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Ok..tried game in windowed mode in an attempt to make it run a bit faster as suggested....unfortunately the fonts are far too big..

Now the problem I have is I can't go back to the original setting as the confirmed settings is at the bottom of the screen that I cant access.

For some reason I can't alter the screen resolution on main settings on PC either.

Will uninstalling it and re-stalling it fix it?

Any help gratefully appreciated

Thank you

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If you're in windowed mode, then double click on the windows title bar and it should maximise the window to fit your monitor. If you want to delete your settings, delete the stuff in your appdata folder (on XP c:/documents and settings/[your username]/appdata/sports interactive/fm2009, on vista c:/users/[your username]/appdata/roaming/sports interactive/fm2009). Deleting that stuff should reset the game to default, but should keep your saved games/tactics etc. I'd just move that stuff out of the folder, rather than delting at first though, just in case something goes wrong.

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