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  1. Just finished reading this over the last couple of days and it's been one of the best careers I've had the pleasure of reading. Congrats on the success so far and I'm looking forward to the eventual rebuilding at Bayern.
  2. I've been in a similar position before with a youth player. Had an average at best 17 year old, stuck him on for his debut in a dead rubber at the end of the season and he scored a hattrick. Gave him more responsibility the following season, had him make more sub appearances and gave him starts in a few cup games but he never really lived up to that first game unsurprisingly. I would say there is no harm in involving him in some games though, some players really come progress after a run of game time.
  3. blackandwhitemagic

    That's just ridiculous

    I think it would be less realistic if the first offer was more than his value. We've all tried a cheeky low bid surely? Have they negiotated at all?
  4. blackandwhitemagic

    The how many hours thread

    753 for FM 2012, and my laptop was broken for about two months during that period.
  5. I really hope you can carry on with this. Easily the best career thread I've read, and if I ever feel interest in my own saves waning all it takes is a quick look at your thread and I get a second wind.
  6. I'm not entirely sure if this is caused by the Update, however since installing the update whenever I hold a team meeting ( which is fairly often as morale tends to be rock bottom in my squad) every time i click on one of the options it says the programme is not responding for a while. It does this every time I click on something until the meeting is over and then the rest of the game is fine. It's happened three times now and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  7. blackandwhitemagic

    Messi and Ronaldos Not Being Played Enough

    I noticed the same thing. I'm about 8 seasons in and neither Messi or Ronaldo have played more than 20 games a season since the game started. I just put it down to not having the Spanish leagues loaded.
  8. An average season for me takes maybe a day or two of real life playing. I usually play through a season quicker when things are going well. If I'm winning a lot of games I tend to spend less time tinkering.
  9. blackandwhitemagic

    Ridiculous mid season slump

    I've had this problem in varying degrees since FM10. It usually starts around late January/ early February. Some seasons it'll be a couple of games, some seasons it'll be a campaign-destroying run and sometimes it doesn't affect me at all. I think I'm just about learning to cope with it now after 3 years. It definitely helps to tweak your tactics. It hasn't often taken a massive change, sometimes not even a formation switch, it could just be switching a few player roles or a few team instructions and it defintely helps get things back on track. Failing that I just switch to an ultra defensive formation and try and limit the damage if things are really bad. What makes it a little less frustrating, though, is that most seasons some of the AI teams around me seem to struggle as well which means that it doesn't feel like the game cheating me out of points, more my tactical ineptitude and general laziness when it comes to changing things.
  10. blackandwhitemagic

    Time out between seasons

    I normally tend to take a break between seasons because I've found that if I try and play through straight away I tend to rush through and end up panic buying players that aren't good enough or don't fit into my team.
  11. blackandwhitemagic

    Heaviest fall from grace?

    Maybe not on the same scale as the Blackburn example but in one of my saves on FM11 Kilmarnock fell out of the SPL after a few seasons and then pretty quickly ended up in the Third Division. They spent a few seasons lingering right at the bottom of the league before finally working their way back up to the First Divison.