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Everytime i load a game i click play game, after the match ifi i look at the analysis like click the players name or something my football manager instantly goes off and i get this message.

'A serious error was encountered and the program will close. An error file has been generated in: MARK-PC/D:/Documents and settings/lordy1/my documents/sports interactive/

footballmanager2011/crash dumps'

I have installed the game through Steam.

Can anybody help me? I have looked through the bugs forum and can't find anything. Thanks

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As posted elsewhere - here's some suggestions:

There's loads of potential reasons for the game crashing. Can you tell us a bit more about your PC?

A few potential solutions listed below:

- Make sure you're playing the most up to date patched version.

- Update Java

- Update DirectX

- Update your graphics and sound card drivers

- Go to preferences within the game and untick "enable data collection"



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