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Declan Barry

Potential FMM2018 New Features - Speculation Article

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This article was originally posted on FMMobile.net by ALJA1988. If you like what you read you can find many more articles on the new Football Manager Mobile website here.


That time has come once again where we take a look at what new features will be possibly added into Football Manager Mobile 2018, as a lot of you FMM followers will know this is one of the main talking points about any FMM series before the big release of the game. You can hear it now the “Training needs a massive overhaul” or “We should be able to arrange friendlies.” Etc.. Don’t get me wrong a lot of the times I do agree, but realistically it’s not possible for every idea. So today's article I will be discussing possible new features that could be viable and would make the game a lot harder and more enjoyable.


New Transfer Rule

Officially this rule doesn’t come into effect until 2018/19 season. With it having been passed only recently, I'm certain this will be added into FMM2018. This new rule is only for the Premier League and doesn’t affect other leagues, the rule is now set that the transfer window will close a week before the football season kicks off.


Options For Player Interactions

I personally feel this has been a long time coming, time and time again I see people moan about not being able to give solid talks to your players, or even team talks before, during and after the match. I believe adding in options for these would be a game changer in itself, being able to pick your team up from a first-half battering with a passionate but motivated team talk to a draw or better yet that win you have been needing the idea of the game is to manage your team and having more in-depth talks with players and/or team will surely give you that feeling of actually feeling like a manager? And when you take over a team you will feel more invested in them.


Two Year Loan Option

How often have we seen this happen in football? And now it seems the norm these days, I think this will be another of those welcomed feature and it will have many uses like for example; You like the look of that 21/22 year old Box to Box Midfielder but not sure if he would be worth the money? You know a season is not enough to really evaluate the player and then having to go through the hassle of re-signing him for another season just puts you off signing him altogether. 4 seasons later he’s worth 10 times the amount, has won the Ballon d’Or 3 times, scored the winner in the champions league final against you and also plays for Real Madrid who wants £237 million for him (I’ve gotten over it. Honest…). This honestly would be a fantastic option to have in, it could be benefitted by players and AI alike.


Training Regimes

It’s in need of a mass overhaul if I I am being honest. The last 5-10 years maybe a bit longer football training has been more than just general, goalkeeping, defending, attacking, fitness and technical. I’m not expecting to be able to completely control all aspects of training but we need to be able to do more with it than general, goalkeeping, defending. For example setting a diet for your team, being able to work on shooting practice, special training sessions and even being able to have ‘behind closed doors’ training matches would be a great added feature for us pushing us one step further into the game. Even if these ideas weren’t implemented it still needs a massive upgrade.


Being Able To Have A Feeder/Parent Club

This is a big request that I see a lot of, especially as almost all clubs have some sort of feeder/parent club Chelsea with Vitesse springs to mind. It is a big thing in football, and this along with the two-year loan option would be great for the game having the option to send your youths to your feeder club for a couple of seasons gaining vital experience and building up his reputation etc. Also great to have if you are the feeder club on a budget, imagine managing Newport County and with Manchester Utd as your parent club the player is more likely to accept a loan to your club because of it. Also the income you receive from the parent club for the feeder teams would be an added bonus.


More In Depth Manager Profile

When you start the game, you pick your name, your nationality, coaching badge and coaching style and then that's it. Personally, I feel every game you start new you should always start off with the lowest badge no manager is gold standard, they had to adapt, learn, revise and build themselves to where they are now. I think adding in a more in-depth manager profile would also be a lovely touch on the personal side being able to pick your temperament and your personality as close as to you as possible gives it that plus factor but not only that as a major positive it would build a more difficult game for yourselves when you realise you cannot sign anyone with a calm personality because they just don’t like working under your over the top tantrums leading you to become more invested in searching for the right players. Are you a ‘get the training kit on and join in with the lads’ or are you the ‘suited and booted’ type of manager? Within the game anything you do could have a chance of slightly affecting your manager's personality i.e. Player talks, team talks and even relationships with players and the board.


Press Conferences, Pre-Match and Post-Match Pressers

I would personally love this to be added especially when you have a match against a rival up and coming, and you want to get the mind games in ready or you want to fire up the fans, the team and anyone else who’ll listen. It's also a great way for you to be able to build a personality for your manager profile, affecting certain stats along the way and also being able to build your reputation as a manager so not solely relying on being a manager but all the other key aspects that define what a manager is in today's game.


Although opinion based, I genuinely believe some of these options will be added into the new game. It’s about getting that perfect balance of being able to manage but still be able to play it on the go and with these possible new features you can still achieve that but we do need more as avid supporters of the game out of it. What are your thoughts on the list? Would love to hear some feedback.

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