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  1. I'd like to be able to have a selection of kick takers when my squad has quite a few good set piece takers. If I was Chelsea, I'd want to say anyone from Mata, Hazard and Lampard can take them whereas now I can choose one or if I leave it blank then sometimes players like Mikel will take them in good places.
  2. Regarding point 2, I'm not sure about anyone else but my director of football (he's no world beater, I'm playing as Luton in the BSP) keeps making offers for players who play at left back or left mid, which are the only positions that I could do with strengthening. However, he continues to keep making loan offers for players with 70/80% of the their wages being paid by my club even though I'm over the wage budget. He doesn't appear to care about the wage budgets left so maybe that could do with a tweak? He has found me a few good players though so I'm pretty impressed with the feature.
  3. Good pre-season, hopefully you can carry the form into the competitive games!
  4. Hope you've cemented the play-off spot or even possibly snatched the title! Great season so far.
  5. Surprised no-one had tried to take a gamble on you when you were in the lower leagues and your first offer is the big one! Are you going to take it? Would be hard to turn down but then again you've taken Kettering to the Premier League, you can't split your attention now you're in Europe
  6. Good luck with FGR, congrats on getting out of the Conference - I find that's the hard part! Used them last year on FM12 and with better owners they're a team with great potential.
  7. Great progress! Any screens of Moran's history page? His goals per game ratio at the club must be crazy and I'm guessing the club's all time record goalscorer too. You both must be club legends surely?
  8. Yes, but I can't remember if it was in Preferences or on the match day screen.
  9. Just read through the whole thread! Great journey and good work at Honduras, that striker (Diaz iirc?) was quality. I don't think any Englishman would've turned down the chance to manage them so you made the right choice, hopefully you can win the Euros then are you going to move on or wait until the home tournament (in Holland ) Who are the appearance and goal-scoring record holders for England in the save? In mine both always end up being Wayne Rooney!
  10. Oh yes, I meant the Europa League - I was just used to you being in (and winning) the CL after your success at Madrid.
  11. Looking good in the league and Champions League However, as a Luton fan I hope we knock you out of the FA Cup (How are they doing if you don't mind )
  12. Just read through the whole thread and just had to say great job How are your old clubs doing? Especially Westerlo, you had a great young squad there and finally got to the Champions League. Did Torino finally win the title?
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