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  1. For the first time in... like ever, I am actually very hyped after reading the announcements. I think this is the most promising initial announcement SI have ever made. And from the looks of it, the Regen/Newgen faces will be greatly improved!
  2. There's obviously different opinions on this. So why not make everyone happy? Let us choose: Soft, Hard, No or Random.
  3. I always play 4-4-2, and have done so since FM05. This year I have serious issues with getting my strikers to perform. I just can't get them to play well. I've had some minor success with deep-lying strikers and currently I actually have both strikers as that. It works OK, but not more than that. I dominate the possession, but any striker with a speedy attacking role will get ratings of 6.5 at best, and definitely no goals. All previous versions of the game I've always had an attacking forward alongside my deep-lying striker, and the attacking forward have scored lots of goals. This year I'm scoring most of my goals from the midfield. * I'm not sure the names for the roles are exactly as they are in english FM since I don't play the game in english. But I think they are close enough to be understood.
  4. But two of the clubs gave me full scouting knowledge. And I've had clubs in the highest Spanish League that did not give me full knowledge.
  5. All of them are lower level. Dover in the English fifth tier. Avoine-Chinon in the French fifth tier. Lübeck in the German fourth tier. I remember that in FM18 I had a team in the Spanish first tier that did not give me full knowledge of Spain. It must be something else.
  6. Hi, I gave myself three affiliate clubs from England, France and Germany. They have exactly the same conditions. However, I only got full scouting knowledge from two of them. From the English club I did not get full knowledge. Does anyone know why I do not get full scouting knowledge from affiliates sometimes? What is it that decides how much knowledge you get from an affiliate club? I saw the same thing happen in FM18. I had affiliate clubs where I only got around 50% scouting knowledge from.
  7. The population of Burundi are listed as only 905 thousand. In reality it is 10.5 million. Source.
  8. I don't think that SI should only look at how many careers are actually played in a league. I only play in one league, the Swedish. But I would like to see many more leagues playable so that I can have them as view-only on my career saves. It adds basic statistics and a more active market. With the computer power of today maybe all leagues should be view-only by default? I remember another manager game had the whole world as sort of view-only almost 15 years ago. Probably not comparable, but it's something that I've always missed in Football Manager. That the world outside of the playable world are almost non-existant.
  9. Does the match engine behave differently when a match are watched (the game are on top of the screen) than it does when the game are minimized to tray during the match? I have for a long time noticed that my team are playing so much better when the game are minimized. I usually trash the opponents and scores for fun. But whenever I actually decides to watch a game I usually lose or play a draw. Once or twice and it can be a coincidence but it happened so often that I decided to start re-playing that type of games to see what happens and yeah... I usually play terrible and drop points when watching, but not touching, the game. When I then replay the same match and just minimizes the game as soon as the match starts I usually win by a large margin. Same tactics, same team selection and same substitutions. I play the vast majority of my matches in the background (with the game minimzed to tray) while doing other things on the computer, and I always make all substitutions at halftime. Does the game calculate the matches differently if the game are run in the background? Similar to how it calculates it differently when a league is active or view-only. Possibly a very weird thread start and I will probably get some hate for it or comments that I try to blame the game for my own imcompetence. But the replaying part are only because I noticed a pattern and since I rarely actually watch a game it's still going pretty good for my team.
  10. AIK

    Flag of Taiwan

    Yes, I've been able to make it appear with the same dimensions in-game. But the standard flags have some sort of gradient overlay.
  11. Hi! Does anyone know how I can get the real Taiwanese flag in the game without it looking out of place? How do I create the style that are used for standard flags? I've tried to replace the "Chinese Taipei" flag with the flag from Wikipedia, but it does look out of place in the game.
  12. I can create a manager profile, yes. I have a manager already I just skip past all the steps. Clicking continue all the way. And at the last step the game crashes. I've also tried editing the manager before continuing with the same result. But if I edit the manager from the main menu I can succesfully edit the manager. I did not use a photo to create the manager. I don't think the issue are related to the manager. I've tried both with editing before starting and without editing and just using the old profile and skipping past everything. Active Leagues are: England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United States Basically all other leagues in the original database as view-only. I'm also able to load up my save from the Beta with no issue. Could the In-Game editor be the cause? I bought the in-game editor as soon as the game went live, but when I load up my save from the Beta it's not available there and I remember that I did NOT click the option to disable it when creating that save. I have however tried creating new career games on the full version with that option both allowed and disabled.
  13. Exactly the same issue as in, but from previous experience SI usually want new threads for every person experiencing an issue: The game crashes when creating a new career game on the full version of the game. On the screen when confirming the manager and deciding to not add any more managers. The manager are created in-game, and there's no issue with the manager when creating/updating a manager using the shortcut on the main menu. FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 00.56.38).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 01.02.40).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 00.42.41).dmp
  14. Actually, I found the solution. I use standard logos but the pack I used for Competetion logos (and Africa) included background logos and that interfered. When I removed that the maps showed up as it should.
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