Kits in a Kits folder Logos in a Logo folder etc.
  2. Once again thanks SI and Sega for showing faith in those at SI Towers. Long live the king of football management games
  3. Yeah to be honest wish I had, I have this over tempting urge to buy Stephen Carr but can't on this version LOL
  4. Cause I'm already playing the Game unlike STEAM ofcourse LOL
  5. Good old shopto.net got mine within 23 hours of placing order. Great stuff all for £24.94 bargain. Great game even better than anticipated, highly recommend the Sound Pack addition from this site makes each game really intense. Just lost at home to Everton 2 - 1 in the 89th Min of a friendly. I play as Huddersfield and I am completely gutted having played so well too. Back to pre-season and Torquay away, I'm taking no prisoners :-)))
  6. Fantastic 15:05 FM2010 arrives via UKMail after ordering a mere 23 hours earlier from shopto.net. What a happy bunny I am :-)))
  7. play.com

    I hate play.com, last twice ive pre-ordered a game it came day after release. Useless no point bothering with them if they can't get the stuff to me for release day no point pre-ordering in first place
  8. Why bother with steam at all???? get a few achievements big deal.
  9. Just clicking on the tracker number from shopto.net orders page brings up details for me
  10. Well Happy Days the UKMAIL tracking of my order says a wonderful delivery man has mine on his van so come on down saved a fiver from tescos price and 2 days early. Happy Days, now to get some breakfast and liquid on board for the busy day ahead LOL
  11. What do patches do??

    They help you quit mate according to the NHS. LOL
  12. will just stay as a live pre-order until they process that, just leave it then tomorrow it will become a firm order and thery will process it.
  13. Hows this, ordered 15:45 from shopto.net, got confirmation of dispatch 16:15, got confirmation from ukmail of delivery for tomorrow by ukmail 21:45 awesome lol