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  1. For the record, criticism of others' screenshots is fine, but the foul language is just unnecessary.
  2. I like the Heskey idea. The second idea is a bit similar to ones that have been tried before.
  3. That usually just means they can't find anything that they're more unhappy with.
  4. People may be starting long-term games even only on the demo, so now seems the time for some of the smaller challenges to capture people's attention.
  5. Let's cut out this petty stuff, please, regardless of its intentions.
  6. @Jimborelli: At one point my board told me the finances were so good they were considering investing loads of money on tropical fish. I might even have posted it in this thread somewhere.
  7. My Portuguese friend, who was raised here in the UK, has always had trouble with the subjunctive. I hope Jeff Jarvis can find it in him to continue with his adventures .
  8. Good to see this back . And nice result .
  9. No need to wait - although you'll need to have the time to run it alongside your Premier League one.
  10. Done - I was one step ahead of you there anyway .
  11. No, the team listed as first is the team who played the first leg at home.
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