Is the best player you have seen play in a U21 tournament?

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he is very very good :)

but I definitely don't like seeing such an established senior international playing in the under 21's. I really don't think this player would play in the under 21's in real life. His manager, club or senior international, would surely want him to either play for the senior side if they are playing, or rest for the summer. It's not as if he's a fringe player for the seniors so might benefit from playing in the u21's- he's going to shatter the all time international scoring record very soon by the looks of it.

I can't imagine the player would be too keen to play for the under 21's either. I hope things like this are different in the new game.

Great player to have though!

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I agree. IMO this player would never be playing IRL.

I think this player will beat it. I paid £30m for him 5 seasons ago which at the time I thought was a bit of a risk.


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Happens with non regens too. In my game Toni Kroos ( 180ish CA at that time ) was called for one or two U21 matches after winning the Euro 2010 with an AI managed Germany.

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