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  1. Sorry about the stop once again - still dealing with my health problems. This of course has led my other affairs to build up, but with any luck I will get back to this soon.
  2. 60 to One And so we come to the end of what has been a very long sign-up. Let’s take a look back over the past two-and-a-half years and find out just how big 60 to One is, in numbers. Word counts etc. do not include this post, or any posts that you would not expect to be pre-prepared (e.g. notices that I’m going on holiday). Some of the early manager of the update lists are also not included. No updates by Ridleys, weeeman27bob, or mikeytwigge are included, nor is any of the draw information. 27 days, 16 hours, 28 minutes plus of game time (39,868 minutes) 2 years, 6 months, 8 days of real time (921 days) during which I have lived in four different properties 9755 minutes of MS Word editing time (6 days, 18 hours, 35 minutes) 485,768 words (12.5 x The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition; 7.4 x The Race for the Whitehouse; 8.1 x El Aprendiz: Tú eres despedidos!) 2,376,240 characters without spaces 701,176 spaces (almost as much as the characters without spaces of my past three works combined) 66,528 lines 31,300 paragraphs 1,325 pages 1,823 posts from 61 posters in the longest thread alone 80,283 views of the longest thread alone Praise for 60 to One: ‘really well written and entertaining’ dovEs ‘Great work keeping this going’ Neji ‘a cracking sign-up’ ScottT! ‘This has been phenomenal’ ‘this has stood the test of time. Unbelievable work canvey!!’ ‘Top work […] such dedication to a sign-up is remarkable’ hamilton162 ‘Well done canvey!! for keeping this up with consistently excellent reports’ Cardiovascular ‘a pretty epic sign-up’ el sid ‘a lot of good memories in this sign-up’ ‘a brilliant sign-up […] only getting better’ ‘you are a very, very good writer, canvey!! Both fictionally and factually, you are really informative’ ‘simply amazing canvey!!, no other words to describe it’ PluckaDuck ‘The update quality and regularity, the interest and fun of this sign-up are all still as fresh as day one! Great achievement’ ‘This has been amazing’ tomsmith1989 ‘Your write-ups are always such a fantastic read, canvey!!, that I find myself sucked into them’ ‘Easily one of the most compelling reads on CSE’ Biscotti ‘one of the best sign-ups of all time’ Lower Leagues Rule ‘Easily the best-ran sign-up these forums have seen. […] Thanks for so much brilliance to read’ Dave. ~ With thanks: weeeman27bob mikeytwigge Ridleys Terk dafuge BenArsenal tomsmith1989 el sid PluckaDuck Lower Leagues Rule All the other participants All those who posted in the thread and have been reading Wikipedia timeanddate.com Wolfram Alpha Sports Interactive My Sign-ups: A compendium [b]Year(s) Name Winner Runner-Up[/b] 2008 The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition Robert_296 Mikel LUFC 2008-09 The Race for the Whitehouse NepentheZ SCIAG 2009 El Aprendiz: Tú eres Despedidos! Whoopy D hamilton162 2009-11 60 to One weeeman27bob tomsmith1989 2010-?? The Afrovision Managerial Contest ?? ??
  3. Sorry about the wait; I've been super-busy lately. Latest Statistics Most Points – Semi-Final 1st SF3 09 iacovone Benin 104 2nd SF1 10 Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 94 3rd SF1 09 Northerm Lights Tanzania 87 4th SF1 09 dafuge Mozambique 83 5th SF1 10 MikaelS Mali 82 - SF1 10 PluckaDuck Egypt 82 7th SF3 09 Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 78 8th SF2 09 MikaelS Mali 73 - SF3 11 canvey!! Morocco 73 10th SF1 09 corinthiano Madagascar 71 Most Points – Final 1st 10 Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 208 2nd 09 iacovone Benin 196 3rd 09 MikaelS Mali 186 4th 09 PaulHartman71 Sudan 181 5th 09 fergysafc Cameroon 160 6th 10 MikaelS Mali 156 7th 09 Northerm Lights Tanzania 151 8th 09 corinthiano Madagascar 150 9th 10 PluckaDuck Egypt 142 10th 09 Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 141 Fewest Points – Semi-Final 1st SF1 12 JSalter Cape Verde -18 2nd SF1 12 Cardiovascular Sierra Leone -16 3rd SF1 12 spartans5 Mauritania - 7 4th SF3 10 stoehrst Zimbabwe - 3 6th SF2 10 Loojay Ethiopia 0 7th SF2 11 MattFergie Somalia 1 8th SF3 11 spartans5 Mauritania 2 - SF1 12 gavrenwick Gambia 2 9th SF1 12 PaulHartman71 Sudan 4 10th SF2 10 MattFergie Somalia 5 Fewest Points – Final 1st 11 SJ234 Angola 34 2nd 11 gavrenwick Gambia 45 3rd 11 ggrive Algeria 55 - 11 Mk_Forest South Africa 55 5th 11 Greasy Chip Butty Guinea 63 6th 11 fergysafc Cameroon 64 7th 11 chopper99 DR Congo 69 8th 11 hasdgfas Côte d’Ivoire 74 9th 10 himan Zambia 76 10th 11 DodgeeD Congo 77 Most Points Deducted in One Round 1st SF1 12 174 2nd SF3 10 102 3rd SF1 11 96 - SF2 11 96 5th SF2 10 90 6th F 10 72 - F 11 72 8th SF3 11 66 9th SF1 10 54 10th SF2 09 48 - SF3 09 48 - F 09 48 Most Final Appearances 1st PluckaDuck Egypt 4 - MikaelS Mali 4 - Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 4 4th hasdgfas Côte d’Ivoire 3 - canvey!! Morocco 3 - dafuge Mozambique 3 - Mk_Forest South Africa 3 8th 6 nations 2 Most Consecutive Final Appearances 1st 09 12 PluckaDuck Egypt 4 - 09 12 MikaelS Mali 4 - 09 12 Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 4 4th 10 12 hasdgfas Côte d’Ivoire 3 - 09 11 dafuge Mozambique 3 - 09 11 Mk_Forest South Africa 3 7th 10 11 DodgeeD Congo 2 - 11 12 canvey!! Morocco 2 - 11 12 rancer890 Senegal 2 - 09 10 PaulHartman71 Sudan 2 - 09 10 Northerm Light Tanzania 2 - 09 10 himan Zambia 2 Fewest Final Appearances 1st 14 nations 0 Most Accumulated Points 1st Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 649 2nd MikaelS Mali 638 3rd PluckaDuck Egypt 601 4th dafuge Mozambique 530 5th PaulHartman71 Sudan 433 6th Northerm Lights Tanzania 411 7th Kenco Gabon 405 8th hasdgfas Côte d’Ivoire 393 9th Mk_Forest South Africa 379 10th DodgeeD Congo 373 Fewest Accumulated Points 1st dami Burundi 15 2nd Biscotti Burkina Faso 37 3rd NeoAC Swaziland 55 4th Cardiovascular Sierra Leone 69 5th spartans5 Mauritania 76 6th weeeman27bob Namibia 91 7th hamilton162 Comoros 93 8th ggrive Algeria 99 9th Tomaldinho Liberia 103 10th Dees-Blake Togo 105 Most 12-pointers 1st Lower Leagues Rule Nigeria 15 2nd MikaelS Mali 14 3rd dafuge Mozambique 13 4th PaulHartman71 Sudan 11 5th DodgeeD Congo 10 - PluckaDuck Egypt 10 - Northerm Lights Tanzania 10 8th Mk_Forest South Africa 9 9th hasdgfas Côte d’Ivoire 8 10th himan Zambia 6
  4. Final Stats A few final stats for you to get your teeth into… Hall of Fame – England [b]Rank Manager Club(s) NAT Maj Min Score[/b] 1st Alex Ferguson Man United SCO 14 10 700 2nd Bob Paisley Liverpool ENG 10 1 560 3rd Bryan McGuinness Everton, Chelsea ENG 7 6 460 4th Tom Smith Arsenal POR 11 3 420 5th Matt Busby Man United SCO 6 2 320 6th Lawrence Lazewski Chelsea, Man City USA 4 4 300 7th Herbert Chapman Arsenal, Huddersfield ENG 5 2 240 - Brian Clough Derby, Nottm Forest ENG 4 0 240 - Alf Ramsey England, Ipswich ENG 2 0 240 10th Kenny Dalglish Blackburn, Liverpool SCO 4 2 200 Hall of Fame – Italy [b]Rank Manager Club(s) NAT Maj Min Score[/b] 1st Cool Manager Inter ENG 13 9 720 2nd Marcello Lippi Italy, Juventus ITA 7 3 620 3rd Giovanni Trappatoni Inter, Juventus ITA 11 8 600 4th Vittorio Pozzo Italy ITA 2 0 400 - Lord Weeman Napoli ENG 5 5 400 6th Nereo Rocco A.C. Milan ITA 4 5 380 7th Fabio Capello A.C. Milan + 2 others ITA 9 0 320 - Helenio Herrera Inter, Roma ARG 9 5 320 9th Matteo Mazza Italy ITA 3 1 280 - Arrigo Sacchi A.C. Milan ITA 3 2 280 Hall of Fame – Spain [b]Rank Manager Club(s) NAT Maj Min Score[/b] 1st Haowan Madridstas Barcelona ESP 10 5 720 2nd Lucas Volman Real Madrid ITA 9 6 660 3rd Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid ESP 11 2 560 4th Josep Guardiola Atlético Madrid ESP 5 8 420 5th Raúl Spain, Valencia ESP 5 4 400 6th José Villalonga R. Madrid + 2 others ESP 4 3 360 7th Johan Cruijff Barcelona NED 5 5 300 8th Vicente del Bosque Real Madrid ESP 4 1 280 9th Helenio Herrera At. Madrid, Barcelona ARG 9 5 260 10th Luis Molowny Real Madrid ESP 3 4 240 Hall of Fame – Europe [b]Rank Manager Club(s) NAT Maj Min Score[/b] 1st Cool Manager Inter + 2 others ENG 13 9 820 2nd Alex Ferguson Aberdeen, Man United SCO 14 10 817 3rd Haowan Madridstas Barcelona ESP 10 5 720 4th Giovanni Trappatoni Juventus + 4 others ITA 11 8 705 5th Lucas Volman Real Madrid ITA 9 6 660 6th Raúl Spain + 3 others ESP 5 4 620 - Marcello Lippi Italy, Juventus ITA 7 3 620 8th Willie Maley Celtic SCO 19 15 583 9th Helenio Herrera Inter + 3 others ARG 9 5 580 10th Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid ESP 11 2 560 - Bob Paisley Liverpool ENG 10 1 560 12th Tom Smith Arsenal, Real Madrid POR 11 3 540 13th Ottmar Hitzfeld Bayern + 3 others GER 10 6 538 14th Udo Lattek Bayern + 2 others GER 9 5 521 15th Bill Struth Rangers SCO 18 10 506 16th Ernst Happel Hamburg + 6 others AUT 12 6 505 17th Bryan McGuinness Chelsea, Everton ENG 7 6 460 18th Josep Guardiola At. Madrid ESP 5 8 420 19th Jürgen Bogs Berliner FC Dynamo GER 10 2 418 20th Fabio Capello A.C. Milan + 3 others ITA 9 0 400 Other notables: Tim Aubel (United States, USA, 0, 2, 64) is 5th in United States HOF, 13th in North American HOF. Top 100 Most-Mentioned People These are people sorted by the number of times I’ve mentioned their whole names in updates. Tables aren’t included, but stats bursts are, including World Cup/European Championship previews. [b]Rank Person Mentions Rank Person Mentions[/b] 1st Tom Smith 476 * 51st Will de Mote 26 * 2nd Lord Weeman 440 * - Neji Hyuuga 26 * 3rd Lucas Volman 348 * 53rd Jürgen Klinsmann 25 4th Haowan Madridstas 328 * 54th Marco van Basten 23 5th Tyler Burrows 326 * 55th John Fleck 22 6th Ben Cee 221 * 56th Choco 21 7th Cool Manager 215 * - Henri Saivet 21 8th Leo Dodge 206 * - Mattia Silvestri 21 9th Liam Ferguson 161 * 59th Raúl 20 10th Bryan McGuinness 152 * 60th Da Hoover Man 19 * 11th Ben Taylor 151 * - Jozy Altidore 19 12th Tim Aubel 133 * - José César 19 13th dafuge 131 * 63rd Cristobal Blanco 18 * 14th Mikael Schøler 120 * - Frank Lampard 18 15th Lawrence Lazewski 118 * 65th Marquinhos 17 16th Super Lampard 117 * - Johan Andersson 17 17th James Salter 114 * - Hélder Trindade 17 18th Robert Boyle 103 * - Dan Shepherd 17 19th Neilio 98 * 69th Adam Pepper 16 20th Brettney Joven 97 * - Emanuel Páez 16 - Fréderico Canvey 97 * 71st Joe Gleeson 14 * 22nd Maz Armley 96 * - Nani 14 - Theo Stigarakis 96 * - Eduardo 14 24th James Ridley 94 * - Diogo 14 25th Martin Bojangles 92 * 75th Sirus Lannock 13 * 26th Lars Tommersen 87 * - Emmanuel Adebayor 13 27th Craig Robson 77 - Ryan Babel 13 28th Mikey Twigge 76 * - Moussa Sissoko 13 29th Saul Goode 73 * - Roberto Mancini 13 30th Phill Ewles 65 * - Craig Gordon 13 31st Jellybean Man 61 * 81st Shazad Ali 12 * 32nd Arnold J. Rimmer 60 * - Joe Seddon 12 * 33rd Clark Aitken 57 * - Fernando Torres 12 34th Jonte Rhodes 56 * - Giuseppe Rossi 12 35th Theo Walcott 47 - Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 12 36th Cardio Vascular 46 * - Luca Mattioli 12 37th Ricky Nakano 42 * - Iker Casillas 12 - Scott Tysoe 42 * 88th Cristiano Ronaldo 11 39th Andre da Conceiçao 40 * - Lionel Messi 11 40th Brucie Bonus 37 * - Wayne Rooney 11 41st Maurice Jobson 36 * - Pim Verbeek 11 - Lisa Jeffries 36 * - Bojan 11 - bermybhoy 36 * - Iñigo Fraile 11 - Neppo Monster 36 * - Sofiane Feghouli 11 - Rafa Benítez 36 - Stuart Pearce 11 46th Mark Cator 30 * - Vicente del Bosque 11 - José Mourinho 30 - Juri Rigamonti 11 48th Andy Morton 29 * 98th Zach Machios 10 * 49th Jeremy English 28 * - Arsène Wenger 10 50th Wobill Luman 27 * - 7 others 10
  5. Thanks all! A couple of rounding-up posts today and then I'll finish the thread tomorrow or shortly thereafter. The Aftermath At the end of the sign-up, only 20% of the original sixty managers remained in football. We’ll see how they ended their careers. 60 to One runner-up Tom Smith was the first to retire, doing so in summer 2032. In his final season, he took Real Madrid to second in La Liga, and calls it a day after 8227 days at Arsenal and 531 at the Spanish club. He won 25 pieces of silverware, including nine Premier Leagues and one Champions League, and was given 48 awards. He managed 1424 matches in his career, winning 920 and scoring 2954 goals. Former Australia and Roma boss Jason Bowman replaced Smith at the Bernabéu. Journeyman manager dafuge was the next to call it a day, also in 2032. The former Torino, Charlton, Bolton, Besiktas, Everton, Hull, Portsmouth, Genoa, Palermo, Ajax, and Atlético Madrid boss waited 23 years to win his first silverware, when he lifted the Copa del Rey with Atlético. He finished fifth in his final season at the club. The 64-year-old retires with a solid command of English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish, and is replaced by Javier Manjarín at Atlético. James Salter was another Spanish-based former Portsmouth boss to retire in 2032. The 64-year-old started at Reggina, before moving on to Torino, Sporting, Stoke, Athletic, Murcia, Portsmouth, and Las Palmas. He never really got going in his career; his longest spell at any one club was 2710 days at Reggina, followed by 1080 at Las Palmas, where he is succeeded by assistant manager Ignacio González. Salter took Las Palmas to 11th in his final season in charge. Continuing in the theme of former bosses at Fratton Park, Ben Taylor also retired in summer 2032. The 67-year-old also managed Fiorentina, Parma, Ipswich, Nottingham Forest, Besiktas, Lazio, and Celtic. With Fiorentina, he finished third in Serie A twice, and reached two Coppa Italia Finals. John Kennedy succeeds Taylor at Celtic Park. In July 2031, Martin Bojangles replaced Jürgen Klinsmann as the manager of Manchester City, despite having managed their rivals United earlier in his career. He spent £98M in his first transfer window, but led City to the Carling Cup with a 2-0 Final victory over Everton, and a second-placed finish in the Premier League in his first season in charge. They lifted the Carling Cup again in 2033, this time beating Sheffield Wednesday, won the Premier League, and completed a treble with victory over Tottenham in the FA Cup Final. City also reached the Champions League Final, where they lost to Inter. On this note, Bojangles hung up his boots, having managed Hull, Aston Villa, Man United, Tottenham, and City, in a successful England-based career. He counts twelve pieces of silverware in his cabinet, including that treble, and a Champions League with Spurs. Raúl replaces Bojangles at the City of Manchester Stadium. Theo Stigarakis also called time on his career in 2033. The nomadic manager replaced José Ángel Ziganda as Elche boss in summer 2031, and was also appointed as England under 19s manager. He took Elche to two fourth-placed finishes in his two years in charge. He counts Catania, Empoli, Athletic, Mallorca, Fiorentina, Portsmouth, Racing, Leicester, Rangers, Liverpool, Aston Villa, England under 19s, and Elche, among his former employers. At his thirteen teams, the 65-year-old won one item of silverware, when he lifted the LIGA adelante with Racing, but he did acquire Basque citizenship, and of course achieved those two high finishes with Elche. Carles Puyol succeeds him there. In his next season in charge, Cool Manager continued his success with Inter, taking them to another Scudetto, and another Coppa Italia, the latter with a 3-0 win over Napoli. He also took them to the Champions League Final. In 2033, Manager lifted his tenth league title with another Serie A win, and did the Double when they beat Man City 2-1 in the Champions League Final. Manager hauled the Club World Championship for the second time in December 2033, beating Grêmio in the Final in Nigeria, and following this, he managed his 1000th game at the club, beating Ascoli 1-0. He ended his career with another Scudetto win, but lost 16-17 in the 2034 Champions League Final after a 1-1 draw with Napoli. At the age of 64, the most successful manager in the history of the world counts 37 pieces of silverware in his repertoire; a Carling Cup, an FA Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, two Club World Championships, two Europa Leagues, two Champions League, six Italian Cups, ten Italian Super Cups, and a staggering eleven Serie A titles. He has played 1440 games and scored 2805 goals, and his tenure at Inter spanned 6980 days (19 years), which would have put him third in 60 to One. Aston Villa boss Markus Lenz replaced the legendary boss at Inter. Another Italian-based boss retired in 2034, as Udinese boss Super Lampard called time on his career at the age of 66. Lampard finished 7th, 10th, and 7th with Udinese in the last three seasons of his career, which has been long and exciting; the Englishman has managed Lecce, Bologna, Ipswich, Parma, Sampdoria, Newcastle, Leeds, Celtic, and Udinese. Lampard, always described as a Talented Manager, won one piece of silverware, the Coca-Cola Championship with Ipswich, but with Newcastle and Udinese, he has finished third in top flight football. Giulio Migliaccio succeeds him at Friuli. James Ridley finished fifth with Arsenal in his first full season in charge, and took them to the FA Cup Final, where they lost 0-3 to Chelsea. In December 2032, he jumped ship to Zaragoza, to be replaced by Frank Lampard. Ridley got a dream start to his Zaragoza tenure, taking them to a Club World Championship victory in Tunisia. He lifted La Liga with the Spanish Club in his first season, Ridley’s first top-flight win, and followed this up with a La Liga-Copa del Rey double the following season. In 2035, Ridley did another double, winning La Liga and beating Real Madrid 2-0 in the Champions League Final. After this, the 63-year-old retired, having spent his 27-year career at nine clubs in three countries: Siena, Crystal Palace, Sampdoria, Fulham, Lazio, Man United, Newcastle, Arsenal, and Zaragoza. Other than his eight trophies with Zaragoza (those above plus two Spanish Super Cups), Ridley lifted the Championship with Palace and the Europa League with Manchester United. He finishes as the 6th-best English manager of all time. In 2032, World Cup winning manager Neilio took Zaragoza to the La Liga title, and to the Champions League Final, where they beat Cool Manager’s Inter 1-0. Of course, he left in December, replacing Raúl at A.C. Milan, and James Ridley succeeded him. Neilio finished seventh in his first season in Milan, but won the Coppa Italia with a 1-0 win over Juventus. He then took the club to three consecutive fourth-placed finishes, before ending his career. During it, he has managed six clubs, and achieved the rare accolade of becoming Italy’s technical director as a foreigner. In his trophy cabinet are nine pieces of silverware: two Spanish Super Cups, an Italian Super Cup, a UEFA Super Cup, a Spanish Cup, a Coppa Italia, a La Liga, a Champions League, and, of course, a World Cup. Fréderico Canvey succeeded the fifth-most successful English manager ever at A.C. Milan. Phill Ewles took Aston Villa to tenth in the Premier League in 2032, but was sacked the following December with the club 15th, and was succeeded by Germany under 19s boss Markus Lenz. The following summer, he succeeded the retiring Bruno Labbadia at Napoli, and guided the club to a third-placed finish in Serie A, the Coppa Italia, and the Champions League in his first season in charge. In the latter, Napoli beat Cool Manager’s Inter Milan 17-16 on penalties. Ewles then lifted the Club World Championship in Kolkata, finished third in Serie A, and won the Coppa Italia again. In 2036, Ewles took Napoli to second in the league, before retiring at the age of 65. He has managed eight clubs in six countries during his career: Valladolid, Olympiakos, Besiktas, Roma, Celtic, Leeds, Aston Villa, and Napoli. He has won five cups, all with Napoli (those above plus a UEFA Super Cup), speaks English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish, and has controlled over 700 games in his career. Alessandro Del Piero took the Napoli job. Brettney Joven was succeeded by Robert Boyle as England manager, and the former Valencia boss had some very successful years in charge of his national team. At Euro 2032, England lost 0-2 to eventual runners-up (to Italy) the Netherlands in the Quarter Finals, and they also lost in the Quarter Finals of the 2034 World Cup, which was also won by Italy (over France), 0-2 to Scotland. However, Boyle won silverware in 2036 when he guided the Three Lions to the Euro 2036 trophy with a 3-0 win over Turkey in Copenhagen. After qualifying second from a group containing Portugal, the Netherlands, and Israel, England beat Italy and Spain on their way to the Final. Nevertheless, Boyle was sacked by the FA, and succeeded by Frank Lampard. He hung up his boots the following year, at the age of 67, having managed Blackburn, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Udinese, Valencia, and the various England squads. His five pieces of silverware were all international: five European youth championships and Euro 2036, but he took Blackburn to the FA Cup Final in his first season, and has achieved league highs of fifth in Serie A, fourth in the Premier League, and second in La Liga, with Udinese, Newcastle, and Valencia respectively. My own creation Fréderico Canvey was the penultimate boss to retire. He took Newcastle to a third-placed finish in 2032, but they dropped to ninth in 2033. In November 2033, Canvey jumped ship to replace Frank Lampard at Arsenal, after Lampard was sacked with the Gunners 19th in the league and following defeat in the North London derby. Lampard went for the straight swap and took over at St James’ Park. Canvey’s Arsenal lost the 2034 Carling Cup Final to Man City on penalties after a goalless draw, and finished 12th in the Premier League, while his former side Newcastle finished fourth and reached the FA Cup Final. Canvey took them to fifth in 2035, but was sacked that winter after a group stage loss to AEK Athens in the Europa League, and with the club fifteenth. David Rincón succeeded him at Smith Arena. Canvey moved on to A.C. Milan, finished second in Serie A in 2037, and winning his first and final trophy with the club in 2038, when they beat Sampdoria 3-0 in the Coppa Italia Final. Canvey felt this a good time to retire, having spent time at seven clubs and one nation during his career, and having lifted three pieces of silverware: the Coca-Cola Championship with Everton, the Coppa Italia with A.C. Milan, and the European Championship with Spain. Canvey is also responsible for the world’s second-highest-ever transfer, when, as Arsenal boss, he signed Werder Bremen’s midfielder Will Blackmore for £56M. Former Japan boss Akira Mizuguchi took the A.C. Milan job. This left Mikael Schøler as the only manager remaining. He was sacked by Tottenham in October 2031 after a 1-4 defeat in the North London derby, and was succeeded by Luka Modric. He returned to Juventus in the summer of 2032, replacing retiring boss Pierluigi Casiraghi, and took them to second in Serie A and the Coppa Italia Final in his first season back at the club. In 2034, they finished fifth, but that summer, Schøler left again to succeed Jon Dahl Tomasson as Bayern Munich manager, when Tomasson left to take the Germany job. Ole Gunnar Solskjær succeeded Schøler at Delle Alpi. But sixteen months later, Schøler was back at Juventus when they sacked Solskjær, and was replaced at Bayern by Markus Babbel. He took them to third and another Coppa Italia Final, but was sacked in December 2036 after home defeat to Venezia in the Coppa Italia First Round. Schøler’s son Jakob retired at the age of 33 in 2037, having played for Juventus, Brøndby, Rimini, and Fenerbahçe. Schøler got his last job in football in November 2037, when he replaced Iker Casillas as Aston Villa boss, but he was sacked a year later, and replaced by Raúl. Schøler retired in July 2039 at the age of 65. He managed seven different clubs in four different countries, and hauled eleven pieces of silverware. He won 723 of his 1318 matches, and won the Spanish Super Cup, two Italian Super Cups, the LIGA adelante, two Coppa Italias, La Liga, two Serie As, and two Europa Leagues. He was the only one of our managers to father a son, and ends his career speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, and, of course, Danish. He turns off the lights as he leaves.
  6. Final Table [b]Rank Username Manager Club Days[/b] 1st weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli 8388 2nd tomsmith1989 Tom Smith Arsenal 8227 3rd Romanista1994 Lucas Volman Real Madrid 6573 4th PluckaDuck Tyler Burrows Udinese 6370 5th Haowan Haowan Madridstas Barcelona 6224 6th SCIAG Leo Dodge Tottenham 3800 7th TaylorB Ben Taylor Fiorentina 3442 8th fergysafc Liam Ferguson Man City 2783 9th JSalter James Salter Reggina 2710 10th mikeytwigge Mikey Twigge Palermo 2507 11th BenArsenal Ben Cee Inter 2502 12th super_lampard Super Lampard Lecce 2119 13th Cardiovascular Cardio Vascular Genoa 2010 14th Lower Leagues Rule Jonte Rhodes Lazio 1968 15th hasdgfas Tim Aubel Fulham 1705 16th ~Ian~ Bryan McGuinness Everton 1701 17th rancer890 Ricky Nakano Middlesbro 1614 18th ssestig Theo Stigarakis Catania 1405 19th bermybhoy bermybhoy Atalanta 1320 - IlikeJellybeans Jellybean Man Numancia 1320 21st m1234566778 Maz Armley Racing 1288 22nd el sid Cool Manager At. Madrid 1263 23rd spartans5 Lawrence Lazewski Valencia 1259 24th Greasy Chip Butty Andy Morton Sporting 1244 25th Martin_ Martin Bojangles Hull 1241 26th clrkaitken Clark Aitken Roma 1237 27th Waghlon Lars Tommersen Villarreal 1230 28th Walcott’s Wonderkids Brucie Bonus West Brom 1210 29th Almondo Arnold J. Rimmer Bolton 1208 30th Neji Neji Hyuuga Deportivo 999 31st Jack Rudd Lisa Jeffries Juventus 925 32nd pnefc22 Wobill Luman Betis 889 33rd AtilasMiserly Will de Mote A.C. Milan 882 34th JoeLatics Joe Gleeson Espanyol 873 - Blanco Cristobal Blanco Recreativo 873 36th ian_1982 Maurice Jobson Man United 852 37th Ridleys James Ridley Siena 843 38th conners Sirus Lannock Málaga 628 39th MikaelS Mikael Schøler Bologna 613 40th Swafe Saul Goode Osasuna 551 41st hamilton162 Tom Hamilton Mallorca 509 42nd kashmirshazad Shazad Ali Newcastle 508 43rd DiscoStu94 Da Hoover Man Sampdoria 501 - ScottT! Scott Tysoe Sunderland 501 45th canvey!! Fréderico Canvey Stoke 476 46th corinthiano Mathias Brunckhorst Chievo 327 - Neilio Neilio Almería 327 48th Robert_296 Robert Boyle Blackburn 326 49th brettney1980 Brettney Joven Wigan 320 50th TigerJoe Joe Seddon Getafe 271 51st jack.browne Jack Browne Sevilla 250 52nd NepentheZ Neppo Monster Cagliari 236 - dafuge dafuge Torino 236 54th KiddingChoc Zach Machios Portsmouth 235 - Whoopy D Whoopy D West Ham 235 56th d-machine David Machine Athletic 229 57th PaulHartman71 Jeremy English Liverpool 204 58th Chimpos Phill Ewles Valladolid - tadr Andre da Conceiçao Chelsea - markcator3006 Mark Cator Aston Villa
  7. Younes Zaza: This is Morocco calling Morocco! Marouane Chamakh: This is Morocco, responding to Morocco! Younes Zaza: Hello Morocco! Marouane Chamakh: Hi Morocco! Younes Zaza: Marouane Chamakh, I have one thing to say to you; thank you! Marouane Chamakh: For what? Younes Zaza: For winning us the Cup of Nations with your Final goal. Marouane Chamakh: It’s my pleasure! Younes Zaza: Okay, then, Marouane, please can you finish off Semi-Final 1? Marouane Chamakh: Here we go, the votes from Morocco: 7: Algeria 6: Senegal 5: Liberia 4: Guinea 3: Burkina Faso 2: Nigeria 1: Sierra Leone Marouane Chamakh: 8 points go to…Tunisia! 10 points go to……Egypt! 12 points go to… …Côte d’Ivoire! Marouane Chamakh: Good night, guys! I can’t wait for the Final! Younes Zaza: Thanks Marouane. Albert Holstein’s Côte d’Ivoire get twelve points from Morocco, and so will definitely be in the Final in a few days’ time. But what about the others? Younes Zaza: Unfortunately, Mentho Latum’s Tunisia fail to qualify for the Final. Albert Holstein’s Côte d’Ivoire, Andreas Werner’s Burkina Faso, and Whoopy Dee’e’s Djibouti, will, however. Younes Zaza: That Final will take place soon, but coming up next is our second Semi-Final, where another seven nations will be vying to join our line-up of nine teams in the Final. All that remains now is for me to thank viewers here in the arena, and worldwide via BATRACER, and remind you to tune in tomorrow night! Good night! Writer’s Notes: Nigeria got 12 points from Niger. Senegal didn’t get any 12-pointers.
  8. Update 271+5 Years: 23, Months: 276, Days: 8388 And here we come to the final update of 60 to One. It is currently June 14th 2011, 801 days after I started the sign-up thread. When we have managers staying at one club for ten times that, it doesn’t seem like that much, but 60 to One, at the time I write this, has been running for two years, two months, and ten days. I’ll compile a full list of statistics with the close of the thread, but I’m impressed with the longevity of a sign-up that suffered a few early knocks, given that it was originally a three-author piece. And now, we embark on the review of the final month with any of our managers at their original clubs. First, we’ll sum up things in Spain. Tom Smith’s Real Madrid won their match this month, 1-0 at James Salter’s Las Palmas, which means they win La Liga. That gives Smith a surprising double, and casts him immediately into the favour of his fans; the 63-year-old Portuguese manager is already listed on the club’s Favoured Personnel list. Neilio’s Zaragoza recovered their season and finish third, while dafuge’s Atlético Madrid’s title bid crumbled towards the end, as they dropped to sixth. Las Palmas finished 13th. Racing, Murcia, and Cádiz were relegated, to be replaced by Villarreal, Deportivo, and Real Sociedad. And now we come to Lord Weeman’s last game. Napoli hosted Vicenza, and had no difficulty overpowering their already-relegated opponents. Surprisingly, they only had a 1-0 lead at half time, given by a goal from Mattia Silvestri on the half hour. The lead was doubled by winger Matt Taylor in the second half, and that was all that was necessary for Weeman to haul the Scudetto for the third time. Cool Manager’s Inter did get the win at Udinese, with Serie A Player of the Season Ian Smith scoring the only goal. For Weeman, there aren’t many better ways to go out, and he leaves Napoli with one of the strongest squads they’ve ever had. Let’s review the career of a true great, and the champion of 60 to One, although numbers alone can’t convey the stability that the Englishman brought to Napoli in his 8388 days in charge. Highest Fee Spent £32.5M (Diego Gutiérrez#) Highest Fee Received £28M (Davide Donadel#) Players Bought 124 Players Sold 110 Players Released 237 Time at Napoli 8388 days Champions League wins 2 (2021, 2025) Serie A wins 3 (2012, 2027, 2031) Europa League wins 1 (2030) Coppa Italia wins 4 (2017, 2020, 2025, 2026) Italian Super Cup wins 3 (2012, 2026, 2027) UEFA Super Cup wins 3 (2021, 2025, 2030) Club World Chmp wins 2 (2021, 2025) Total Silverware 18 Awards Won 14 Matches Played 1171 Matches Won 703 Matches Drawn 241 Matches Lost 227 Goals Scored 2173 (1.9p/m) Goals Conceded 958 (0.8p/m) Goal Difference +1215 Manager of the Update 45 times In Stats Lists 147 times Tops Stats Lists 16 times Months as Most Secure 42 (from 271) Times Mentioned 2618 Hall of Fame Points 400 (5 Major Trophies, 5 Minor Trophies) English Hall of Fame 4th (3rd Bryan McGuinness, 460; 5th Bobby Robson, 246) Italy Hall of Fame Joint 4th (3rd Cool Manager, 500; 6th Nereo Rocco 380) Europe Hall of Fame Joint 19th (18th Jürgen Bogs 418) World Hall of Fame Not in Top 20 We also said goodbye to Maz Armley this month, after the England under 19s boss retired from the game. Armley started at Racing, and managed Sevilla and Villarreal before returning to his homeland to take charge of Blackburn. He also managed Leeds during his tenure as England youth boss. Armley counts four pieces of silverware to his name; three European U19 Championships with England, and the 2026 FA Cup with Leeds. He finished his career with a 4-0 win over Serbia and a 5-1 victory over Austria. Next month, senior team manager Brettney Joven hangs up her boots, after spells with Wigan, Leeds, West Ham, and, of course, the Three Lions. She has won two titles; the 2015 Championship with the Hammers, and the 2025 Confederations Cup with England. She ended her career with a 2-0 win over Serbia, and a 3-0 win over Austria, putting England five points clear at the top of their Euro 2032 qualifying group, with three games remaining. Bruno Labbadia replaced Lord Weeman at Napoli. It’s his job to take them into the new era, the ceaseless future, while 60 to One fades away into the annals of history.
  9. Younes Zaza: Morocco calling Niger! Mamadou Tandja: Good evening, Morocco, this is Mamadou Tandja. Younes Zaza: Ah, ladies and gentlemen, this is Niger’s former President, Mamdou Tandja. Mamadou Tandja: How do you do? Younes Zaza: Niger are doing very well at the moment. Mamadou Tandja: Yes. We shall win Afrovision! Younes Zaza: That’s the hope. Best of luck with that. In the meantime- Mamadou Tandja: Yes, yes, our votes. Here we go: 7: Egypt 6: Senegal 5: Togo 4: Sudan 3: Côte d’Ivoire 2: Gambia 1: Djibouti Mamadou Tandja: 8 points go to…Algeria! 10 points go to……Burkina Faso! 12 points go to… …Nigeria! Mamadou Tandja: Good night Morocco! Younes Zaza: Good night, Lieutenant Colonel Tandja. You’ll be pleased to know that your votes have secured your place in the Final. Meanwhile, Des Tiny’s Nigeria take an unsurprising twelve points from their neighbours and near-namesakes, while Andreas Werner’s Burkina Faso power into fourth place with the decade. Younes Zaza: This is Morocco. Can you hear us in Tunisia? Cesária Évora: Good evening Younes. Good evening Morocco! Younes Zaza: For some reason, it’s Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora! Cesária Évora: Yes, yes, that’s me. Younes Zaza: Now, Tunisia are in a precarious position here. They are seventh, and could drop out of the qualifying places if they give any points to Côte d’Ivoire. That would leave Morocco to decide their fate. Cesária Évora: 7: Egypt 6: Burkina Faso 5: Algeria 4: Djibouti 3: Nigeria 2: Sierra Leone 1: Sudan Cesária Évora: Here are the three biggest votes from Tunisia: 8 points go to…Senegal! 10 points go to……Côte d’Ivoire! 12 points go to… …Guinea! Cesária Évora: Good night sweethearts! Younes Zaza: Thank you Ms Évora. Chip Butty’s Guinea get an unlikely twelve points from Tunisia, but it isn’t enough to prevent their elimination. Meanwhile, Tunisia themselves drop out of the qualifying places by awarding ten points to Albert Holstein’s Côte d’Ivoire. Let’s see the latest table. Younes Zaza: Des Tiny’s Nigeria, Ricky Nakano’s Senegal, and Tyler Burrows’s Egypt join Niger in qualifying for the Final. Quandiose Yancy’s Eritrea, among others, are eliminated, leaving Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Côte d’Ivoire, and Tunisia fighting it out for the last three places. The winners will be decided by votes from right here, in Morocco.
  10. Update 271+4 Years: 22, Months: 275, Days: 8363 Well, I don’t know how this happened. This month, not only have Lord Weeman’s Napoli caught up with Cool Manager’s Inter, but they have overtaken them. In May, Napoli began their charge to the top with a 2-0 victory over the Milanese side. They then beat Frosinone 1-0, Bologna 5-0, and Fiorentina 2-0. After their defeat at San Paolo, Inter drew with both Ascoli and Juventus, before beating bottom-placed Pescara 4-0. Those five points meant that Inter’s six-point advantage was eroded by Napoli’s twelve-point haul, and that Napoli now sit one point ahead with one game to play. Next, Napoli host relegated Vicenza, while Inter travel to Super Lampard’s third-placed Udinese, so guess who the bookmakers are saying will win the Scudetto? James Ridley came close to winning the Premier League in his first four months in charge of Arsenal, but in the end, the Gunners finished four points behind eventual winners Man City. Everton and Hull join those two teams in the Champions League, while Phill Ewles, Mikael Schøler and Fréderico Canvey each miss out on European football at Aston Villa, Tottenham, and Newcastle respectively. Wolves, Crystal Palace, and Q.P.R. were relegated, the latter while having played in the Europa League and reached the FA Cup Final this season (they lost 0-1 to Liverpool in extra time). Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough, and Portsmouth replace them. In the Europa League Semi-Finals, dafuge’s Atlético Madrid hosted Juventus, beating the Turin side 3-1 in the first leg. This meant that a 0-1 defeat at Delle Alpi wasn’t enough to put Atlético out. The ill-disciplined Juventus got a man sent off in each leg. Liverpool drew 1-1 away to Frosinone, and secured victory with a 1-0 win at Anfield. Steve Tilson’s side won the competition, beating Atlético 3-1 at the Stadium of Light. Taking the lead just before the half hour mark, the Reds were 3-0 64 minutes in. A 75th-minute goal from Atlético made things a bit closer, but Liverpool’s clinical finishing made them look a different class. Atlético did, however, lift some silverware, beating Betis 1-0 at the Bernabéu in the Copa del Rey Final. The corresponding Italian competition was won by Cool Manager’s Inter, who beat Juventus 2-0. Juventus mustered three shots in the match, none of which was on target. Fréderico Canvey’s Newcastle had their Champions League participation ended rather brutally in the Semi-Finals. Having drawn 1-1 at home to A.C. Milan, they travelled to the San Siro. A.C. Milan were 1-0 up after eight minutes, 2-0 up after 22, and 4-0 up after 34. It took Newcastle until the 90+2nd minute to score, when they got a scant consolation through Polish midfielder Waldemar Wozniak. Cool Manager’s Inter also left the competition at this stage; they couldn’t overcome a 0-1 deficit against Real Madrid, drawing 1-1 with the Spanish side at Giuseppe Meazza. The Final was held in Brussels, and saw A.C. Milan take the lead eight minutes in through Australian Nicky Hutchinson. But before half time, Tom Smith’s Real Madrid had equalised, with legendary striker Emanuel Páez scoring. That brings me to; The Emanuel Páez-o-meter Goals this Month: 4 Total Goals: 299 Cost per Goal: £24,247.49 The second half didn’t see much action, save for Real Madrid’s attempts to take the lead. They were successful right at the death, when man of the moment Turkish midfielder Günay Sahan capitalised from a Milanese defensive mix-up. Tom Smith, who had failed to win the Champions League in his twenty-two years at Arsenal, wins it within five months at Real Madrid. What’s more, he could get a double if he wins the La Liga when the season concludes next week. This month, Maz Armley could determine what he would leave to his successor as England under 19s manager. England were in qualifying for the European U19 Championship in France. They started with a 3-0 win over Israel, but then lost 0-2 to Sweden. Finally, they beat Georgia 5-0, but this wasn’t enough to finish top of their group and hence to qualify; Sweden won through instead. Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Turkey join Sweden and France in the competition. Armley plays two more games before his retirement: friendly matches against Serbia and Austria, coinciding with the senior team’s own fixtures against these teams in Euro 2032 qualifying. Brettney Joven calls it a day in July, so these fixtures are the last for her too. So both of our two highest-placed managers could win the title this year. One game remains in both Spain and Italy, and after that, it’s retirement for Lord Weeman. Wouldn’t a Scudetto be a nice way to say goodbye? Job Securities [b]Rank Username Manager Club Security Days[/b] 1st weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli Very Secure 8363 2nd tomsmith1989 Tom Smith Arsenal 8227
  11. @7Bestie7: I'm afraid not - I can't commit another two-and-a-half years to a sign-up! Update 271+3 Years: 22, Months: 274, Days: 8332 It’s May 2011, so let’s see how our one remaining manager did in April. The title continues to slip away for Lord Weeman, and his Napoli team are now six points adrift of Serie A leaders Inter. Napoli started the month in fine form, securing a 3-0 win over Rimini and a 4-0 one over Lazio, but they then dropped four points in the form of two 1-1 draws, against Sampdoria and Parma. Napoli host Inter next; if they win, they’ll hand Cool Manager’s side their first defeat of the season, and be within touching distance of the Milanese team. If they lose, there’ll be a nine-point gap which all but the most optimistic of Napoli fans would admit is too big. Napoli would also find themselves overcome by Milanese opposition in the Champions League. Lord Weeman’s Quarter Final tie was against Raúl’s A.C. Milan. Napoli lost the first leg 0-3 at the San Siro, with the most valuable player in the world, Australian striker Nicky Hutchinson, scoring twice, and they couldn’t overcome this deficit with their 1-0 win at San Paolo. Interestingly, Weeman was the only one of our managers to go out in this round; Cool Manager’s Inter beat Chelsea 4-2 on aggregate after a 2-0 win in London, Tom Smith’s Real Madrid easily overcame Man City 3-1, and Fréderico Canvey’s Newcastle ousted Barcelona 4-3 with a 4-1 victory at St James’ Park. Nomadic Italian striker Francesco Boni got three of the four goals in what may turn out to be the Magpies’ best ever European night. In the Semi-Finals, Newcastle and A.C. Milan are locked at 1-1 after the first leg in England, while Real Madrid beat Inter 1-0 at the Bernabéu, giving Manager’s side only their second competitive loss of the season. Phill Ewles’s European adventure ended this month, as Aston Villa were handed a 0-3 aggregate defeat by Juventus in the Europa League Quarter Finals. dafuge's Atlético Madrid managed to edge out title rivals Elche with an away goal victory after a 3-3 draw. Frosinone beat Fenerbahçe, and Liverpool beat Q.P.R.. dafuge’s Atlético face a tricky Semi-Final tie against Juventus. The Madrilenian side are also in next month’s Copa del Rey Final, where their opponents are Betis. The Coppa Italia Final sees Inter take on Juventus, while the FA Cup Final is a rematch of one of the Europa League ties, as Liverpool meet Q.P.R.. Just over fifty days of football for Lord Weeman. Time is ticking on 60 to One! Job Securities [b]Rank Username Manager Club Security Days[/b] 1st weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli Very Secure 8332 2nd tomsmith1989 Tom Smith Arsenal 8227 All Star Top Five – Lowest Goal Difference at Current Club [b] Pos +- Username Manager Original Club Current Club GD [/b] 1st NE JSalter James Salter Reggina Las Palmas -11 2nd NE MikaelS Mikael Schøler Bologna Tottenham + 3 3rd [color=#006400]+3[/color] Ridleys James Ridley Siena Arsenal + 5 4th [color=#006400]+1[/color] TaylorB Ben Taylor Fiorentina Celtic + 8 5th [color=#ff0000]-1[/color] Chimpos Phill Ewles Valladolid Aston Villa +10
  12. Writer's Notes: I've extended the deadline for Semi-Final 2 votes to Saturday 24th September, at 5.30pm BST. The only votes I've received so far are from chopper99. Younes Zaza: Good evening Abidjan, can you hear us? Emmanuel Eboué: Good evening, Younes. Ze show so far is wonderful. Younes Zaza: Thank you! Côte d’Ivoire are doing pretty well so far. Emmanuel Eboué: Yes, and ze target this year is the trophy. Younes Zaza: It’s not beyond you, I’d say. Anyway, do you have something for us? Emmanuel Eboué: I do. Here are the votes from Côte d’Ivoire: 7: Liberia 6: Senegal 5: Tunisia 4: Egypt 3: Nigeria 2: Sierra Leone 1: Algeria Emmanuel Eboué: And here are my country’s three biggest votes: 8 points go to…Guinea! 10 points go to……Mauritania! 12 points go to… …Burkina Faso! Emmanuel Eboué: Thank you Younes. Good night! Younes Zaza: Côte d’Ivoire there, who treble the score of Andreas Werner’s Burkina Faso with twelve points. Lawrence Lazewski’s Mauritania pick up ten and so get that bit closer to reaching positive figures, while Ben Cee’s Niger’s run comes to an end, and they remain on 43 points. Younes Zaza: This is Morocco, calling Eritrea! David Bowie: Eritrea to Major Zaza. Commencing countdown, cameras on. Younes Zaza: This is ground control to Eritrea, we really need your votes. Now it’s time to give your points, if you dare. David Bowie: This is Eritrea to ground control, I’m reading them out now, and we’ve voted in a most peculiar way; 7: Egypt 6: Senegal 5: Niger 4: Nigeria 3: Tunisia 2: Cape Verde 1: Liberia David Bowie: Here am I sitting on an armchair, far away from you. These votes are ours too, and there’s nothing I can do; 8 points go to…Djibouti! 10 points go to……Sudan! 12 points go to… …Gambia! Younes Zaza: Ground control to Eritrea, your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong. Can you hear me, Eritrea? Can you hear me, Eritrea? Can you hear me, Eritrea? Can you… Younes Zaza: Kleen Shavern’s Gambia took twelve from Eritrea, and so jump from not having received any points, to having cleared their debt. Algeria, Sudan, Guinea, Mauritania, Cape Verde, and Sierra Leone are all still in negative figures though, and the latter, managed by Cardio Hernandes, are officially eliminated from the tournament. Leaders Niger vote next, and then Tunisia give us our penultimate set of votes.
  13. Update 271+2 Years: 22, Months: 273, Days: 8302 Inevitably, this month was the month when Lord Weeman’s Napoli would slip away in their pursuit of Cool Manager’s Inter. Indeed, Napoli suffered their fourth loss of the season in March, and now sit four points behind the rampant Milanese side. Weeman’s team beat Ascoli and Pescara, and drew at Super Lampard’s Udinese, but were defeated 0-1 at Juventus. Inter are still unbeaten, although they did draw two games this month. Last year, they went unbeaten all season until defeat in the antepenultimate fixture. Hopefully they can avoid that this year and claim the Scudetto without a loss. The Carling Cup Final took place this month, but wasn’t particularly interesting. Jim Magilton’s Sunderland met Jürgen Klinsmann’s Manchester City, but neither side could score in normal or extra time. Instead, spot kicks settled the match, and while City put three of their four kicks between the posts, the Black Cats converted all five of theirs, giving them the victory, the first time they’ve lifted this competition. City’s Chinese rightback Tan Dawei was the only player to miss his penalty. Elsewhere in England, Brettney Joven’s national team continued their Euro 2032 qualifying campaign with a match in Liechtenstein. The Three Lions won 6-0, thanks to a hattrick from Napoli forward Dan Shepherd. Clinical Chelsea striker Ricky Lescott also netted twice. Both Robert Boyle’s under 21s and Maz Armley’s under 19s won their corresponding matches 4-0; 20-year-old Celtic striker Joe White got three goals for the under 21s. Lord Weeman’s Napoli completed their Champions League tie this month. Last month, they lost 0-1 at Rangers, but they overturned that deficit with a Diego Gutiérrez goal in the match at San Paolo. Penalties were used to settle the match, with both sides scoring four from their first five. Gutiérrez scored the sixth for Napoli, while Rangers’ Nigerian centreback Joseph Olawale missed, sending Napoli through to play A.C. Milan in the Last Eight. They beat Bayern Munich 6-5 in their Last 16 tie, despite a 1-3 loss in Germany. Cool Manager’s Inter won 2-1 at home to knock out James Ridley’s Arsenal by that scoreline, while Tom Smith’s Real Madrid beat Benfica 2-1 overall. Neilio’s Zaragoza lost out on away goals after a 3-3 aggregate draw with Chelsea, while Fréderico Canvey’s Newcastle thumped Roma 3-0 at St James’ to win 5-3 on aggregate. Man City beat Valencia, and Barcelona beat Rapid Wien. Next, Chelsea play Inter, Man City face Real Madrid, and Barcelona meet Newcastle. In the Europa League, Phill Ewles’s Aston Villa beat Galatasaray 4-1 on aggregate to reach the Quarter Finals, while dafuge met his former club Ajax, and a 3-2 win at Amsterdam ArenA followed by a goalless draw in Spain put Atlético Madrid through. They face Elche next, while Aston Villa meet Juventus. Q.P.R. play Liverpool, and Fenerbahçe meet Frosinone. This time next month, Lord Weeman could have lost the Scudetto. That would be assuming that Napoli lose all of April’s games and Inter win all, but that is possible. Job Securities [b]Rank Username Manager Club Security Days[/b] 1st weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli Very Secure 8302 2nd tomsmith1989 Tom Smith Arsenal 8227 All Star Top Five – Highest Goal Difference at Current Club [b] Pos +- Username Manager Original Club Current Club GlDif [/b] 1st [color=#006400]+1[/color] weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli Napoli +1198 * 2nd [color=#006400]+1[/color] el sid Cool Manager At. Madrid Inter +1094 3rd NE dafuge dafuge Torino At. Madrid + 97 4th NE Neilio Neilio Almería Zaragoza + 24 - NE canvey!! Fréderico Canvey Stoke Newcastle + 24
  14. I have had NO Semi-Final 2 votes yet! Younes Zaza: Morocco calling Burkina Faso, can you hear us? Olivier Sanou: Loud and clear, thank you Morocco. Younes Zaza: Ah, Burkinabe athlete Olivier Sanou. Burkina Faso haven’t picked up any points yet. How do you feel? Olivier Sanou: I’m sure good times are just around the corner. Younes Zaza: Let’s hope so. Anyway, Mr Sanou, please give us the Burkinabe votes. Olivier Sanou: With pleasure; 7: Algeria 6: Eritrea 5: Liberia 4: Togo 3: Egypt 2: Nigeria 1: Sudan Olivier Sanou: Here are Burkina Faso’s three most important votes: 8 points go to…Djibouti! 10 points go to……Côte d’Ivoire! 12 points go to… …Niger! Olivier Sanou: Thanks Morocco. Good night! Younes Zaza: Good night Burkina Faso! Ben Cee’s Niger and Whoopy Dee’e’s Djibouti continue their good starts, collecting 12 and 8 points respectively. Albert Holstein’s Côte d’Ivoire take ten, while Algeria get their first points of the tournament. Younes Zaza: Morocco calling Djibouti! Djibouti: Hello Morocco, this is Djibouti. Younes Zaza: Djibouti are currently second. Not bad for a nation of 800,000. Djibouti: Djibouti shall win the Afrovision Managerial Contest! Younes Zaza: We shouldn’t rule it out at least. Anyway, let’s have some votes! Djibouti: 7: Côte d’Ivoire 6: Burkina Faso 5: Eritrea 4: Togo 3: Algeria 2: Senegal 1: Liberia Djibouti: 8 points go to…Nigeria! 10 points go to……Tunisia! 12 points go to… …Niger! Djibouti: This is Djibouti, signing out. Younes Zaza: Phenomenally, Ben Cee’s Niger pick up another 12 points! Mentho Latum’s Tunisia take the decade, while Andreas Werner’s Burkina Faso get their point collection under way with six from Djibouti, to whom they gave eight. Let’s see the latest table. Writer's Notes: I got it wrong before; there are nine nations voting, not eight. Younes Zaza: Already, Ben Cee’s Niger are running away with it, with Kleen Shavern’s Gambia and Chip Butty’s Guinea yet to pick up points. We’ll see how that changes as we travel to Côte d’Ivoire and Eritrea for our next votes.
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