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  1. If that's still the case, it's my absolute number one dislike in the game. What if you leave for an International job, or go to another continent after 30 yrs of success, why should you be hated? Should still be an icon imo.
  2. Celebrations

    As regards to emerging from the tunnel etc, just make it one click to skip.
  3. Celebrations

    seeing the players emerge from the tunnel and line up to the champions league music would be good imo.
  4. Sacked for NO REASON

    I have no issue with someone being sacked ''on a whim'', what does bother me big time is that he was sacked again ON THE SAME DAY, when he reloaded his save from a year earlier. Explain that one please.....
  5. I was just wondering, has there ever been an attacking midfielder irl at the elite level, who can tackle and mark like a world class defender? Ah, 'tis heartening to see the newgens' getting ever more eerily accurate imo. I'm thinking he could do with brushing up on passing and shooting, but what the hey, he can mark like a beast!
  6. The game should change to be in whatever language the country you're managing in speaks imo. Awesome way to learn a language Though you might have to think twice before agreeing to join a club in Russia/China etc...
  7. 3 finals?!!! With one club?!!! You're still doing way better than Wenger imo and he's been trying to win one for years. Not that that's probably any consolation for anyone.
  8. FM2011: The worst CM/FM ever.

    Eagerly tried the demo, loathed it, especially the player interaction; so its the first one i've not bought. Never regretted it, but will take a look at FM12 when the demo comes out.
  9. spot on OP! Every year it gets further away from where i would like to see it headed. First time i've not bought an edition since CM2.
  10. I'm really surprised that Giggs' CA is below that mark. I'm not saying that a lot of players should be able to be great physically beyond 35, only that it would be nice imo if the possiblity existed, maybe only 1 in 200 players, but Cafu, for example, was still a phenomenal athlete at 35+. It would just be nice to have that touch in individuality that if, a certain combination of stats were present that you could still have a player with say 16/17 + accelertion/pace stamina in mid 30's.
  11. Thanks for the replies, it's good that there are still a few players playing near the top in mid 30's, but it would be good imo if they found a way for some players to not have a massive drop off physically, perhaps if they meet a certain combination of professionalism, natural fitness, ambition, lack of serious injuries etc combined with the quality of physio and club training/medical facilities available. (youth acadamy rating has an effect on the quality of newgens I think, so maybe training facilities/ level of physios could have an impact on rate of deteriation of older players- milanello?) I know it's not usual but it does happen. I reckon Maldini was a match for any 20 yr old even at the end of his career, and Giggs just keeps going at the highest level of the game, so it would be nice to see occasionally in FM imo.
  12. Or any player who starts the game at a young-ish age (i.e isnt already 35+ and good in the database)? Is it possible for players to be like Giggs and come into the 1st team as a teenager and still be absolutely phenomenal in their late 30's, or even be like Paolo Maldini or Costacurta and play at the highest level at 40?
  13. wow, thanks for the info. I seem to remember hearing that it was available to download a few years ago but i never did, can anyone confirm if it's still ok and legit to do so?
  14. brilliant, thanks for the reply.
  15. Oh dear Mr Wenger

    roll on fm12!!!