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  1. I’ve done the images before FMT does work with DDT files. I done it with FMT19 and FMT20. The save just has to be created on a Laptop
  2. Have you done this yourself? if so, thank you. I would previously apply DDT files on my PC (which allowed me to get more players, whilst staying within the 3 nation limit) and cross sync. I know you can get graphics via iTunes file sharing (Refuse to play FM without them) but I was unsure whether it would be the same with Save files and whether they’d go through some alterations when cross synced.
  3. I always start my FMT save on PC and eventually move to it to IOS. however, I’ve found out there is no cross-sync this year for IPadOS specifically. Is there anyway for me to transfer this save file over? I would try for myself, however I do not own FMT on my IPad yet and don’t have any intent on buying it until I find out the answer. thank you
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