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Solidarity Mechanism - in the game?

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Pretty straight forward question: Will the solidarity mechanism be in FM10?

It certainly should as irl its economic impact is fairly substancial.

For those who are not familiar with the concept:

On every international transfer 5% of the transfer fee do not go to the selling club, but to the former clubs of the player where he played from the age of 12 until 23. The seasons from his 12th to 15th birthday each count for 5% of the solidarity mechanism amount and the ones from 16th until 23rd for 10% each.

Thus on a transfer with a 20 million fee, 1 million is spread amoung the former clubs of the player with one year being worth 50k or 100k respectively. Obviously to smaller clubs this matters a lot.

Again, if that is not in yet, it should be. :)

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