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FM 2007 PSP Transfer update 2011/2012

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Hello, Do this even exist? I dont want to get the latest Fm due to the fact a new one will be out soon!

Ive just found my psp in dust draw, i would like to play with the latest players for all teams (If possible after the january 2012 transfer month, but would not mind at the beginning of the 2011/2012 season. I really hope there is one, or if someone can make me one that would be great!

FM 2007 PSP Transfer update 2011/2012

Thanks in advance :D

Sorry if in wrong thread :)

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Hmm you're a little behind the curve if you're still on 2k7 I'm afraid and as such I doubt theres an update available to bring it up to date.

If you have an iOS or Android phone/tablet you could always get the latest version on that at a budget price? (although tbh FMH 2012 PSP is only 15 UKP on amazon at the moment so thats not particularly expensive imho).

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