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Game was fine until - Application Load Error P:0000065432

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I have been playing FM through steam since steam was just used with no issues at all until today, i turn my laptop on and get:

Application Load Error P:0000065432

I am confused to what i have done wrong, i haven't changed anything and i cannot find anything on the forum or via the steam forums. I have tried:

All you have to do is make "steam.exe" run as administrator. Locate your steam.exe file in c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Usually here. And right click it, go to properties, and go to compatibilty tab. Then check "Run this program as administrator, apply then ok. Then run steam again and the game will work fine from there.

But to no avail, please can somebody help :confused:

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I usually just restart my computer once or twice when this happens and it starts to load up again

Thank you all worked perfectly

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Use a 3 file rolling autosave you dont even notice it happening and it means you have backups :) iv lost couple games to STUPID errors :(

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