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  1. i'm playing as larne in the northern irish premier. we got to the irish cup final and were drawn to play bangor in the final. after beating bangor in our penultimate match we had secured our safety and jeopardised theirs. they were 2 pts ahead of institute and were due to play ards (bottom side) in their last match. unfortunately for them institute were due to play us. with us 1-0 down at half time, my goalkeeper carrying an injury and bangor losing i spotted my opportunity. i went ultra defensive and retained possession not threatening to score. bangor lost and got sucked into the relegation playoff, which meant they had two matches to play during the week before the cup final. they lost the playoff meaning i was playing a tired side with abysmal morale. we won 2-0
  2. he dived into pogba's leg didn't he? or am i missing some contact? i know long has a reputation as a diver.
  3. it's not the same argument used against Beane. baseball scouts were looking at statistics that were less effective at winning games of baseball and looking at physical attributes that were less relevant. I don't see the advantage in pouring over statistics to decide whether a certain player would be a good fit for a system, when we have it right in front of us when you look at their profile. I think there are interesting things to take from moneyball, eg approaches to the game regarding tactics to minimise cost, but focusing on semi-relevant statistics when we have an absolute list of attributes is unhelpful. If people want to do it that's fine, I just don't see how it would gain you an advantage. As far as I am concerned all statistics tell you is how other teams set up their tactics and how effective your tactics are, depending on how you are playing the game.
  4. this post is so useful, why isn't this included in any instruction guide?!
  5. no, it is true. In FM we know everything about a player except the hidden mentals, and even then there are ways of predicting them. they don't have some kind of nefarious random ranking which dictates their performance. I agree that it's about finding value in a competitive market, but I don't see how looking at random statistics like those mentioned in this thread, such as non penalty goals and successful dribbles are going to help matters, which has been my point since I first posted and you still haven't addressed that point. players might have some 20-80 ranking, but the point of moneyball is that they thought they were looking at the wrong things. well in FM we can choose to look at whatever we want to!
  6. I have read the book, but I don't think you're grasping what I'm saying. Why are you looking at a whole bunch of in game stats when we can decipher how a player will play from his ratings screen, plus ppms, etc. unless we try to decipher his hidden stats, which we know there are better alternatives to do. in life we don't have these ratings, so statistics can help us make sense of this.
  7. I think moneyball is cool etc. but don't understand trying to apply it to FM. On FM you have individual stats for players, eg their 1-20 stats, why would you delve into their game stats in much detail?
  8. yeah I stuck with this for a while until I dominated the Hungarian league, but it became better as a force things when you're late in the game tactic with my main tactic being a 3-4-1-2 tactic, but I guess that is just how tactics evolve
  9. which facilities? I found changing my philosophy to develop young players meant the board were more than happy to upgrade all the time
  10. have you considered a libero? not sure if that's workable tho
  11. have you thought about setting one a regista and one as a cm(d)? also, this is an average position graph, how do they sit when you don't have possession? and finally, why do your cms need to go back? what about your defence coming forward?
  12. haha sorry I'm not sure what I was thinking. I would wait for other advice before ruining your season btw my roles in the same shape are as follows: Sk(s) WB(s) (left) Cwb (right) dc(d) dc(d) dc(d) dlp(s) cm(d) treq tm(s) cf(a) I switched the attackers roles this season from af and a dlf like you have because I wanted to dominate aerially and it has led to a lot more crosses
  13. oh hold on isn't problem 2 going to be solved by taking direct passing off your central midfielders? they're trying to force it because you're telling them to force it
  14. also, take off hassle opponents and if you're pushing higher up consider an offside trap? if you want your goalkeeper to act as an outfield player why have you avoided setting him as a sweeper keeper?
  15. ok I play this shape and do the same with the central mids. Why did you go for a shadow striker? As far as I can tell the shadow striker will attack the frontline and you already have Vydra doing this. I play a trequartista instead and this should make them more flexible in attack, perhaps with a 'drop deeper to receive ball' ppm? However I am dominant in the league I am in, you may want to go for an advanced playmaker and set your central midfielders to a cm(s) and a bwm(d) perhaps??
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