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Birger Jarl

FM2009 Swedish League Detail

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The games look to have big improvements I am looking forward to buying PC version and FMH (PSP).

I apologise if my questions have been previously asked.

1- What will be the detail level of the Allsvenskan be on FM09? (Number of leagues for instance)

2- Will the Royal League be reprogrammed, and if not, due to the TV rights fiasco, will it return in an add on patch in the future (by when it will be a resolved matter for sure)?

3- Will the Swedish League make it to FM Handheld this year please?

Thanks very much for your time, either way I look forwarf greatly to your products.

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1. Probably the same. We Swedes should be happy about that, we have more leagues in the game than most other countries but our league IRL are crap.

2. Hopefully not. HATED that tournament, took just time to play it every year. IF it makes it into the game again (if they decides to start the tournament again IRL) i hopes that SI adds an option where we can choose to participate or not, just like the Euro Vase. It was some discussion with some clubs IRL that they was considering to give their place away to another team as they didn't wanted to participate. Royal League has a reputation in the same division as a regular friendly.

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