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  1. I think when people raise complaints such as these it's because they're putting too much emphasis on tactics. I'd argue that most players don't realise that tactics aren't that important in football manager, and are definitely much less important than they were ten to fifteen years ago. When people have this issue, they're essentially saying 'I have a good tactical setup, which I know is working because in matches I have more shots & shots on target than the opposition, so the matches where this happens and I lose must be an error with the game rather than down to an external factor.' I'd argue that this argument ignores the impact morale, team cohesion and dressing room atmosphere have on the game. In FM20, I've had about five or six seasons in the Dutch League with top six teams using a possession based tactic, and a similar pattern occurred in each; We'd lose a game against our rivals, or a big defeat against a top side, and that would cause morale to drop, which in turn would lead to matches where we'd play just as well (I'd still dominate possession and get a decent amount of shots on target) but we couldn't convert chances. These games I'd either draw or lose, which would affect morale, and so on. I'd try different tactics, which would occasionally work, though not as well compared to a gamble on a team meeting that paid off. I've always wondered if morale affects players in a way as stamina or consistency do. Generally speaking I wouldn't look at matches like this in isolation and also factor in morale, cohesion, dressing room atmosphere, and even press conferences and team talks.
  2. I've come to the new game from 2017. I love the changes to the tactics screen, especially the tactical presets. I’ve been trying to replicate my favourite tactic from the previous game and one thing I’ve noticed is that the default tactical presets seem to have a lot of team instructions. So, for instance, for my possession based 532 I usually had the following instructions chosen; shorter passing, press more, roam from positions, with a standard mentality and fluid passing. In 2019, I’m currently using the tiki taka one and it seems to have a lot more than I used. I’ve read a lot of advice when setting up a tactic on previous versions basically saying less is more, and that people overuse team instructions which can prove counterproductive. due to some under the hood changes that necessitate more team instructions, or is that side of things mainly the same as the previous years?
  3. Good to know, thanks for confirming. Looks like I might need to start paying more attention to my coaches' feedback! Do you know if there's anything that will make players stick to the player instructions in a tactic, especially if they contradict his traits? For instance, if a striker has something like comes deep to get ball, is there anything to look for that might mean he can feature as an advanced forward? I've always assumed teamwork makes him more likely to do this, for example. Or is it just a case of always making sure traits compliment the role you'll be playing him in?
  4. I've had problems trying to get my players to unlearn PPMs a lot on Football Manager 2017. On my latest save with Arsenal, it seems that every time I ask a coach to do so, I get the response 'I don't see XYZ as being capable of doing that,' which usually leads to them not unlearning the skill. Is there a knack to it? Do certain coaches have a better chance at certain types of move, or do you have to combine it with a certain type of team training? I've had as many problems with young players as I have with older ones, so I'm not so sure it's an age thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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