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Decided to start a journeyman to take a little break from my soton save.

Leagues loaded: England, France,Germany,Holland, Italy,Portugal,Spain,

Patch 11.3 no edits.

Holidayed until January 31st so window now closed.

After retiring from Proffesional football i decided to dip my toes in the water in club management. From Jan 31st 2011 i wil be applying for virtually every job to see where it takes me.

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So within a week i was offered a new job and a three year contract worth £10kp.w, I took a look at the club and to be honest i didnt see my future here especially with the club in such a dire situation.


As you can see Wigan are currently rooted at the bottom of the Premier League with only 4 wins 4 draws and 18 losses. If i can save them from relegation then that will only help my profile and if i dont i have the security of agreeing a 1 year contract instead of the 3 originally offered. Scoring goals seem to be the biggest problem but with rodagella in the team im feeling a bit hopeful we can pull the club out of relegation despite us being favourite for the drop.


Not exactly the greatest squad in the league but with Tom Cleverly in midfeild he could be the key to our fight for survival. Rodagella is my number 1 striker and can unlock any defence on his days. Consistancy seems to be his downfall. The defence is well weak if im honest and well with the window now closed for January i have to make do. Im going to adopt a 4-2-3-1 formation. so fingers crossed.

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