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  1. Welcome on board, friend. A few tips, although its been a few years since I was a rookie. I'd probably start with a team I was familiar with - it just means that there's one thing that you're not learning. When you start setting up tactics - let the game do the heavy lifting, just for a bit. Pick a style, and a formation, and get through a few games just playing around with the mentality - you'll see plenty of things just changing that a bit. I'm sure, like all of us, you're the second coming of Pep Guardiola and Arrigo Sacchi - but there are SO MANY things you can start to mess with and until you've had a look at what your team are doing, the temptation is just to do everything. Get a good look at your backroom staff, make sure you have decent scouts, and don't worry too much about the youth teams for now - unless you've got a gem or two in there. Use the tutorial to get familiar with how the game works! And don't be afraid of using Staff Responsibilities to offload some stuff while you're figuring other bits out. Before you know it it'll be Xmas (in your first season, not 25 days from now) and you'll have played half a season, and you'll have a better idea about where you are! Good luck.
  2. They finished 6th in the first season of my game, and spent heavily going into season 2 - Lautaro Martinez, Kristoffer Ajer and Julian Draxler - and finished second in season two. Nothing to see here.
  3. Bear with me please as this could well be a bit of a combo of "is this really how this feature is really supposed to work" and "it'd be really nice if I had more control over the way this worked"... Recruiting meetings - at the end of each "presentation" I explain what I'd like to have next time we meet - so let's say that from my scouts, as a rule, I'm not overly concerned about current ability, I'm definitely concerned about future potential, and I always set an age limit - Im managing Ajax so I'm not really going to compete for, or look for, ageing or established stars. What happens in the next meeting is, I get recommendations that don't meet the potential ability level that I set, and that are older than I'm interested in. So - I have a stellar left winger who won't need replacing for 3-4 seasons. I'd like an understudy, so I make requests for that to come back. The meeting kicks off and I can see that that's what's on the agenda - great, how exciting. Then I see the handful of results - oh, its a 31 year old who's worse than my current incumbent, expensive, and doesn't meet the criteria I set. I don't want a guy who's older than the one in the spot currently, but also not as good. If that's all the scouts can find, I'd rather not have the scouting meeting than take the time to tell them again and again that I'm not interested... is this as designed, or am I doing something daft - perfectly prepared to admit that this might be me...:D For what it's worth - I don't even want this stuff to show up in scouting centre - its a massive waste of time and at this point, a few days in, I'm just devolving all of this to either DOF or Chief Scout. I *wish* I could filter scouting centre response by age / ability / optential ability, but no - its another $40m 29 year old that I wouldn't sign on a free.... Is it possible for us to get more control of this? Or, does this sound like I'm not really doing this right? As I said - perfectly prepared to accept that I might just be being crap at playing the game...:)
  4. I've also had this experience before, so I think the game does ultimately reward this kind of long-term success. Takes a bit of patience, tho...:)
  5. I've always done this, honestly. I actually like the first part of taking over a club and seeing what you can improve quickly versus what'll take time. I tend to change jobs a somewhat unreasonable amount because after a few seasons, I'm looking for the fresh challenge. Only time I might not do all of this on day one is if I manage Luton where I have a handle on what's what already and where I tend to stay longer, so I'm in less of a hurry to change stuff. Oh and historically because they've had no money to do stuff with anyway - still getting used to this Championship idea...:)
  6. Quite a minor piece of feedback but - I'm a big fan of saving different lineups to facilitate rotation etc. Moving the saved lineups out of "Quick Picks" and into "Manage" - effectively adding an extra piece of nav, or click, to find my preferred lineups - isn't a change I love. Am sure this'll only affect a handful of players, but wanted to register it in a game I'm otherwise greatly enjoying. Good work, gang!
  7. Mid 2014, 2.5Ghz Quad Core, 16GB Ram and whatever the GEFORCE card in this model was.
  8. It's working OK on an old-ass Macbook Pro here, with Big Sur.
  9. Hahaha - hard agree. This was less "should I be listening to him" and more "is my understanding of what this means in the game correct, or am I making some bad assumptions". I.e. am I hamstringing my own tactic by not using duties correctly. Doesn't seem so but thought I'd ask. Thanks for the replies, fellas - much appreciated.
  10. Thanks - I guess I always saw duties as a means to help the player understand what's expected - for example, I expect one of my central midfielders to primarily sit in and defend, so he gets a defensive duty - and thats regardless of whether the team is playing in an attacking or defensive fashion overall. The ASSMAN advice seemed to counter that which got me wondering if I was understanding the duties correctly.
  11. Hi all, I have a question about roles / mentality. I tend to do what I believe is (or used to be) the customary thing - set up three tactics all based around the same positional fundamentals, and then adapt the mentalities so I can play in different ways depending on match circumstances - currently balanced, positive and attacking. I've always used predominantly similar roles and duties for my players regardless of the mentality. However - my assistant manager is advising that I make changes (more attacking duties for attacking mentality) etc. Can someone explain what he's trying to get me to do here? I always understood that if you wanted to play in a fluid, modern fashion, you'd need a certain number of different duties in your team. Is this now different? What difference will I see from my team if I go from, let's say, 3 attacking duties on my "balanced" setup to 6 attacking duties on my "attacking"? Thanks - been trying to get my head around this for a while and hoped I could ask an expert. Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere.
  12. I'd imagine that the question was related to the content that SI have already announced, for South Korea. I can't see why they'd say more here - especially with the release a little while away at this point. Gerara - I'd suggest patience. See how it goes in Korea - if it's a success then it's food for thought for a European release - but as Miles states, its probably radically different - the MMO market there is not like anything we know in the west, and it's not like FML either - so even Korean success doesnt' guarantee a product that's nailed on for us... I should add that I never saw the product or plans for it so this is all my speculation...
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