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  1. Matt ex SEGA

    FM 2016 playing on 2 Macs

    Are you logged into the same Steam account on each machine? And are you looking in the right folder for your savegames - I think the default is to look on the local drive, not the cloud?
  2. Matt ex SEGA

    Guangzhou - Impossible To Buy

    Have a look at the transfer history then the leagues transfer dates - then I think it should be self-explanatory (at a guess) - the club already signed its quota for the season, is how that reads to me.
  3. Matt ex SEGA


    Not sure what'd cause it. Always worth a quick check, though - are your graphics card drivers up to date?
  4. Matt ex SEGA

    Brexit and FM17

    Well done, fellas. 14 pages but we got there eventually. Closed pending a mod review.
  5. I appreciate that there's lots of people who like them and they appear to be a reasonably well run club. I just object to the fact that they exist. Its certainly arguable that they're entirely at fault for that...:)
  6. MK Dons never get a thing from me. Not a purchase, not a loan, not a friendly.
  7. Matt ex SEGA

    On Sale at Asda?

    That's definitely early and they shouldn't be doing it, but somebody always does...
  8. Matt ex SEGA

    This game is rigged.

    This. This is solid gold. Good work OP...:)
  9. Matt ex SEGA

    Transfer system FM17

    Bluntly - there's no way you know that. You don't make their managerial / board decisions, they do - and you've already proven that you're prepared to act in a way that's unrealistic to achieve your ends. They aren't. That's what's happening here.
  10. Not far off this. I normally start a beta game and hack around with the game with a big club to get a feel for it. Then when it feels like the majority of patching is done, I'll start a game - almost always with Luton - and yeah, that'll generally last me through til next release...:)
  11. Matt ex SEGA

    Introducing Community Translations

    This is pretty awesome. Good work SI team.
  12. Matt ex SEGA

    Transfer system FM17

    I've not read the bugs forum stuff on this but it seems like it's going to get tweaked and maybe needs it. However - a little advice for you. First of all - remember FM is a game. People get VERY frustrated if the game simply says "NO HE'S NOT FOR SALE". They feel like they can't live out their fantasies of managing a top club and buying all the players. So SI have to try to get a balance right between realism - players simply "not being for sale" and feedback to the player - who may well be in a desperate and slightly unrealistic position, and prepared to act "unusually". SI have to cater for all these eventualities. What that means is that there's always a balancing act, and either end of that act extends somewhat beyond what would be considered realistic. It tends to be at the end of the spectrum that you get some oddities. Flipside is that no matter what you think - sometimes there simply is an occasion where a player isn't for sale. Would Lazio turn down $80m for their defender? It's HIGHLY UNLIKELY if you're looking at first glance, obviously. But there are more factors than simple cost / wages. Are you bidding at the end of the transfer window? Will they be able to get a replacement? Do they have an idea of who that might be, or do they have to go looking? If the manager / board doesn't need to sell, and they don't feel like there's an appropriate alternative - is it going to harm their chances? If they're borderline for CL qualification and you're removing a key player - it may simply not be worth it to them unless you are going to fund the dropoff for them. The game does consider options like this, to the best of my knowledge. I've seen no evidence of "every player is like this in game" to be honest. If you are experiencing that then please do help and post your save in the bugs forum - its different to mine. That's entirely possible, too. But I'd wager that this is something that will be in a status of "perma-tweaking" as its so hard to get right Keep the faith - SI normally get this sort of stuff sorted out... good luck!
  13. Matt ex SEGA

    Contract, Clauses and how they work

    Probably not a shock, but I have a degree of sympathy with SI here. Nailing this down is a nightmare - I remember asking one of the producers about it once and the conversation gave me a headache...:) They can either try to build a financial model that "works" - i.e. tries to model what clubs at each level spend in total and make it feel somewhat realistic.... To do this they speak to their researchers but also to agents, leagues, managers - multiple points of data. That way you have a system that is at least that - a system that is somewhat understandable while still trying to replicate something that people outside of the game know very little about other than talking about the vast sums of money the press like to chuck around. Or they can take a look at every rumour and tweak for it while knowing that every Kroos-style tweak makes it harder to have a robust system and a game that, while maybe not technically accurate down to the last pound or dollar, at least means there is a finance system so that the game is playable... because its constantly fact-checking against oddities. Hobson's choice! I think if I was faced with that decision, I'd have to accept that I wasn't going to get stuff "accurate" but as long as it felt alright. So we do know for sure that all of the contract clauses that are in the game exist. What we don't know is which players have them and which don't - that information is proprietary in 99% of cases, and the game therefore models that. I've always played with the assumption that the wages that players are on in game are in no way "accurate" to real life, but as long as they feel representative then I'm OK with it. I don't honestly see how they could do it much differently - this is probably the hardest part of the game to mirror and get exactly right, so I give them credit for having a go that means the game feels decent to me and don't worry about the specifics too much. I appreciate that the level of importance that I attach to it may be very different to yours and it's not without some frustrations - I've always wanted to be able to make it "club policy that nobody gets promotion and relegation bonuses" because faffing around with that stuff always feels like a level of detail too far for me, but again - that's my gameplaying style competing with their desire to try to model everything AND also have functioning AI so that when we get beyond what we know to be real and into regens, the game doesn't just fall to bits. In response to your - "it's just wrong" - that may well be true - BUT It's hard for SI to just "get this right" to suit everyone. How could they possibly do it? If it was up to you, how would you go about doing it differently? Hope this helps a bit.
  14. Matt ex SEGA

    I am in FM17

    This is great. Love it...:D
  15. Matt ex SEGA

    Brexit and FM17

    In fairness - that has much less potential outcome to change the enjoyment of your save, after you've dedicated a huge amount of time to it, than this does. Not really comparable imho.