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  1. Hah - I've seen this a few times and it used to drive me nuts. Now I play with three different tactics depending on how I expect the opponents to play against me and I've found the consistency I lacked. Formation remains the same but I change the roles and the instructions - the main tweak for me is the mentality. I've found its very easy to lose if you try and rack up a cricket score against a weak side, who see you coming a mile off and just try to sit back and counter you. So I play a little less gung-ho, try to retain the ball and build more patiently - while ensuring that I'm defending well. Against the better sides you seem to be doing fine - for me it's a matter of identifying whether I'm home or away and having an idea of what they're going to do given that circumstance. In short - you don't have to play super-attacking mentalities to crush sides. Sometimes just playing on standard will let you win huge because the opponent can do less to counter you. Hoe it helps.
  2. Thanks all. That thread is super reading, Cleon - good work. Next question from me - can you do anything to improve a players bravery, or are they stuck with that?
  3. Hola, Been wondering about this for a while... has anyone got any theories on how best to develop young players? Managing a top league side (now), I have a good crop of youngsters that should ultimately develop reasonably well. What I'm never sure of, though, is when it's a good time to expose them to first team footy. Not necessarily my team - even sending them out for loans. Am I better off doing this while they're young? Or should I try to develop them through the U18's and U21's before considering this? Anyone got any useful info to share? Cheers Matt
  4. Apologies if I've missed this somewhere - but... I have a player or two who has some issues. I am told that they "may be willing to have a chat with one of the senior squad members to resolve the situation". How do I tell them to go and do that rather than talking to me... Also - how do I start conversations with my players - if I've pissed them off, is this basically now impossible?
  5. Interesting thread. That site is not "the definitive" measure of sales in the videogame industry, though. There isn't one of those - there's a set of private figures released each week in the UK, that show retail numbers only - they've been less than valuable for PC games for years now because so many PC owners buy via digital download. I'd wager FM's physical sales have probably fallen every year for the last 5. So they're effective for console games, but less so for PC. I haven't checked where they get their data from and don't really care enough to at this point - but - - Does it show pricing - because the older games will have been marked down to a low price to clear ranges and have had longer to sell through. So the sales numbers are always a little artificial if a game has sold more but been available longer - games can have quite a long tail in terms of months on sale, especially big hits and franchises. - Does it count digital download sales? I'd be more than shocked if so. Because as far as I'm aware, no-one reports this. The only thing I guess you're correct about is that FM14 has thus far sold (obviously) and probably will sell (less obviously less than FM13 - as I believe it was 13 (may have been 12) that wasn't ever really cracked. That did see a big lift in sales numbers - like a six-figure difference if I recall correctly. Just my two cents.
  6. Check Java is up to date, too....
  7. Out of interest - have you done the obvious stuff like update graphics drivers, directX, Java?
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Anderson.
  9. A few potential fixes for crashes; - Update Graphics card drivers - Update DirectX - Update Java So - if you do all of those and it still crashes, post results from a DXDiag here and we'll take a look. Ta Matt
  10. A couple of things help with most crashes... - Update Graphics card drivers - Update DirectX - Update Java. If it's still crashing after that - can you post the full results of a DXDiag for us to see? Cheers Matt
  11. Unless you did as originally advised, I doubt it - you either want the bugs forum or the tactical forum.
  12. Hello, There's a feedback thread if you have specific issues - however, as this is little more than a rant, I'm going to close it. It sounds to me like you have some tactical problems - so there's a couple of suggestions for you, here; - Have a read of wwfan's 12 step tactical guide - it's excellent and will help you stop problems such as having a superior midfield and them underperforming. - You'll find it in the tactical forum, where if you post constructively and explain what you're doing, you'll get great help and advice turning it all round. Best of luck. Matt
  13. There's a thread specifically for feedback so I'd suggest you head there to discuss. Crashing, however, shouldn't happen - and largely does as a result of some kind of hardware compatibility. I'd suggest taking a look at a couple of things; - Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. - Make sure DirectX is up to date. - Make sure Java is up to date. If they all are, could you please post the results of a DXDiag for us to take a look at? Cheers Matt
  14. Hi, I'd suggest reposting this in the tactical forum as that'll be the best place to get help with your issue. Cheers Matt
  15. Can you run a DXDiag and post the full results here please? Ta