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Seeking someone to do an edit for me as I am too dumb

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Hi there,


I've been trying, fruitlessly, to create a new semi-fictional nation (got the basics of that part down) and I want to make a fairly simple league structure of 64 teams, all of which are fictional and full of fictional players.


The setup is that its a real life region but in an alternative history setting, so approximately half of the cities in the nation are in the vanilla database but with different names to the ones they have in my universe. I have the information for all the teams written down and pretty much all the other big stuff for the league, I just can't get my head around the editor.


If I could commission somebody to do this for me, that'd be super. If you think you could help me, please get in touch



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I highly recommend learning to do it yourself.

It will be far more rewarding.

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