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  1. This is one of the many questions about the vague inner-workings of Football Manager that I expect many of us have had. To what extent do the players affect each other by their mere presence? Obviously we all know that having preferred personnel or friends together in a team would have a positive result - maybe an increase in team morale or team cohesion. So we could then assume that a negative interaction between players, be it a failed tutoring attempt, or personal differences, would have the reverse effect - a decrease in morale or cohesion. But what about an instance where you're playing as Man City and you sign Caballero to compete with Joe Hart for the No.1 jersey - will the presence of another good goalkeeper affect Hart in any way? Will it make him up his game a bit, as it would in real life? The same goes for any postion on the pitch. (I imagine this would be implemented through personal attributes. Maybe when a new star player arrives, in the same postion as an established player in the team, they would both recieve an automatic increase to their ambition and pressure (assuming this affects match performance)) Does FM have a mechanism for this? Does it recognise the effect of player competition on performance? Or is the general positive-negative as far as player interaction goes?
  2. I'm not sure if you can assign this to individual players, but 'Look for overlap' for your AML/AMC would help get your LWB on the ball higher up the pitch more often.
  3. BiggusD, as far as Papadopoulos goes (I assume that's who you meant), I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by how much he can improve. All those mental stats you mentioned reach 14-17. Those coupled with his immense aggression, bravery, strength, tackling etc, make him possibly the best young defender in the game. I had him in my fluent-expressive-short passing Barcelona team, he was excellent. Give him a try. Oh and as for finding players, it's Every Which Way But Loose. I watch the dvd and browse the search list. For some reason Clint Eastwood and his orangutan brings the wonderkids flooding out.
  4. This looks excellent. Good work. Just post a link to the file-hosting site that you upload it to.
  5. According to the estimated income it looks like home games bring in more money. The positive difference between the gate receipts and the fee to the opposing team is usually more than the fee you'd receive from playing away.
  6. Hello fellow managers. My question is this: What team can I go where I will actually be forced to source players from the lesser leagues around the world? I mean, I have started many games with the aim of trying to replicate real life transfer behaviour with teams such as Rangers/Celtic or some of the smaller English teams in scouring eastern Europe and such likes for cheap but potentially first team players, but the trouble is that although there are many good low reputation players out there (in countries like Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic etc) and they are on low wages, they are also usually still relatively quite expensive (£2m-£4m). Also, as I'm sure you are all aware, after a season or two with just about any top league team, certainly in the top rep leagues, you are usually rich enough to take your pick of any number of international class players, which means it would be pointless and also quite risky to continue buying cheaper/lesser players for the first team. So I was wondering if any of you had the same problem, and if so how do you go about remedying it? I would love to stay in one of the four top leagues, but I suppose I would be open to trying out a lesser league, although I would still like to be able to manoeuver in the transfer market.
  7. Just played my first ever season of FM 13, with Southampton. Ricky Lambert up top as the lone striker; Target Man on support, he scored 23 goals and surprisingly had very few assists, only 3. I played a 4-2-3-1 formation with the AM and Wingers all on attack. (And a BWM and AP in the centre.) I was surprised to see this many goals coming from a player with 10/11 for pace, given how previous FM's have usually favoured a pacy front man. But after seeing how effective he was I am constantly on the lookout for a similar player, which has led me towards the likes of Stracquilarsi and Andy Carroll. Anyone else had success with a big target man?
  8. You should also make the player's loyalty 20, with his team as his favourite club. Also make his ambition 1. Then he won't be looking to move anywhere too soon. Not sure if this affects the way he plays, but I don't think it does. Then to be really sure, and if you're not going to be doing the contract thing, you could add a shed load of high reputation teams - the teams that may look to buy him in the future, as his disliked clubs, all at maximum value of course.
  9. I did use the editor to chuck them down into division three (I'm a Rangers fan and I did this even before the announcement that they were going down), but I didn't feel like I'd done it well enough. I'm not an expert with the editor or anything, but I know how to move teams around different leagues, however I didn't really know what to put their reputation at. In the end I put it at roughly 1000 above the reputation of the highest rep'd team in the league - they are still Rangers afterall. But in the end I didn't play it. Although if anybody did want to do it, I'm sure there are instructuctions on here somehwhere, or if not on here then somewhere on the internet. Question: Is it even possible to take a club out of recievership/administration in the editor? I cleared all debts, made sure 'In Admin' was unticked, gave them some money and even physically removed Craig Whyte from his office (and put in Walter Smith), but they still started off in recievership/administration with a transfer embargo...?
  10. I have never seen this before and I'd love to take a gamble. Anyone know how or why this happens?
  11. It might have been FM 2010 or 2011 but in one of the patches there were some pretty crazy FIRST season relegations of big clubs. In one save Liverpool went down straight away. And I remember AC Milan had the same thing happen to them. This was 'fixed' with the next patch that came along, but it was interesting for a while.
  12. So how involved are you all in managing your teams? I've been playing FM for a few years now, it has took up a ridiculous amount of my time, but I still don't think I'm as hardcore as some people out there may be. I tend to make my own training schedules, I take care of all youth/reserve contracts, I watch the games and don't just holiday etc etc. But is there anybody out there who takes all of their reserve and youth games, or watches other games to personally scout a player? I'm curious to see how far some you take it, and I'd like to hear about it as I'm thinking of getting truly immersed myself.
  13. Interesting thread. I agree that not being able to offer a contract to uninterested players is a feature that needs to be reverted back to the old system, otherwise those times when a smaller team pull off a world class signing, see: Eto'o, Maradona, will never happen. That is a feature I want to have in a football management simulation. Or maybe we should all get used to shaping our own games with the editor.
  14. Do you think something should be done with sandro? His attributes are fine I think, but he always starts off in the reserves, loan listed, and never gets played. I think he's quite a big player for Harry now, he was excellent towards the end of last season. Does his reputation need to be raised maybe?
  15. Have you guys used the fake players option? Or have you resisted buying all the hundreds of players who you know are good already?
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