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Vertical tiki-taka ... 2 epic seasons now failing!

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Hey guys

Firstly a quick bit of background...

I'm playing as Blackburn and I was doing really well... won the championship in my first season and finished 6th in the premiership in my second season. 

I've not changed my tactic at all.... it's the default vertical tiki taka 5 2 1 2 WB...I'm guessing that the AI has seen my team as underdogs for the past two seasons hence why I've been so successful.

I'm currently on a terrible run of form despite spending a lot of money bringing some quality players in in the preseason. My guess is the AI has now made adjustments hence why my average possession percentage has dropped dramatically and I'm losing the games I should be winning. 

I'm just after some suggestions really. 

I know when you buy quite a few players team cohesion is affected but I've only made 3 changes in the starting line up to be fair so not a complete overhaul... mainly excellent squad players I've bought. 

Look forward to your thoughts.


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I've changed to complete forward support instead of false 9, my AMC from APs to AMs and changed my cm from box to box to RPM... seems to be working! 

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