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September 2015

AGF H W 2-1

After two weeks with international duty it feels like my strikers have gone back to the drawing board. Two awful attempts by Ansah who was knocking them in for fun in August appear to sum this up. Just after half time they take the lead, which is about the worst thing that can happen given how toothless we've looked. I've had just about enough of Ansah this match so I put N'Doye on for his first appearance for a while. Immediately he makes the difference, with only 10 mins left on the clock, Barcelos playing the ball into N'Doye who hits a delightful curling shot past the keeper. Moments later there's a foul in the box when Skovgaard crosses and Salum is held back. Chawinga hammers it high into the net. In injury time our nemesis Borghello is played clean through on goal, but Macala pulls off a magnificent save.

Fiorentina H L 0-2

Well this is a big one - we've substancially failed to make much progress on Stage 2 so far - we haven't made it out of a group stage once and we haven't won a double yet. These are essentials this season really. I think Marseilles are our best chance of overhauling in this group but we'll see. We aren't helped when after 25 mins Lemmens is sent off for a horror challenge. Ouch. Ansah is withdrawn for James Ward. A few minutes later we fail to clear a low ball into the box and it's knocked in at the far post. Ouch. Just after half time they score from a corner. We do well to hold out for the rest of the match. Lemmens will be banned, Schwartz got injured and is out for 7 weeks. Basically this match could have gone a little better.

Vejle H W 5-0

We take the lead when Ansah powerfully heads home a Lemmens cross from deep. Nice combination considering what happened against Fiorentina! Then we go two up when Salum heads in a Skovgaard corner. Five minutes later Skovgaard links with Barcelos who fires a low shot inside the near post from the edge of the area. Moments later it's four as a Chawinga free kick from deep is met by Ansah who grabs his second. Just before half time Ansah completes a hattrick of headers. There weren't any goals in the second half. Top 3 goals of the week were all by my team :thup: 8 players in team of the week :thup:

Naestved A W 4-0 CUP

Put in a load of players who weren't really getting games for this one. We took the lead early on as Owusu scored his first goal for us. Just after halftime Poulsen grabbed his first goal since his return to the club. Midway though the second half our lead is extended through an own goal. N'Doye comes on as a substitute to add a fourth.

AaB H W 1-0

It's a blooming dull first half, but we take the lead in the second half when a clearance falls to the feet of Delaney who volleys it into the bottom corner. They have a goal disallowed late on, but it's a ground out victory.

In other news Valur completed the treble in Iceland. Well done them.

Marseille A L 1-3

Oh dear, we concede within 30 seconds. On the half hour mark they add a second on the break. Urgh urgh urgh. Just after half time we grab a goal back, a Skovgaard corner leads to a goalmouth scramble and Barcelos gets the last touch to get us back in the match. However they score another a few minutes later and yet again it looks out of sight. A few decent chances but the luck just doesn't seem to fall with us... long way to go in this group.

Top of Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +22 26

2. OB +16 23

3. FC Midtjylland +7 21

4. AGF +3 19

5. AaB +2 16

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October 2015

OB A W 2-1

So after the turmoil in the South of France we have a massive domestic fixture against the other form side in the league. So far we've been unbeaten in Denmark but against stronger sides we've had problems. Fifteen minutes in we win a free kick on the far left, it's skewed across the edge of the area to Landu-Landu who fires from distance, it's deflected up into the air and drops to Ansah who heads towards goal. It's saved but Ansah is there again to ram the rebound home. Five minutes later Chawinga picks up the ball on the half way line and runs and runs and runs and gets to the keeper and goes round him until he has the narrowest angle to tuck it in! A great goal. A poorly cleared corner sees them grab a goal back on the half hour mark. Five minutes into the second half we give away a penalty but it's MISSED!! Skied over the bar. With ten mins to go Ansah has a brilliant chance but their keeper, who has had a blinder, pulls off another great save. In the last minute they miss a point blank header!! We rode our luck in this one but it's our 9th successive victory and we're 5 points clear at the top.

AC Horsens H W 1-0

It's a fairly even first half but midway through it Ansah scores a really special goal, a curling shot from about 35 yards out. His 20th of the season already. With 20 minutes to go we have one of the most bizarre runs of play I've seen and I'm furious. Delgado gets the touchline and pulls the ball back to Chawinga. He's tackled but the ball goes straight into the back of the net. The ref however disallows it and sends Chawinga off for a second bookable as he dived!! I'm fuming. We hold on however but wtf that is a horrendous decision, how can you send someone off for diving when we score?!

Sevilla A L 0-3

Got very low self-esteem about this tournament at the moment. The problem we have is that even when we have good chances the keepers at this level seem a million times better. In the first few minutes here Chawinga has a brilliant shot from a free kick but their keeper is equal to it. Despite a good first half we let our guard down just before half time and they take the lead. Midway through the second half they extend it. Then they win a penalty because James Ward pushes someone over the box and gets a yellow which means he misses the next match - great - no right back for the next match. They score the penalty.

FC Nordsjaelland A W 2-0

A really meh game. None of our players really look up for it and there's a few changes as we've drawn Midtjylland in the cup and that is a midweek match. The first half is dire. The second half I take off Ansah as he isn't looking himself and bring on Owusu. Delaney has also been poor so I put on dead tiny Delgado. The first thing that happens is Delgado wins a header, N'Doye runs onto it and beats the keeper. 20 mins from the end we grab a second as a Delgado corner causes confusion in the box, and Owusu and Terziev lose their markers and line up to score with the Bulgarian getting the final touch. 11 straight victories and we've beaten every team in the league with that run.

FC Midtjylland H D 0-0 CUP

We dominate the first half but can't seem to make a breakthrough. N'Doye has numerous good chances but can't finish. The second half is even damper than the first and we go into extra time. It goes all the way to penalties. Urgh, this is not what we need - lose this and our season could we be a write off despite all our good progress so far. Both teams score their first penalty, but then Wiland saves their second. Owusu puts us ahead with an excellent penalty. Advantage Kobenhavn. They score and Salum scores for us. They score and Terziev scores. It's down to the last penalties. They score and it's down to Kahraman who takes our last penalty. He scores, we win, double dream still a reality. SonderjyskE away in the quarter finals, which should be an easier task.

Top of the Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +26 35

2. OB +18 29

3. AGF +8 28

4. FC Midtjylland +8 25

5. AaB +6 23

6. Brondby -2 21

Unsuprisingly Ansah is named player of the month.

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November 2015 (with a little bit of December)

Silkeborg H L 3-4

We concede early on against a team we scored 6 against at their place. Then we continue to do our "oh look you know these strikers who have got 39 goals between them so far this season, they can't score anymore" routine until an extraordinary spell of play 10 mins before half time where a Salum curler hits the crossbar, rebounds to Skovgaard on the edge of the area who smashes a volley into the back of the unguarded net. On the stroke of half time Ansah makes me eat my words as he gets onto a great Terziev throughball and slots the ball past the keeper. Just after half time they equalise with a great finish into the top corner, but we just failed to clear our lines from a corner again! Turns out it takes a deflection on the way in and would have been going wide. Moments later Salum somehow puts us back into the lead as he takes a Jack West corner on his chest and almost runs it into the back of the net. Then we concede a penalty and it's James Ward giving it away again. Oh for Lemmens to be able to play every match. They missed one against us earlier in the season but they don't miss this one. Then they score one from a corner and this is becoming the craziest game of the season. We just can't defend. What the helllll, Ward, Wiland, Chawinga and McManus all get fined for appalling performances. Ward and Wiland complain and I slap them down.

Sevilla H X 1-1

If I have any hope of getting out a European group stage this match is essential to win. I revert to a more defensive formation to attempt this. It appears to work, we take the lead midway through the first half when Chawinga finishes from close range. We take our lead into half time. Just after half time they equalise when Wiland gets beaten at his near post. With ten minutes to go Chawinga waltzes through their defence and hits it wide. We hold out for a draw but it really feels like 2 points lost. At least we come out of the group with some credibility by gaining a point. We picked up three injuries in this match. Markou is out for a few days, Salum out for two weeks and Skovgaard out for 7 weeks :( November is a terrible month. No Skovgaard until the second half of the season now.

Randers FC A W 2-1

10 minutes before half time we hit them on the counter attack and N'Doye puts the ball away. Just after half time Barcelos makes up for some silly misses in the first half and scores a great goal slicing through the defence and putting it past the keeper. Then tehy grab a goal back a few moments later and on the hour mark Lemmens is sent off for a second bookable offense. Great. We hold out for the rest of the game. Barcelos picks up an injury and is out for 2 months. Another player who won't be back until March.

Esbjerg fB A L 1-4

We have Fiorentina around the corner, but I make the decision to play a strong team. Chawinga has got injured on international duty, but we've got a few players back including Macala in goal. They take the lead after 15 minutes. On the half hour mark they go 2-0 up. We're being absolutely mullered. It's 3-0 just after half time. Midway through the second half Ansah grabs a goal back and I hope it will start something. 10 mins from the end they make it four with a great finish. Please please please let this be a bad day at the office.

Fiorentina A L 0-5

This month seriously needs a turn around. We've conceded four goals twice in the league when earlier in the season we weren't conceding a thing. At right back Lemmens keeps getting sent off, James Ward keeps giving away penalties and we've no one else. Bonig has just got a lot worse at left back and Skovgaard is no longer there as back up. The goals have dried up up front and our attacking midfield threat is out for the rest of this half of the season. We have two league games left (Midtjylland and Brondby, oh great), two fairly throwaway Champions League matches and one really important cup match. The cup match is the easiest on paper but the one with the most danger if we lost. Note - we are still the leading goalscoring team in the whole competition by MILES, and Chawinga is the top goalscorer by some way too.

They take the lead within 5 minutes. This could be dreadful. They're soon 2-0 up. Then three. They make it four after half time...Five with 20 minutes to go, another own goal from a corner. We have such a long way to go.

FC Midtjylland H W 3-1

In the past few matches, since Midtjylland in the cup, we've gone from a team who were getting a bit toothless up front to a team who is just being battered from pillar to post. Maybe resting a few players could be good news for this match, but we're currently looking like a punchdrunk boxer who looked good in the early rounds but is now faltering extremely. This team does not take conceding 9 goals in a week very well at all.

Midway through the first half we take the lead, some good work by Terziev leads to an Ansah shot, it's parried and in the ensuing scramble Chawinga fires the ball home for his 20th of the season. On the hour mark Hooiveld collects the ball and plays a lovely through ball to Ansah who puts the ball past the keeper. 5 minutes later the curse of the right back strikes again as Lemmens concedes a penalty. They score it and life isn't so comfortable again. In the last minute substitute Owusu lays off a ball to an onrushing Salum who calmly places the ball past the keeper.

SonderjyskE A W 3-2 CUP

We take the lead midway through the first half. Chawinga plays a cheeky free kick as a pass to Salum who shoots, it's deflected back to Delgado who hits a snapshot into the bottom corner. Just before half time they equalise when for some reason we don't clear another cross into the box. On the hour mark, and after a so far poor performance, Ansah bursts into the box and fires the ball into the top corner. In the last five minutes they equalise from a terrible corner, yet Ergin Kahraman seems to think it is dangerous and heads the ball into his own net. Oh for crying out loud. It goes to extra time in the week that we're playing Brondby. Ansah has a clear cut chance in extra time but he fires it straight at the keeper. At the start of the second half of extra time Delaney is injured and we're down to 10 men. In the 115th minute a lovely passing move from the back leaves N'Doye with a simple chance and we finally take the lead again. We almost concede straight away, then Ansah tears through their defence.. it's all a bit hectic. Somehow we see it out. That was not nice.

The bright news however is that the draw has opened up. We're playing Vejle in the next round and every other big team is out. In the other semi it's a lower league side and, oh, it's Esbjerg fB. This year's bogey side.

Brondby H W 3-0

After a litany of bookings in a tense SonderjyskE game we have Ward, Salum and Ansah all banned for the visit of our rivals, plus a tonne of players feeling unfit for the match after 120 minutes of action midweek. We take the lead within the first five minutes. The ball comes out wide right to Lemmens who swings in a deep cross which N'Doye heads towards goal. It's saved by the keeper but the rebound falls to the feet of Chawinga who puts it into the back of the net. Midway through the second half their defensive midfielder Manteiga is sent off for a second bookable offence. 10 minutes before half time N'Doye scores one of his greatest goals, picking up the ball on the left wing near the halfway line before running it all the way to the touchline, bringing it back inside and then curling it past the keeper. A brilliant brilliant goal. On the stroke of halftime Chawinga hits the bar. The second half we create some good chances but the game changes 15 mins from the end when McManus drags down McGrath when he's the last man and is sent off himself. In injury time Chawinga is brought down in the box and we're awarded a penalty, Chawinga steps up, scores, and it's a thrashing. That has improved morale no end. The Brondby manager who beat us 4-0 twice last year and won the cup is sacked as a result of this match. Woop.

Marseille H L 0-3

After some sloppy passing in our own third we give the ball away which enables them to score their first within ten minutes. 20 mins from the end they add a second, moments later it's three and we're left with one point from 6 matches.

Top of the League

1. FC Kobenhavn +28 44

2. OB +25 42

3. AGF +7 36

4. FC Midtjylland +7 30

5. AaB +7 29

6. Brondby -11 22

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Ansah has won Superliga player of the year, autumn player of the year and goal of the year (for the one against AC Horsens). Skovgaard got 2nd place in goal of the year for that volley.

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Kahraman sold behind my back for £9.5m :(

edit: admittedly i would probably have accepted that.

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Well I guess that's the European ambition done with for the season I suppose :(

£9.5M!!! That's a nice wad of cash. And remember, at the beginning of the season 18 of 29 (62%) of your squad was 21 or younger and I know a good deal of those are starters. Especially with a 17 year old keeper, you must expect that some times things will break down. On the other hand, these youngsters are already a very strong team domestically, so if you can manage to hang on to most of your starting line-up for a few years, while converting the huge profits you're making on those starlets that do get sold on (9.5M!) into new talents of ever increasing skill, I project you will be able to finish this stage in the next five seasons (although I'm starting to think I may have set the bar quite high with getting past the group stages 3x and reaching a final, though in fairness all three Dutch clubs have managed to do so in fairly recent history, Ajax '95 and '96, Feyenoord '02 and PSV '88. If anything, I might amend that to getting past the group stages three times OR reaching a final.)

Of course there's always the chance of landing that dream job at PSV. How is their manager doing?

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they've just gone on a record breaking 18 match unbeaten run. i genuinely believe that's my way out of kobenhavn rather than hitting stage 3 unless the goal changes!! denmark is a difficult difficult country to do it in though - i may have to move to austria to have a better chance or hmmm... i wish i'd loaded the french or portuguese leagues to be honest.

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heh, next message in my inbox "huistra could leave psv"

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Midseason Break Transfer Update


Talal Al-Shehri, 18, MC, RSA, Al-Ahli (KSA), free

Johnson Babayaro, 18, WBR, NIG, Heartland, £140k

Djordje Dervisevic, 18, DC, GER, Palermo, loan

Gregory Cerdan, 33, DC, FRA, Aston Villa, £220k

Serge Tidiane, 20, DC, CIV, Debrecen, £1.7m


Thomas Delaney, Frankfurt, £500k

Ergin Kahraman, Dynamo Kiev, £9.5m

Kasper Svendsen, AC Horsens, loan

15 matches and hopefully 3 cup matches. Win em all and that's me set up domestically. I fear we may fail to win the title. OB look very strong opponents.

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March 2016

AGF A L 0-2

They force a great chance early doors but Macala pulls off a wonderful save. Lemmens then rushes up the other end after a great through ball but he hits the post in the resulting one on one. They take the lead midway through the half after a marvellous finish from Farnerud. Towards the end old foe Borghello runs through and scores a second. Urgh. There goes another one of my aims.

AaB A W 3-0

We take the lead after five minutes, Salum scoring a lovely curling goal into the bottom corner from distance. Ten mins later it's two but through a crazy set of circumstances. Chawinga has a free kick from miles out, he lays it off to Tidiane who plays a lovely through ball to Barcelos who hits the post with his one on one with the keeper, it falls to Ansah who shapes to shoot but squares it across the goal to Chawinga who hasn't stopped running. 10 mins into the second half Ansah tears into the box, beats a couple of men but can't beat the keeper (who incidentally is Johannes Klein), but the rebound falls to Barcelos who puts us three to the good.

OB H W 2-0

The big one. A six pointer. They haven't lost since the last time they played us. Midway through the first half Salum plays the ball to Chawinga who turns the defence and then fires it home. On the stroke of half time we go 2-0 up, Barcelos swings in the corner and Ansah heads it into the back of the net!! We've been brilliant in the first half. The second half we sit back some more. They have one brilliant chance but it's headed over the bar. Wow, what a win! Huge turnaround from the performance against AGF.

Vejle A W 5-0

We take the lead after 33 seconds. Tidiane plays a long ball that Chawinga runs onto. He unselfishly lays the ball off for Ansah to roll into an empty net. 10 mins in we go further ahead with a magnificent goal. We clear a corner to the edge of the box to Chawinga who runs the length of the pitch before curling a shot round the goalkeeper into the top corner. By midway in the first half it's three as another breakaway leads to Barcelos being one on one with the keeper and he carefully tucks it away. Vejle continued with their high line and again we destroyed it, Barcelos playing in Chawinga who timed his run perfectly to yet again beat the keeper. Almost immediately from the kick off they attacked but we won the ball back and countered once more, it was passed to Chawinga still in our half, he beat his man, ran the length of the pitch, and smashed it past the keeper for another hattrick. Again against Vejle we go in at half time 5-0 up and every goal has been our pacy strikers racing past their flatfooted defence. The second half goes exactly the way of the first game against Vejle - not much happened!

AC Horsens A W 4-0

This is the middle match in a run of 3 games in 5 days. In fact with the OB match it's 4 games in 9 days. In a way this is good news for us as we tend to have a bigger squad than most teams in the league. In the first ten minutes Landu-Landu plays a ball over the top that Chawinga latches onto. His shot is saved but Ansah is on hand to put away the rebound. Five minutes later Ansah has a second as he turns his man and fires a ferocious shot past the Horsens keeper. Midway through the first half Ansah this time turns provider putting through Chawinga who gets his 6th goal in four matches. I take Chawinga off at half time to rest him for the match two days later. Owusu takes his chance, racing onto a through ball, muscling off the defender and firing past the keeper. We easily see the game out. In other news OB lose to Vejle. Which would be funny but we've got them in the cup semi final so I don't want to snigger too much.

FC Nordsjaelland H W 4-0

Roy Makaay is the new manager of Doncaster Rovers. That's an interesting appointment. A few more changes for this match so as to keep legs fresh which is something opponents struggle to do. We take the lead in five minutes, Salum cross for N'Doye to powerfully volley in. It's crazy how deep they are defending. When their goalkeeper takes a goal kick their back four are closer to the penalty arc than the centre circle. We still manage to break through, N'Doye bursts into the box and he's dragged down by a defender when clean through on goal. The ref bottles out of sending him off but Chawinga scores the resulting penalty. Midway through the first half we get another penalty when again N'Doye is dragged down trying to get on the end of a Lemmens cross. The keeper guesses the right way but Chawinga's penalty is perfectly into the top corner. That's his 30th goal of the season - could he make that magical 40 total that N'Doye only just missed a few seasons ago? Next Chawinga turns provider as he swings in a free kick that N'Doye heads past the keeper. 4-0 at half time. No further score in the second half. Amusingly OB drop points to Horsens.

Top of the Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +44 59

2. OB +25 50

3. AGF +14 49

4. FC Midtjylland +12 42

Salum wins player of the month, with Tidiane in second place and Chawinga in third. Tidiane looks easily Kahraman's equal at the moment.

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April 2016

Randers FC H W 3-0

Five minutes in a lovely move leads to a goal. We get a free kick on the edge of the centre circle, it goes through a few players until it reaches Ansah who pokes the ball through to Schwartz, who gets to the touchline and pulls it back for Chawinga to score. After a few minutes of sustained pressure and some simply amazing play in midfield eventually the ball falls to Ansah who puts the ball away. This team are playing with supreme confidence right now and this goal sums it up. Just before half time Chawinga scores a quite brilliant swinging free kick from miles out. It's 3-0 at half time. And again we add nothing in the second half except for complete control. Possession 73%-27%.

Silkeborg A W 3-0

In a rather bizarre turn of events we don't score in the first half. We create some chances but they are squandered. Not so in the second half when some good play between Ansah and Chawinga leaves Deogratius with his back to the goal, he turns and fires powerfully into the back of the net. Midway through the half Skovgaard has a free kick on the right side, it's cleared but just to Skovgaard again to put in, it's parried by the keeper and Chawinga is fouled going for the rebound. Unfortunately Chawinga picks up a knock from the incident so Salum steps up instead and plonks it into the net. In the dying minutes Delgado and Ansah link up well and the Ghana international makes it three. That's his 30th of the season. With our 7th clean sheet in a row we've beaten a Superliga record, all whilst scoring 24 goals.

FC Midtjylland A W 3-2

From now on it's a continual weekend-midweek cycle until the end of the season, this should serve us well as we've got a bigger squad than most teams. Midtjylland have also gone off the boil of late, so I rest Chawinga for the match against Esbjerg at the weekend. Whether this backfires who knows but they take the lead in the first ten minutes when they score a marvellous goal. I think this may well be goal of the season as Lindberg slaloms through our defence before firing home. We equalise within five minutes, Ansah heads a Delgado corner and it falls to Terziev who tucks the ball away. On the hour mark we take the lead. Bonig takes a free kick from just inside their half and swings a long and perfect ball into the area that N'Doye meets with a diving header. Immediately they equalise through Lindberg again as we completely fall asleep. Five mins later we're back in the lead, a long ball through to N'Doye leads to a shot that's saved, but the rebound falls to Ansah who finishes comfortably. N'Doye is then taken off injured but we have no subs left so we're down to 10 men, but so are they in the dying minutes as they have a player sent off. N'Doye is out for the rest of the season.

Esbjerg fB H W 2-0

A match against the team that inflicted our most embarrassing result of the season. Esbjerg are quite happy to sit back but we eventually make a breakthrough midway through the first half when Ansah heads home Diego Barcelos' corner from point blank range. It's another corner that leads to our next goal but this time it's Salum who nods it in. We see the game out but the ref seems very happy to book all of our strikers for next to nothing. Same ref that once disallowed a goal for diving, but the bookings means that both Ansah and Chawinga are banned for the match against Brondby. Disgusted. Incidentally we are only one point behind the the total we got last year and more than any team who has finished second place.

Brondby A L 1-2

Third and final match of the year against Brondby, but obviously things are difficult with the striker situation upfront, so we start with Malmstrom and Owusu up top. They look a lot better than they did last time and take the lead midway through the first half, but it looks like Macala is fouled in the build up. They continue to dominate the half but crucially fail to score. At half time I bring on Delgado and he immediately makes an impact swinging in the corner that Salum heads home for the equaliser. In the last five minutes Tidiane is sent off for dragging down McGrath when he's through on goal. In the last minute a ball is knocked through, it looks offside, but Ward gets back to tackle but in doing so knocks the ball past Macala and we've lost. On the bright side OB lost, so I am convinced the title is sealed and it's time to start concentrating on winning the cup.

AGF H X 2-2

Three suspensions resulting from the last match see Salum, Schwartz and obviously Tidiane out. This means we have a very makeshift defence and the centre of midfield is unusual. They take the lead in the 5th minute with Borghello scoring against us again. On the 20 minute mark Cerdan knocks a long ball behind the AGF defence and Chawinga runs onto it and does the rest. Macala is having a blinder, he keeps saving point blank shots from inside the 6 yard box. Midway through the second half we take the lead, some link up play by substitute West and Ben Ansah and Ansah curls the ball into the top corner for the lead. Immediately they go up the other end and James Ward (who else?) concedes a penalty. They score it, it's all square again. In injury time Chawinga is put clean through and is brought down. Their defender is sent off. Macala pulls off a wonder save with time up and the final whistle is blown.

Vejle H W 2-0 CUP

Our results against Vejle so far this season has shown us get two 5-0 wins. I would happily take a couple fewer than that today. After both the league games we had destroyed them on the counter attack as they push people forward and leave loads of space. Have they learnt their lesson?

The answer is no. Within 5 minutes Chawinga picks up a clearance from a corner, runs the length of the pitch and puts the ball in the back of the net. Our next goal comes from another corner but ours this time, Bonig floating the ball in for Salum to head home for his tenth of the season. Despite creating other chances we don't score anymore but neither do we ever look under threat. Unfortunately Salem is out for three weeks with a damaged neck after this match. In the other semi first leg there's a shock as FC Vestsjaelland overcome Esbjerg fB 2-0. Yikes!

Also; Champions League final is Man Utd vs Valencia. No great shakes, but if Man Utd fail to score more than 2 we're the highest scorers in the whole tournament. Nothing to do with scoring 16 goals in our first two matches no sireeee


1. FC Kobenhavn +52 72

2. OB +34 65

3. AGF +17 59

4. FC Midtjylland +10 49

5. AaB +6 45

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May 2016

OB A W 2-1

This was originally billed as a title showdown and whilst they still have a chance, being as they are 7 points back with 3 games to play, a draw would see us wrap up the title. A loss wouldn't feel devestating either, with league matches against Vejle and AaB still to play we'd expect to win at least one of them. Within the first 20 minutes we hit the bar twice through Schwartz and Barcelos, but the breakthrough comes when Delgado swings a beautiful curling shot into the top corner from outside the area. We let numerous good opportunities go but they start to come back into the game in the second half. Macala makes a number of decent saves, but eventually they make a breakthrough with 20 minutes left, scoring from a direct freekick. Within five minutes though a beautiful ball out to left by Zanetti finds Skovgaard, who cuts inside and finds Ansah who shoots low underneath the keeper's body. With then minutes left on the clock Macala makes another wonder save, he really does look magnificent. In the final minute Ansah has a header saved fantastically but then the final whistle blows and we are champions for the third season running!

Vejle A W 3-1 CUP

Oh man, Vejle take the lead in the first minute. Not how I'd planned it to happen. On the half hour mark however we get our arse into gear, Schwartz wins a header and puts Chawinga through on goal, he races round the keeper and places it in the back of the net. Just before half time Ansah smashes a shot against the post and we go in all square. Just after half time Ansah makes amends for his miss, firing past the Vejle keeper after beating the defence. On the hour mark Ansah fired another high past the near post of the Vejle keeper. He was on fire. That was it. In the other tie Esbjerg fB couldn't overcome their first leg deficit and we were playing lower league FC Vestsjaelland in the final. One match left to secure the double.

Vejle H W 3-1

Oh hello, is it you again? Haven't we beaten you four times already this season? Oh, I see, you want some more. OK. I am slightly paranoid that I am making a horrendous error since we have the cup final next match and I'm playing a full strength side. This happened before when I decided to play N'Doye when he was on 38 goals, he got his 39th goal but then picked up a booking that saw him banned for the cup final two years ago. The cup final we went on to lose. Chawinga and Ansah both have 36 goals for the season so far and could well hit the 40 mark. The problem with the Danish league is that they have a disciplinary 'points' system, and I have no idea how it works and the game doesn't tell me when they're one yellow off a ban, for example. So I may lose a few players for the final. Hopefully with Ansah and Chawinga having bans relatively recently we may avoid that consequence. Ansah gets the scoring underway midway through the first half. He controls a Lemmens cross before putting it in the back of the net. They equalise just after half time... bleh, doesn't really matter does it? We go back in front through an unlikely source moments later. Chawinga has a free kick way out and lays it off for Tidiane who hits a piledriver right into the top corner for his first Kobenhavn goal. WOW. With five minutes to go Ansah creates a goal on his own, bursting past two defenders and firing home. Goal number 38 for him... and his 50th in total for the club. What a fantastic season he has had.

Unfortunately whilst we had noone banned for this game it seemed certain that Cerdan had played his last game for us as he tore his hamstring, and Skovgaard got a thigh strain that I decided to inject to keep our options open.

FC Vestsjaelland N W 3-0 CUP

I put neutral, but of course all cup finals are played at our ground. Which is weird. Surely our cup final curse will end here? I've lost two cup finals in the past two years but Kobenhavn were also runners up in 2012, 2007, 2002 and 1998 whilst winning in 2009, 2004, 1997 and 1995.

Cup final side: Macala; Lemmens, Tidiane, McManus, Bonig; Landu-Landu, Schwartz, Delgado; Barcelos, Ansah, Chawinga ©

Midway through the first half it's that little Spaniard who makes the breakthrough. Barcelos plays a neat ball into Delgado who then smashes it into the top corner. Just before half time Chawinga shows his class, comprehensively baffling their defence with a neat turn before hammering it home. Just before the hour mark Ansah latches onto a Landu-Landu defensive header and runs clear of the defence and puts it past the keeper. Goal number 39 for him. The final whistle blows - we've won the double at last!!

AaB H X 1-1

It's a sellout for a nothing match. Well nothing other than hoping Chawinga gets a hattrick and Ansah gets one. I have never seen a player get 40 goals in a season on this game and today we get two bites at the cherry. I play the same team as the cup final, they're a bit weary but hey, it's the end of the season.

There's no goals in the first half, Ansah and Chawinga both have a couple of chances but neither can finish. Eventually with 20 mins to go we make a breakthrough, Chawinga muscles a AaB player off the ball and sticks it past the keeper. It's surely too late for him to make the total though isn't it? He did however celebrate his 100th appearance for the club with a goal. 2 minutes later Ansah has a glorious chance, an almost carbon copy of the Chawinga goal, but he fails to hit the back of the net, putting it wide. 5 minutes from the end they equalise... could this spur us on? Unfortunately it doesn't - Ansah is stranded on 39 and Chawinga on 38.

Final Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +55 79

2. OB +29 66

3. AGF +19 66

4. FC Midtjylland +13 56

5. AaB +12 52

6. Brondby -6 47

7. Esbjerg fB -4 45

8. Vejle -25 32

9. FC Nordsjaelland -19 30

10. Silkeborg -30 30

11. Randers FC -21 24

12. AC Horsens -23 24

Massive improvement on last year, we look a lot more comfortable as a team and I won't be planning to change much unless my hand is force. I need a left back and potentially a centre back, but apart from that I have a settled group. I wouldn't mind seeing Ansah, Chawinga or N'Doye leave for the right money. I think that if I don't get big cash for them now I won't be able to offer them the contracts that they would like when it comes around.

Aims from last year:

Win the Double - oh yes

Get out of a European Group Stage - bah humbug

Go unbeaten against Brondby and AGF - i was never humiliated like last year, but i did lose one match each to them, although the brondby loss was almost avoided and i had all three of my star strikers unavailable.

Aims for next year:

Get out of a European Group Stage

Find some Danish talent (I have one Danish regular - Skovgaard)

Don't lose to Brondby!

Get a new contract sorted

Alternative Aim:

Take the PSV job

Ansah got Spring player of the year, Salum came third, I won manager of the year for the third season running and Ansah, Chawinga, Barcelos and Salum were in the team of the year.

Year    Club          League              Pos  Europe      Other
2010    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  N/A         UL Cup Winners
2011    Valur         Icelandic Premier   3rd  ECC 2nd Q   UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, IC Winners
2012    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  EC 4th Q    UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, Unbeaten in whole league season
2012-13 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga	 	  2nd  EC Grp Stg  None
2013-14 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga           1st  EC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Finalists
2014-15 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga           1st  CC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Finalists
2015-16 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga		  1st  CC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Winners

My team of the year:

GK - Radek Macala, 18, CZE - Apps 39, Clean Sheets 20. I can see him being a regular for years to come providing we don't sell him.

DR - Jan Lemmens, 20, NED - Apps 27(2), Goals 1, Assists 8. Can really get up and down the right wing.

DC - Serge Tidiane, 20, CIV - Apps 16, Goals 1. Replace below superbly.

DC - Ergin Kahraman, 22, TUR - Apps 22(1), Assists 2. We got a very good price for him but I was gutted to see him go.

DL - Thobias Skovgaard, 23, DEN - Apps 16(1), Goals 1, Assists 5. Would never have thought he would have made it this far. The fact he's the last of the original team still in the side is incredible and would never have been predicted but he really is coming of age.

DMC - Christian Landu-Landu, 24, NOR - Apps 39(3), Assists 4. No goals this season but he is an absolute titan in midfield. THe engine on him is beyond belief. Dominates matches.

MC - John Salum, 20, COD - Apps 34(4), Goals 10, Assists 6. Performed to a standard not even I thought he could. Slow getting into the team but once he was there he established himself. Will be around for a long time (i hope)

MC - Francisco Delgado, 21, ESP - Apps 24(12), Goals 3, Assists 11. A real creative force in the middle. Scored some really really important goals.

AMC - Diego Barcelos, 31, BRA - Apps 29(3), Goals 5, Assists 10. An experienced head with a bit of flair upfront. He's not scored many goals but he's done a really good job.

SC - Ben Ansah, 20, GHA - Apps 42(2), Goals 39, Assists 12. Titanic. Wasn't even going to be my first choice, but shone in early matches and kicked on from there.

SC - Deogratius Chawinga, 21, COD - Apps 44, Goals 38, Assists 9. Somehow outdone by Ansah but he's become the player I always hoped he would be. Very special.

Special mentions - Dame N'Doye Apps 11(14), Goals 10, Assists 7. Made the difference when called upon. Matias Schwarz Apps 28(2), Goals 4, Assists 4. His passing is excellent. Daniel Bonig, Grigor Terziev, Jack West, Stephen McManus, Gregory Cerdan, Takis Markou and James Ward. Even though he gave away at least three penalties.

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in addition: i'm the new manager of iceland. holland also wanted me, but i accepted iceland before i saw it. yowsers.

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Ahh there it is finally then. Well, you can say you've done Kobenhavn proud. I looked back to see if I specified or not, but I feel it's fair that you could carry over any success had so far (aka, your back-to-back titles as well as the domestic double) to PSV, should you want. You'll still have to make it out of the group stages three times and reach the final once in Europe, and odds are you'll probably repeat the already completed feats in the process, but regardless, should you manage to make it past the group stages three times and reach a European final without doing the back-to-back titles and/or domestic double at PSV, you may take that credit from having done it at Kobenhavn.

Also, good luck trying to win any trophies with Iceland :D

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Gonna give this a try myself, too on CM 01/02 first (my favorite). Hopefully the issue i've had before trying to find jobs in a different league won't be too much of an issue.

I will attempt the Feyenoord way, starting at Belgian relegation candidates KFC Lommelse Sk.

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First, let's meet the team:


1. Mark Volders - GK (24, BEL)

20. Gert Davidts - GK (29, BEL)


2. Daniel Nassen - D R (34. BEL)

5. Didier Segers - D L (36, BEL)

7. Michel Noben - D C (31, BEL)

12. Carl Hoefkens - D C (22, BEL)

17. Wim van Diest - SW/D C (24, BEL)

27. Kris Vincken - D/DM R - (23, BEL)


6. Daniel Scavone - D/M L (28, BEL)

8. Pedrag Filipovic - DM L (26, YUG)

11. Dirk Daelmans - D/DM RLC (31, BEL)

13. Zsolt Baranyos - AM C (25,HUN)

14. Wim Mennes - M RC (24, BEL)

25. Dirk Schoofs - D/DM RC (21, BEL)

26. Richard Culek - DM C (27, CZE)


9. Miroslaw Waligora - F C (31, POL)

15. Ibrahim Tankary - F LC (29, NIG)

16. Nenad Bjekovic Jr. - S C (27, YUG)

18. Dieter Dekelver - F RC (21, BEL)

19. Tom van Ruyssevelt - S C (18, BEL)

22. Umit Bilican - S C (20, TUR)

*Starter at another domestic league club for at least two seasons

As you can plainly see, we have more home-grown or inexperienced players and not enough experienced players snapped up from other Belgian clubs to be in compliance with the minimum of 10 (only 5 at this time). The scouts have been dispatched and it is time to go through the pre-season games to determine the starting line-up.

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01/02 :D

i always considered the feyernoord way being the hardest challenge

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Nods, me too, but I like a challenge!

Update, January 2002

The preseason was encouraging, with solid wins over French National Ligue side Clermont and Belgian second divisionists Geel, and a very impressive draw against highly rated SC Freiburg.

German veteran goalkeeper Rudiger Vollborn (GER, 38] was also brought in to serve as a mentor and a backup to the duo vying for a starting spot.

Meanwhile Zsolt Baranyos was sold to Mouscron for £1.1M.

However the opening to the regular season was less encouraging, despite a solid 4-2 home victory over Charleroi, which was followed by a tragic 4-1 loss to La Louviere, one of six losses in the first nine games as I tried to get used to my team and they tried to get used to each other. In early October we were very much looking like relegation candidates, sitting only one spot from bottom. To remedy that, I switched us to a 3-4-3 formation and brought in a new winger, Saso Gäjser (27, SVN) a former AA Gent starter, whose technical ability and pace should provide an extra level of threat down the right wing.

It would prove the beginning of a great turnaround from late October to late November as we won four out of five league games, the sole loss coming at Lokeren, while also defeating Mouscron and Oud Heverlee on our way to the quarter finals of the Belgian Cup.

I suspect I struck gold when I managed to secure the services of attacking midfielder Jonathan Butera (BEL/ITA, 21), a very promising player who even at his young age had been a regular at RWD Molenbeek for three years. We spent £1.6M on the transfer fee, a hefty chunk of our budget perhaps, but he may well turn out to be a key player for years to come.

Around the same time, defensive midfielder Dirk Schoofs, who'd gotten three starts in six total selections, decided to try his luck elsewhere and joined Second Division side KV Mechelen for £325K.

The end of 2001 continued smoothly for us, even great, as we tied Antwerp and positively demolished AA Gent IN Gent by a scoreline of 4-0, finishing out the month with a 2-1 home victory over Beveren and a 5-3 beating of Club Brugge. Meanwhile we welcome Frederic Tilmant (32, BEL) from La Louviere, a seasoned forward whose hard work and determination will hopefully rub off on the rest of the side.

All signings are not only complient with the rule of having been a starter for two years at any club, but they also put me at nine players now with more than two years of starting experience at another Belgian club, which means I shall only need one more such player.

At the dawn of 2002, things stand as follows:

Belgian First Division:

1. Mouscron 17 - 37 (+11)
7. St. Truiden 16 - 28 (+5)
8. AA Gent 18-28 (+1)
[b]9. Lommel 18-27 (+1)[/b]
10. Eendracht Aalst 18-27 (+1)
11. La Louviere 18-24 (+6)
18. Beveren 18 - 9 (-26)

Players in:


Rudiger Vollborn - Free Transfer

Saso Gajser from AA Gent - £475K

Jonathan Butera from RWDM - £1.6M

Frederic Tilmant from La Louviere £85K

Players out:


Zsolt Baranyos to Mouscron - £1.1M

Dirk Schoofs to KV Mechelen - £325K

Player stats

Most apps:

GK Gert Davidts - 20 apps (33 conceded) 6.95 Av. R

Most goals:

1. ST Nenad Bjekovic Jr. - 17 goals in 19 games (7.47 Av. R)

2. F C Miroslaw Wallgora - 7 goals in 19 games (7.00 Av. R)

3. M RC Wim Mennes - 5 goals in 17 games (7.47 Av.R)

Most assists:

F RC Dieter Dekelver - 5 assists in 13 games (7.08 Av.R)

D/M L Daniel Scavone - 5 assists in 18 games (7.11 Av.R)

Most Man of the Match:

SC Nenad Bjekovic - 4

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haha genk aren't having the best of times in this challenge - i beat them with valur and kobenhavn, and now you're smashing them too!

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Well as positive as 2001 ended, as mediocre did 2002 begin. We were knocked out of the quarter final of the Belgian cup by La Louviere, only managed one win, three draws and a loss through January and February and it only got worse from there.

Despite bringing in experienced centerback Andreas Augustsson (SWE, 25) March saw us beat Aalst but lose to GBA and Lierse, while Mouscron held us to a draw, while in April we did beat Genk 4-3, but we started a dismal streak of losses that would see us grab only a single point, in the last game of the season, from six games, dropping us down to 14th in the final standings, having at one point been in the top half of the table.

Belgian First Division - Wednesday 22nd May 2002

2001/2 Table

Pos     Team                            Pld  Won  Drn  Lst  For  Ag   Won  Drn  Lst  For  Ag   Pts
1st  C  GBA                             34   10   7    0    33   18   8    7    2    34   24   68   
2nd     Racing Genk                     34   12   3    2    36   19   9    1    7    30   30   67   
3rd     Lierse                          34   10   1    6    28   22   7    4    6    23   24   56   
4th     Anderlecht                      34   11   4    2    33   12   5    4    8    20   24   56   
5th     Sint-Truiden                    34   9    5    3    39   25   7    2    8    33   42   55   
6th     Mouscron                        34   9    1    7    31   29   7    4    6    27   23   53   
7th     Club Brugge                     34   9    5    3    39   23   6    3    8    35   40   53   
8th     AA Gent                         34   10   2    5    26   18   4    6    7    22   29   50   
9th     Lokeren                         34   8    6    3    39   23   5    5    7    29   35   50   
10th    RWDM                            34   9    2    6    28   24   3    8    6    11   14   46   
11th    Westerlo                        34   7    6    4    32   22   5    3    9    20   27   45   
12th    Antwerp                         34   10   0    7    30   23   3    4    10   18   35   43   
13th    La Louvière                     34   9    4    4    40   30   2    6    9    24   32   43   
14th    Lommel                          34   8    3    6    33   29   3    5    9    25   35   41   
15th    Eendracht Aalst                 34   5    5    7    21   27   5    2    10   24   32   37   
16th    Charleroi                       34   5    5    7    28   32   4    1    12   19   39   33   
17th R  Standard Liège                  34   4    5    8    31   31   3    3    11   26   42   29   
18th R  Beveren                         34   2    5    10   26   35   4    1    12   22   46   24   

KFC Lommelse SK - Wednesday 22nd May 2002

2001/2 Senior Club Stats

No  Name                       Apps     Gls    Con    Pens     Asts   Yel    Red    MoM    Av R
4   Augustsson, Andreas        11       1      0      0        0      0      0      0      6.91   
22  Bilican, Ümit              0 (2)    0      0      0        0      0      0      0      6.50   
16  Bjekovic Jr., Nenad        36       28     0      2 (2)    3      3      0      5      7.36   
25  Butera, Jonathan           22       3      0      0        5      0      1      0      7.14   
26  Culek, Richard             26       0      0      0        4      3      0      0      6.96   
11  Daelmans, Dirk             33 (2)   2      0      0        3      1      0      0      6.69   
20  Davidts, Gert              37       0      67     0        0      0      0      0      6.62   
18  Dekelver, Dieter           11 (10)  0      0      0        6      1      0      2      6.95   
8   Filipovic, Pedrag          3 (4)    0      0      0        0      0      0      0      6.71   
13  Gajser, Sasö               21       2      0      0        4      1      0      1      6.95   
12  Hoefkens, Carl             29       0      0      0        0      3      0      0      7.14   
14  Mennes, Wim                32       7      0      0        1      0      0      4      7.34   
21  Morreel, Berhnard          10 (6)   0      0      0        0      0      0      0      6.31   
2   Nassen, Daniel             15 (5)   0      0      0        0      2      1      0      6.70   
7   Noben, Michel              8 (3)    0      0      0        1      1      0      0      6.73   
6   Scavone, Daniel            20 (12)  2      0      0        5      0      0      0      6.88   
5   Segers, Didier             15       0      0      0        3      1      0      0      6.60   
15  Tankary, Ibrahim           14 (20)  0      0      0        3      1      0      0      6.79   
29  Tilmant, Frédéric          16 (2)   5      0      0        1      0      0      0      7.00   
17  Van Diest, Wim             1        0      0      0        0      0      0      0      7.00   
19  Van Ruysseveldt, Tom       1 (9)    2      0      0        0      0      0      0      6.60   
27  Vincken, Kris              30 (2)   0      0      0        5      1      0      0      6.44   
9   Waligora, Miroslaw         21 (8)   8      0      0        1      2      0      0      6.83   
2001/2 Transfers

Date      Player In                  From                       Fee
12.7.01   Rüdiger Vollborn           Free Transfer              Free      
6.10.01   Sasö Gajser                AA Gent                    £475K     
24.11.01  Jonathan Butera            RWDM                       £1.6M     
13.12.01  Frédéric Tilmant           La Louvière                £85K      
1.3.02    Andreas Augustsson         Vålerenga                  £26K      

Date      Player Out                 To                         Fee
16.7.01   Zsolt Bárányos             Mouscron                   £1.1M     
25.11.01  Roger Buelinckx            Standard Liège             £26K      
27.11.01  Dirk Schoofs               KV Mechelen                £325K     

Goals for next year:

1.)Top half finish

2.) Semi-final of the cup

3.) Compliant squad

4.) Bring home a former international

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Pre-season update 2002

Five players left at the end of their contracts, including starters Wim Mennes, who started 32 games for us last season and scored seven goals and Kris Vincken whose performances were often sub-par anyway.

Players out:

Wim Mennes to Cercle Brugge (Free)

Kris Vincken to Beveren (Free)

Ibrahim Tankary (Free Transfer)

Michel Noben (Free Transfer)

Wim van Diest to Bristol Rovers (Free)

Inbound traffic was much, much busier as we added no less than nine new players to our roster:

Players in

F LC Ngoy N'Sumbu (29, DRC) from Geel (£110K) - A dependable forward who's been in the Belgian leagues for over a decade.

AM C Steven Maes (23, BEL) from Ingelmunster (£160K) - Having impressed over the past two seasons at Ingelmunster in the Second Division, he will now get his chance at the top level.

D/DM RLC Mohammed Kanu (34, SRL) from Cercle Brugge (£70K) - A versatile player who's been around the Belgian leagues for an eternity, will be instrumental for our squad depth.

M C Dieter Van Den Broeck (21, BEL) from KV Mechelen (£110K) - Unproven but highly rated for the future.

D C Bart de Smet (19, BEL) from Lokeren (£525K) - A stunning price tag for a player his age that is as yet unproven, but he shows the potential to break in to the first team sooner rather than later according to the scouts.

D RC Johnny Nierynck (29, BEL) from Cercle Brugge (£100K) - A staple in defense at Brugge for the past two years and at Oostende for seven years before that.

D L Kenneth Spitaels (20, BEL) from Ronse (£45K) - Had a stellar debut season at Ronse, playing almost fourty league games and rating very highly indeed (7.53 avg) in defense, there was no way to pass up this bargain deal.

GK Toni Jurjev (28, CRO) from KRC Zuid-West (£140K) - The best goalkeeper in the Second Dvision last year, with years of experience in the Croatian league system, Jurjev managed to concede only 52 goals in 41 games last season and will be pushing for a spot under the bar.

KFC Lommelse SK - Wednesday 31st July 2002

                                                                                                   2 Year Starter
No  Name                       Position(s)  Nat  Born      Age  Caps Gls  Wages     Expires   Value at other BEL team?
1   Volders, Mark              GK           BEL  13.4.77   25   -    -    £500      30.6.04   £275K     No
2   Nassen, Daniel             D R          BEL  21.11.66  35   -    -    £1.2K     12.6.03   £40K      Yes
3   Spitaels, Kenneth          D L          BEL  29.4.82   20   -    -    £400      23.6.06   £85K      No
4   Augustsson, Andreas        D C          SWE  26.11.76  25   -    -    £600      7.6.07    £325K     No
5   Segers, Didier             D L          BEL  21.2.65   37   -    -    £1.2K     16.6.03   £28K      Yes
6   Scavone, Daniel            D/M L        BEL  3.9.72    29   -    -    £800      30.6.03   £500K     No
7   Maes, Steven               AM C         BEL  26.1.79   23   -    -    £750      28.6.04   £500K     Yes
8   Filipovic, Pedrag          DM L         YUG  12.1.75   27   -    -    £800      30.6.05   £900K     Yes
9   Waligora, Miroslaw         F C          POL  4.2.70    32   -    -    £800      30.6.04   £450K     No
10  Kolotilco, Alexandr        F RC         RUS  11.7.79   23   -    -    £575      24.6.07   £1M       No
11  Daelmans, Dirk             D/DM RLC     BEL  6.10.69   32   -    -    £800      30.6.03   £200K     Yes
12  Hoefkens, Carl             D C          BEL  6.10.78   23   4    -    £1.6K     30.6.04   £1.6M     Yes
13  Gajser, Sasö               AM R         SVN  11.2.74   28   11   2    £1.3K     25.6.04   £1.2M     Yes
14  Jurjev, Toni               GK           HRV  30.11.73  28   -    -    £775      28.6.05   £325K     Yes
15  Nierynck, Johnny           SW/D RC      BEL  7.1.73    29   -    -    £600      5.6.06    £300K     Yes
16  Bjekovic Jr., Nenad        S C          YUG  17.2.74   28   3    -    £1.9K     27.6.04   £1.1M     No
17  Van Den Broeck, Dieter     M C          BEL  12.4.81   21   -    -    £500      1.6.04    £575K     No
18  Dekelver, Dieter           F RC         BEL  17.8.79   22   -    -    £750      30.6.03   £1.3M     No
19  Van Ruysseveldt, Tom       S C          BEL  5.8.82    19   -    -    £200      30.6.04   £700K     No
20  Davidts, Gert              GK           BEL  30.5.72   30   -    -    £800      30.6.04   £300K     No
21  Morreel, Berhnard          D C          BEL  3.10.80   21   -    -    £500      23.6.06   £140K     No
22  Bilican, Ümit              S C          TUR  29.3.81   21   -    -    £300      30.6.04   £250K     No
23  De Smet, Bart              D C          BEL  18.3.83   19   -    -    £475      22.6.06   £170K     No
25  Butera, Jonathan           AM RC        BEL  14.5.80   22   -    -    £1.1K     15.6.06   £625K     Yes
26  Culek, Richard             DM C         CZE  1.4.74    28   -    -    £450      30.6.04   £975K     No
27  Kanu, Mohammed             SW/D/DM RLC  SLE  5.7.68    34   2    -    £1.1K     4.6.04    £100K     Yes
28  N'Sumbu, Ngoy              F LC         DRC  30.10.72  29   20   5    £1.2K     11.6.04   £425K     Yes
29  Tilmant, Frédéric          F RC         BEL  4.5.69    33   -    -    £1.3K     11.6.03   £100K     Yes
-   Luyten, Harm               D C          BEL  26.1.84   18   -    -    £120      15.6.03   £30K      No
-   Brouwers, Koen             GK           BEL  3.1.83    19   -    -    £100      9.6.04    £30K      No
-   Browaeys, Paul             F C          BEL  18.12.86  15   -    -    £120      Rolling   £60K      No

So we are compliant this season with the minimum of 10 players who must have been starters at other clubs and with only 3/14 new transfers being of the unexperienced variety I am currently also complient with the 70% of new transfers being starters elsewhere rule (at 79%).

Progress report

                                                             Compliance with
Year   Club           League          Pos   Cup        Europe Rule 2   Rule 3
01-02  Lommel         Belgian Div 1   14th  Qtr Final  N/A    No (9)   Yes (100%)
02-03  Lommel                                                 Yes (13) Yes (79%)

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