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  1. Probably not a shock, but I have a degree of sympathy with SI here. Nailing this down is a nightmare - I remember asking one of the producers about it once and the conversation gave me a headache...:) They can either try to build a financial model that "works" - i.e. tries to model what clubs at each level spend in total and make it feel somewhat realistic.... To do this they speak to their researchers but also to agents, leagues, managers - multiple points of data. That way you have a system that is at least that - a system that is somewhat understandable while still trying to replicate something that people outside of the game know very little about other than talking about the vast sums of money the press like to chuck around. Or they can take a look at every rumour and tweak for it while knowing that every Kroos-style tweak makes it harder to have a robust system and a game that, while maybe not technically accurate down to the last pound or dollar, at least means there is a finance system so that the game is playable... because its constantly fact-checking against oddities. Hobson's choice! I think if I was faced with that decision, I'd have to accept that I wasn't going to get stuff "accurate" but as long as it felt alright. So we do know for sure that all of the contract clauses that are in the game exist. What we don't know is which players have them and which don't - that information is proprietary in 99% of cases, and the game therefore models that. I've always played with the assumption that the wages that players are on in game are in no way "accurate" to real life, but as long as they feel representative then I'm OK with it. I don't honestly see how they could do it much differently - this is probably the hardest part of the game to mirror and get exactly right, so I give them credit for having a go that means the game feels decent to me and don't worry about the specifics too much. I appreciate that the level of importance that I attach to it may be very different to yours and it's not without some frustrations - I've always wanted to be able to make it "club policy that nobody gets promotion and relegation bonuses" because faffing around with that stuff always feels like a level of detail too far for me, but again - that's my gameplaying style competing with their desire to try to model everything AND also have functioning AI so that when we get beyond what we know to be real and into regens, the game doesn't just fall to bits. In response to your - "it's just wrong" - that may well be true - BUT It's hard for SI to just "get this right" to suit everyone. How could they possibly do it? If it was up to you, how would you go about doing it differently? Hope this helps a bit.
  2. This is great. Love it...:D
  3. In fairness - that has much less potential outcome to change the enjoyment of your save, after you've dedicated a huge amount of time to it, than this does. Not really comparable imho.
  4. Well - I don't know for sure, but... I'd have money on the fact that just because they've done it, doesn't mean its safe and secure. The game represents lots of different types of errors - from on-pitch mistakes to refereeing to financial. Its possible that they feel good about the resources they have to pay down and service the debt. It's also possible that they're idiots... Good luck!
  5. I fear your only option here is starting a new save - as far as I'm aware there's no way for you to amend that, unfortunately.
  6. Yes, I understood that clearly. Generally SI take a position of "we'll do what we know to be real" though with league rules, changes etc. This feels ambitious, but somewhat out of kilter with that. For the record - I don't mind them trying to model it at all. But I'd like the option to simply ignore it until there is an actual outcome. Your mileage may vary...:)
  7. Been trying to process this one. Seems odd that there are an array of options to cover all eventualities - that seems to be exceptionally complicated to consider and code for - so I think SI deserve credit for trying to predict realistically what'll happen and model it. Also, its an amazing piece of PR. That said - when it's clear that nobody really knows what the actual outcome will be or how it'll affect the football world - I think I'd prefer it if there was an option to control it yourself as the end user.
  8. I haven't, as I don't work there any more...:) Best guess - that's not financially viable.
  9. This just isn't true. SI are kinda hamstrung by wanting to have a pretty low-end minimum spec. I posted a little about it in the release thread, up top of the forum. But if you consider the amount of variables that SI are pumping into the match engine, its radically different to an action game which has much less to compute and show at any one time.
  10. They have an 11 month dev They work on an 11.5 month release cycle. So they're trying to pack an awful lot of features, as well as improving under-the-hood stuff, into that short time. As a result - they're not always confident what stuff is going to make the final build. So the team's preference has always been to wait until they're confident about what to talk about. Demonstrating features a month before launch is much more possible than demonstrating features three months before launch. The demo comes unannounced, I believe, because they're looking at every version to determine what the best experience will be - that's determined by looking at and playing the code, not fixing on a version that'll be available on a specific date and hoping that one will work well.
  11. Having worked on both the games you mention - I'd say that if FIFA 98 had looked like this, we'd have been very happy! But the truth is, while they're both football - one is trying to simulate a match you're watching, and the other is trying to create a fun experience to engage with. FIFA bends reality a lot more than SI does to create a fun gameplay experience - it has to otherwise it'd be a very weird playing experience. Don't get me wrong - its brilliant - but its being asked to do different stuff than the FM match engine. FM, on the other hand, is striving to take into account WAY more connotations and statistics than FIFA has to - crunching all of that in the background and then displaying it as best as it can with the level of animations that they can get to work on what is always a quite low-end PC minimum spec. So think of it as a high-wire balancing act. From memory, there's some pretty good technical reasons why FIFA is able to look like FIFA and FM looks like FM (I'm entirely the wrong person to speak about em, though). You see wasted resource - I see progress being made every year. If they just said "well, we can't make it look like TV" then they'd never start and we'd still have a 2d engine - and on a personal level, I think the 3d engine is incredible - it adds a huge amount to the gameplay for me, even though I wasn't sure it ever really would at one point. Your mileage may vary! Lastly - as you mentioned marketing and some in this parish are interested in that - it clearly says "work in progress" which I'm pretty sure the SI chaps would tell you is the permanent condition of the match engine. So there are mistakes and bugs. It takes some bravery to just show extended footage, because it always means you're going to see a rough edge or two. Again, I'd argue that giving people a sense of what the game looks like is important, and will gain more users than it costs. Maybe I'm wrong, but those are the considerations you're making with any marketing material. As for what would or wouldn't work better - its a campaign. You don't tend to just dump all your marketing assets out in a single day and hope people circulate and read them. I don't remember an SI release, EVER, where there wasn't a feature list and screenshots at some point pre-release. They just haven't done it yet. Normally, at least as far as I recall, that's because they decide pretty late what that final list will be - what is and isn't making the cut. So you'll get what you want - just have a little patience... its very hard to do what everybody expects of you, all the time, and keep everyone happy. SI are one of the more progressive studios in that they have a very short, finite window in which to prepare and release a very high quality product, and still do the best they can do to make sure everyone knows about it. Its hard and you can't always do everything the way you want, or keep everybody happy. Hope this helps a little. Enjoy the game...:)
  12. Hah - I've seen this a few times and it used to drive me nuts. Now I play with three different tactics depending on how I expect the opponents to play against me and I've found the consistency I lacked. Formation remains the same but I change the roles and the instructions - the main tweak for me is the mentality. I've found its very easy to lose if you try and rack up a cricket score against a weak side, who see you coming a mile off and just try to sit back and counter you. So I play a little less gung-ho, try to retain the ball and build more patiently - while ensuring that I'm defending well. Against the better sides you seem to be doing fine - for me it's a matter of identifying whether I'm home or away and having an idea of what they're going to do given that circumstance. In short - you don't have to play super-attacking mentalities to crush sides. Sometimes just playing on standard will let you win huge because the opponent can do less to counter you. Hoe it helps.
  13. Thanks all. That thread is super reading, Cleon - good work. Next question from me - can you do anything to improve a players bravery, or are they stuck with that?
  14. Hola, Been wondering about this for a while... has anyone got any theories on how best to develop young players? Managing a top league side (now), I have a good crop of youngsters that should ultimately develop reasonably well. What I'm never sure of, though, is when it's a good time to expose them to first team footy. Not necessarily my team - even sending them out for loans. Am I better off doing this while they're young? Or should I try to develop them through the U18's and U21's before considering this? Anyone got any useful info to share? Cheers Matt
  15. Apologies if I've missed this somewhere - but... I have a player or two who has some issues. I am told that they "may be willing to have a chat with one of the senior squad members to resolve the situation". How do I tell them to go and do that rather than talking to me... Also - how do I start conversations with my players - if I've pissed them off, is this basically now impossible?