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  1. Note - this appears to not just be my staff - searching finds a lot that seem to have dropped.
  2. Hello, Seem to have observed this in a couple of save games and I'm not sure if it's "as designed" or not. Basically my staff's motivation score drops to an incredibly low number - very often just "1". Is this meant to be a reflection that they've been at the club a long time and they have lost some effectiveness, or is this a bug? Cheers.
  3. Beta makes an improvement in the menu nav, for me. It's still not quite where it was before the update but its way less laggy and absolutely playable.
  4. This made me sad, for what it's worth. Software dev is hard and the SI team, in the nearly 10 years I worked with them, worked their arses off without fail or exception. If it's not working, it's not because they're not trying, and it's definitely not because they're not sympathetic to stories like yours. In 20 years in videogames I never liked or respected a team more than the devs at SI - no ego, fan-first, they're trying to make the game you want. Have faith.
  5. My bad for not explaining, lest it cause confusion - but I haven't modded here in since about 2014 and don't even know how the mod tools work on the new forums. The badge is legacy from working at sega which I did until about 2011. Very nice of them to let me keep it, but my views don't reflect SI's or their moderators at this point. So apologies to SI for misrepresenting them, and to y'all for the confusion. I get that the issue is tiresome. I play the game most days and it's not working very well at the moment, so I understand the frustration. Just don't get the point of coming back here 3 or 4 times a day and calling people, or the devs, names. It just makes the forum worse.
  6. They haven't. They've said they're working on it. I doubt they're all sat there in SI Towers rubbing their hands together celebrating a fix and deciding not to tell us... One's in Beta - looks like it helped some people, not others. So they'll have to try some other stuff. I get that its a pain in the ass but whining several times a day isn't fixing the game, and its not making the forum better either.
  7. Yeah I mean, it doesn't look great, but its more playable than it was...
  8. FYI this has made a minor difference to mine - it now just feels a little slow, rather than extremely unresponsive.
  9. FYI also have this - happy to share specs or do anything you guys need to help figure it out.
  10. Are you logged into the same Steam account on each machine? And are you looking in the right folder for your savegames - I think the default is to look on the local drive, not the cloud?
  11. Have a look at the transfer history then the leagues transfer dates - then I think it should be self-explanatory (at a guess) - the club already signed its quota for the season, is how that reads to me.
  12. Not sure what'd cause it. Always worth a quick check, though - are your graphics card drivers up to date?
  13. Well done, fellas. 14 pages but we got there eventually. Closed pending a mod review.
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