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  1. If that's still the case, it's my absolute number one dislike in the game. What if you leave for an International job, or go to another continent after 30 yrs of success, why should you be hated? Should still be an icon imo.
  2. As regards to emerging from the tunnel etc, just make it one click to skip.
  3. seeing the players emerge from the tunnel and line up to the champions league music would be good imo.
  4. I have no issue with someone being sacked ''on a whim'', what does bother me big time is that he was sacked again ON THE SAME DAY, when he reloaded his save from a year earlier. Explain that one please.....
  5. Why is he not known as Ganso in the game?
  6. I would LOVE a really good american football management game-, it would definitely need to feature college football too imo - I would love to be head coach of Notre Dame with the fight song blaring out!! Get to it S.I......
  7. Very fluid, with a deep lying playmaker. Short, quick passes on the ground with lots of movement and swapping positions. And for the defenders, hard tackling, man marking. well, that's the aim anyway.
  8. It would be a big step forward imo if players you were interested in signing and prospective employers took into account your playing style before signing for you or hiring you. Perhaps some players/clubs don't want to play rigid direct football, whereas others might be happy to etc
  9. If a veteran player hasn't won a particular, big trophy in their career and you sign them and win it (especially if you bring them on so that they can be a part), I would have thought that you'd become a favourite with him, but that doesn't seem to happen. I think it'd be a nice touch showing intelligence in the game and making it feel more real, but it's only a small thing.
  10. 1) Scouts that don't finish assignments when I haven't asked them to- stay where I tell you!! 2) I'd like to be able to make it known to a player in the last year/18 months of his contract that if he were to wait it out that my club would be very interested in him as a free agent. 3) Old chesnut, but hey, dynamic league rep. 4) If you enter into mind games banter, you end up with half a squad unhappy over your ''unprofessional comments''- grow up ladies. please change this.
  11. If you've clicked to make a substitution and then you score, or something happens to change things it would be nice to be able to cancel the sub before he comes on.
  12. I would like to be able to delay naming a permanent captain until I've been in the job a little while, rather than being forced by the game to decide straight away.
  13. When you ask for a scout report or coach report on a player they always compare the player to the best you have in that position. But if you have a world class player in that position, maybe even a Maradona level player, you know that no player is going to match up, which lessens the usefulness of the scout report. What I would like to see is the scout saying that scouted player won't be the best in the world, but he could reach the level of whoever is you 2nd or 3rd best player in that position, so you could use the report to predict the sort of player the scouted prospect could become in comparison to the players you already have.
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