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Well I need a new challenge. I always tend to play with small teams and try to reach the glory with them.

In this version I started 2 games. One with a small finnish team, but I got bored so early after 2 seasons, because my team goes next to bankrupt even with no wasting of money on salaries, scouting and staff. And even with a promotion!

The second one was an unemployed start in Spain. I started with Cacereño and after 2 seasons I got an offer by Barakaldo. At the moment, Im still playing in Barakaldo in the middle of my second season in La Liga in the year 2016.

This game is being so funny because im having a really hard fight against relegation but I want to try for first time a rich club. But I dont want a club like Real Madrid, Manchester... I want a rich club of the mid table. I know its quite difficult to find teams like these, but for example, Atletico de Madrid was in Liga Adelante few years ago. Manchester City was a rich club, and last season results were below average.

So if u know a rich but not top team, just tell it to me!!

Thx guys and sorry for my really bad english

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aston villa are perfect for me, u can sell all the older players which raises alot of money, then the board usually pumps more money into u, also the expectations are not too high so u can either surprise everyone in the 1st season ( i finished 4th) using players like delfouneso and delph, or even if u finish mid table ur set up nicely for the next season, what with the money and all the good young players villa have.

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yeah, notts county would be good, or QPR maybe. or you could give a lower down club more money in the editor.

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