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Why can companies such as Aspyr port demanding games virtually in full from x86/64 based systems to ARM yet SI can’t port a significantly less demanding game to ARM based devices.

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I literally do not get this. Why can games with more demanding requirements such as Civilisation VI or Witcher be ported (successfully) to ARM yet the only FM options we have on ARM based devices are FMM or FMT, and even then FMT isn’t even the full FMT, and it’s only available on tablets and Switch. Civ is available on phones... 

ive seen people say the reason why it’s such a stripped down and limited version is because of App Store regs and it needs to cover a range of devices. Well how come Aspyr are able to differentiate between devices and prevent devices not powerful enough from taking too big of a workload. (I can’t play on largest maps of Civ 6) 

I doubt owners of devices such as an IPad Pro would have any objections of paying full retail price for FM on their tablets, I know I certainly wouldn’t have an issue if I had an IPad Pro and would feel more inclined to move to an IPad Pro rather than upgrade my ageing MacBook Air.

iPads are capable of using Photoshop and video editing software to a reasonable level, yet FM, something which with even a past gen i3 and 8GB ram runs 35,000 players no probelm can’t be ported and instead it’s given a stripped down version of a stripped down game. 

on another note, why isn’t their an editor either for FMT? 

Well we all know that, it’s Microtransactions. I spend roughly like £75 a year on FM (FM on my pc, my iPad, IGE, RT and supporting Sortitoutsi), the cheek to then offer me paid features which a) should ship with the base game b) can be done with the editor on PC is laughable really. 

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