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Ok - so I can’t get an advanced forward to work how I wanted in the Goal Scoring Striker thread.

So I’m coming in from different angle.

As a Liverpool fan I initially wanted to replicated Gerrard to Torres. I failed miserably - but I still wanted to keep the Liverpool feel to my current side (Sampdoria) and because I have no wingers, Liverpool's side under Roy Evans in the 90s seemed like a decent choice.

That side from the 90s was great to watch but notoriously leaks at the back.


Liverpool’s line up

David James


Jason McAteer - John Scales - Mark Wright - Phill Babb - Stig Inge Bjoernebye


Jamie Redknapp - John Barnes


Steve McManaman


Robbie Fowler - Stan Collymore


So, initial thoughts from that side. It was patient build up from the back and midfield and a flurry of activity once the forwards got involved.


Goal Keeper – James was a great shot stopper but didn’t have the mentals to back his game up.

CBs – All three of Liverpool’s CBs were what I would describe as good footballers but poor defenders.

Both Wing-Backs (introduced at the same time as Aston Villa) were up and down all game. McAteer was the slightly more adventurous of the two. Bjoernebye was the better crosser of the ball.

An old/overweight John Barnes would sit and dictate the tempo of the game.

Redknapp (when not knocked) was a good all-round midfielder with a great passing range.

McManaman was the loose cannon. Running at the defence at every opportunity – when he was good he was unplayable – when he was poor he’d continually run into dead ends.

Stan Collymore could and should have had a better career than he did. He had it all – fast, strong, two good feet, great in the air and finishing. He’s the perfect example of a Complete Forward.

And then what can we say about Robbie Fowler (God)! Put him anywhere in the 18 yard box and he’ll score.


So with all that, this is what I have come up with. Pretty close to that side – with a tweak or two to suite my team. Mainly the Redknapp role. Redknapp wasn’t quite box to box.




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Ok, so first two games were victories. Although not entirely convincing.

the fullbacks dont press at all. They leave it for the midfielders to cover, which obviously leaves big spaces in the middle. So I've switched to Defensive wingers, they help a lot more.

My Tq was pretty anonymous - changing him to an AMat with driblle more has helped.

And unbelieveabily my Forwards have score a couple from open play. We'll see how long that lasts...




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