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We're the Kids of America (Youth Challenge)

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Team I am using: NEW YORK RED BULLS


Challenge Rules.


- I can only buy players under 21.

-I must sell those players when they are 24.

-Once I manage to get a sizeable squad, the older players already at the club will be sold (or exchanged for other players).

-I'm allowed to keep (or buy) 1 player between the ages of 25 and 30, and one player 30+.

-I'm only allowed one loan per season. (Loan players already at the club will have their deal terminated, unless I keep one).

-The aim is to conquer North America, and win a clean sweep of trophies in a season using only young players.


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Location: Red Bull Arena, NYC.

Date: 12th of January, 2018.

Sky Sports News Reporter: "I'm inside the press room here in the Red Bull Arena, as a representative of the Red Bull company, has called and emergency press conference. We don't know exactly what it is about, but our thoughts is that the club will announce the departure of head coach, Chris Armas, whilst also announcing his immediate replacement."

Red Bull Representative: "First of all, I'd like to welcome the press here today for the club's emergency press conference. As a representative of Red Bull GmbH, I have to inform you all of the departure of our head coach, Chris Armas, due to a conflict of opinions between himself and the board over the club's new philosophies, another reason we are here today. The club are happy to announce our new youth recruitment system. This is a system which we will only be signing players under the  age of 21 and selling them when they reach the age of 24. Unfortunately, this will mean that many of our experiences first team players will also be departing the club. Thank you for your time, we will now take a limited amount of questions."


Many reporters are shouting and waving their hand, hoping to have their question answered.


Reporter: "Hi, speaking on behalf of the New York Times. I think the main question is, who is the new head coach?"

Red Bull Representative: "'Oh. I almost forgot a huge announcement. The new manager of New York Red Bull for the forthcoming season is: TheFMBoss!"


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