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I currently enjoy looking at previous results against my current opposition. But if I am offered a new job (or sacked) it would be cool if I could see how, as a manager, I have done against specific teams throughout my career.

If I managed Leeds for 6 seasons and played against Chesterfield 12 times, then I become Everton manager and I am drawn against Chesterfield in the cup, it would be the first time I have played Chesterfield as Everton manager but my stats would be broken down into 2 tables, the first displaying current team stats as it currently does, then the second displaying career stats v Chesterfield.

I hope that makes sense and that I am not repeating something someone else has stated in the past

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Yeah, I'd like this idea. Like some teams have bogey players/clubs, managers can too and it'd be a good way of seeing who yours is :thup:

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