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Starting/Taking Part in a Sign-up

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Starting a Sign-up

  • Consider the amount of time it will take to run the sign-up. Don't create half a dozen sign-ups and expect to be able to run them all at once.
  • Make it original. Original ideas are going to get more people taking part.
  • Use the Ideas Thread to gauge how popular your sign-up is going to be.
  • Make sure you tell people in your opening post what details you want them to include when signing up. It helps to know the basic attributes and their effects such as CA and PA.
  • Set a public schedule and stick to it. Tell people if you are going away and unable to continue the sign-up during that time.
  • Play a test game to see any problems that could arise.
  • If you require those who sign up to email you, make sure they know how to do so.
  • Be consistent in your style of update. It helps to provide as much information as possible/necessary to help the sign-up thrive.
  • If you intend to abandon the sign-up for whatever reason, tell those who are taking part. Don't leave them in the dark and let the thread die.

Taking Part in a Sign-up

  • Post regularly. Tell the sign-up starter if you are going to be away so that they understand why you aren’t posting.
  • Provide all information that the starter asks you for in the initial sign-up form
  • Be appreciative. If the sign-up isn’t very high quality offer suggestions for improvement rather than discrediting the user’s hard work. You may want to private message the starter to offer some advice.
  • The author has the decision on the rules of the sign-up and who they will let sign up. They have the right to reject any user a place in the sign-up and that decision is final.

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