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  1. Oooh this all sounds very interesting, i can't wait to hear who your new signing is ! Thank you also for the kind words , i am glad that my style of management in the game grabbed your interest and you decided to try similar things with the signings of players.
  2. Hey all, glad the thread is alive again. As you know i was enjoying my game and had a very succesful spell there , staying in Bundesliga and then finishing mid table with a hugely respectable 10th. Sadly however.....something bizarre went wrong with my game , it kept on crashing and wouldn't stop it. If i kept pressing continue the game was ok but as soon as i attempted to read any news then it just crashed , every time. Kept saying i was out of memory , not correct as i have nothing else running and have a very high performance computer. Really sucks. I was gonna start again but after 2 full seasons decided not to as i would need a lot of gametime just to get back to where i was ( if i even stayed up ). I've started a reasonably hard challenge although abit easier than Darmstadt - i am playing as Real Sporting SAD in Spain. I'm at March 2018 there and am sitting 3rd in the table which is pretty amazing I might well come back one day but the game getting wrecked really gutted me , i was putting a lot of effort in and trying to build the club from the ground up as well as the squad. Good luck to you all though !
  3. Awh that sucks. I feel your pain , that sort of thing happened far to often for me in the first season , i hate to think how many goals were conceded in the last 10. A lot that is for sure. At least you are showing you can score goals as well though!
  4. It has gone quiet in here chaps! Has anyone else managed a bit of gametime this weekend ?
  5. I don't hang around haha! Nah i had a very late after the wife and children were in bed two nights this week, it won't last as i tend to play FM in "spurts" , lots for a short time and then not so much for a while. My first youth intake was terrible , best player was 2.5-3* potential and most were 1.5*. Second intake was more promising with a definte 4 but potentially a 5* who has potential to be " one of the best players to come through darmstadt in recent years " Very raw but basically pace , maybe a new and hopefully improved heller ! Promising defender That is the best two by a mile, i have had not had huge luck there yet. As the facilities improve though hopefully i will get a good intake. I would settle right now for 4 good solid 3.5* potential players rather than 1 4.5* so i can get an influx of ready made homegrown replacements coming soon. I have a major rebuild coming for the third season with 11 people out of contract ( 5 are loans ) and i think i am letting everyone go. Zaluska (out of contract for a year but he hung around so i let him just stay) Del Piero - retiring Oscar - retiring Rosenthal Juniar Diaz Sirigu then my loans Ledley Alberto Ravel Morrison <<< Want him back David Lopez Van der Vaart I actually feel my 3rd season is going to be a much longer , tougher slog than my second season.
  6. Quick addition to the last post. My board have just agreed another upgrade to Training facilities Youth Facilites Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching
  7. SEASON 2 PART 2 So we hit January and my midfield is made up of defenders due to injuries etc. I decide that there is no quality available to buy with my limited resources. I look for some more loans to bring in if there is any and i end up making sure we don't run out of depth after some negotiating i manage to bag 3 more loans , all for central midfield. This was to be the turning point in the season. I decided i have enough "head down and run your guts out" type of players and i look for decent passing and vision , more creativity basically. Good Player Huge difference with this lad This signing made the fans go absolutely crazy with delight ( even if he is a loan ) We come back out after the winter break a different team , much more consistency and scoring far more goals. The only casualty for my squad now is Jelavic , the poor guy wasn't finding the net during the tough run despite probably being the man who saved me from relegation last season with his goals. He is nearing the 1.5m payment and i am not going to allow it to happen. We come out in January with a few new players and a new formation and from then on we only lose a few games from then until the end of the season , the team had so much more spark about it , lots of nice one-twos with Ravel Morrison pulling the strings in the middle of the park. Anyway , after that strong second half to the season we climb the table and really do become a force to be reckoned with.. THE FINAL STANDING Brace yourselves........... ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An incredible mid table finish in only the second season. That totally justifies the money i am spending on vardy. . The interesting thing is there is a big jump coming this season in prize money for the 17/18 season so hopefully we get a decent season again. Finishing 10th instead of 16th is worth a full £8,000,000 more than the previous season in prize money. He has paid for himself, in addition the fans love buying Vardy shirts.. Still so far behind the other sides though I am at a real crossroads now though and keeping this league position will be very difficult. Most of my best players are on loan and i would like to start investing in good , young German talent so it will get hard. Just got my new transfer budget and it is 3.7m so a good improvement especially as you have to figure in my Vardy payments are being accounted for in that , although it still isn't the kind of money that will allow me to get the very best young talent and bring them through for the 1st team squad or even selling for a profit. I am very excited now for season 3 , i have to prove that it is not a one-off coming so high up the league. I don't know can i do it again or not. Never seen the board suggest this kind of thing before:- Anyway or not they offered me more money for physios...a nice touch as i turned it down and got the chance to say i would rather it was spent in youth recruitment , which they have agreed to ! Anyway thats my update for now chaps, time to scour the transfer market on a bargain hunt !
  8. SEASON 2 UPDATE---READY FOR THE RUN IN those of you who follow this thread know , i survived season 1 and stayed up by the skin of my teeth. Season 2 was all about building on that and trying to "make a statement" that i am here to i gambled heavily and financed a star striker as well as made a few (in my opinion) shrewd loan signings and cheaper signings. HAS THIS WORKED??!?!?!?!?!? Haha well......yes and no but YES! Stick with me lol. The season is not done , i am in mid-April but what an eventful season!!! My main signings were (these are taken in mid april so ignore all the bad arrows on Riether etc , he is 34 years old now and declining but he has had an excellent season): My star signing: New quick but strong defender Explosive pace and work rate forward: Solid and experienced right back: My loan signings were both solid midfielders which we desperatley needed. Lopez Ledley Now....down to the business of trying to survive a second season relegation dogfight..Mission Impossible or Yesterday's news ? The prayer after investing heavily and paying more wages now was to hit the ground running and hopefully not need time to gel after all the incomings. We sure did hit the ground running... We opened up with a very convincing 2-0 win over Hamburg that perhaps should have been more like 5-0 We then dominated a much stronger BMG team and drew 1-1 , we should have been out of sight before a 25 yard wonder goal for them with 2 minutes left earned BMG a draw , i felt robbed. Same again , we went to Shalke (Gelsenkirchen) and dominated them but just couldn't break them down and drew 0-0. Delighted.............. But then........... Santana my new "ROCK" at the heart of my defence managed to concede a penalty 3 games running while receiving terrible ratings and i got a handful of injuries over the next couple of weeks and suddenly everything started to fall apart... Those last two draws that were good points became 2 games in a run that saw me go 11 league games without a win..worrying times indeed. We would play well and not score . Then we would play awful, then we would play well and have more shots + possesion but leak awful goals. I couldn't stop it no matter what i tried, i fear relegation and the sack coming soon... Thankfully after constant tweaking (maybe to much tbh ) i got the lads sorted out and we began to get results. Vardy started to score regularily , Rudnevs constantly tore apart defenders and Cummings would come of the bench and notch a lot of important goals. When in November i got a handful of nasty injuries and my squad is thouroghly depleted, my bench is full of useless kids. I don't have money as it is all spent and i am really worried how this is going to go. Then WHAM Ledley who has been solid does his cruciate ligament and he is out for 9 months, disaster. I have no choice , i go to the board and ask for more transfer money which they flatly refuse, i asked several different and each time more pressing ways but i stop short of an ultimatum. I ask for more wages and luckily after 3 requests and i suggest our rivals will leave us behing they give in and up my wages to around 370k per week. This does not make a big difference but it is enough to scour the loan market to try and add some depth in January....maybe even some quality. My midfield now has defenders playing in it due to injuries so i desperately need 1st of Jan to come round and players to heal during the winter break. The window opens and i go straight after some players who are listed , other teams junk might just be Darmstadts treasure... TO BE CONTINUED
  9. Thank you very much , i shall try that! I feel the posts with pictures are always more enjoyable
  10. A little bit off-topic chaps but i followed the FAQ and couldn't get it to work , how do you actually insert pictures into the post like you guys have rather than just having a link , i tried to insert image but it didn't insert it. Thanks.
  11. Haha , it is very hard but i am glad i chose to do it and i am enjoying it , i had such a close escape first time around and now the dreaded 2nd season syndrome could happen. It makes a pleasant change from taking a top table or even mid-table team and within five years winning league after league.
  12. My HOYD
  13. Ah i am very sorry to hear that mate , i hope you make it back !
  14. Thank you ! I am delighted with the purchase of him. It is punching above my weight slightly from a financial side but if he scores the goals to keep us up again then he is worth every penny ! Best of luck, i hope you stay up. That was like my first season....even on the final fixture i could have finished from 14th to 18th. So tight down there !
  15. Thanks ! My squad has undergone quite the overhaul. I see me making a financial loss due to increased wages for a year or two but hopefully it turns out to be worth it while i start getting in some youngsters to bring through. For the moment though i went for players looking to give me an immediate improvement as last season was much to close for my liking ! My signings are as follows: Free Felipe Santana should help tighten up the defence A solid Right Back in Riether who brings solid performance and experience Artjoms Rudnevs - a gamble but he was on loan in div 2 last season and absolutely destroyed it . Scoring loads of goals. He only has 10 finishing however he is 6ft tall with 19 pace , 17 work rate , 16 stamina and 14 heading / strength coupled up with 18 aggression and bravery....making him a real thorn in the side of defenders. All in all , for free i am delighted with those three transfers. Loans David Lopez - Napoli - Solid Midfielder, can pass or tackle , hard working team player. Joe Ledley - Crystal Palace - Another hard working solid and consistent midfielder I narrowly missed out on Andrea Poli and Cheikhou Kouyate on loan both of whom would have been superb i think. Purchases Aiden McGeady - Tricky winger for 500k upfront eventually reaching 900k Then my game changing signing , i have played 2 competitive games so far and he has scored in both , going by the highlights he is causing mayhem and should be a brilliant signing !! Jamie Vardy !! Leicester got relegated and he had requested a transfer , he wasn't listed but was very unhappy. I have him on a deal for an initial 6m paid up monthly and depending on goals and performances it could end up being 11m if he gets the games at club and international level. Jamie has 15 finishing , 20 work rate , 19 teamwork , 18 pace /acceleration , 15 strenght and 17 stamina coupled up with bravery 19- aggression 19 etc. I am delighted with this signing from the championship. A total of 7 players in. Sales Patrick Platins 0 Miachael Stegmayer 0 Marco Sailer 0 Konstantin Rausch 0 Leon Montalvo 0 Noel Wembacher 0 Ali Kazimi 0 Sandro Wagner 160k Gyorgy Garics 14k Dominik Stroh-Egel 110k Jan Rosenthal - loan - Wages and 13.75k p/m Jerome Gondorf 400k I have signed some more coaches including Pintus 5* fitness coach I have a new HOYD who has JPA 18 - JPP 20 - Working with youngsters 16 so hopefully an improvement in youth intake along with my increased junior coaching budget and improved youth facilites ! I won my german cup game and beat Hamburg 2-0 so far. I destroyed Hamburg , Vardy constantly burst through , better finishing and he could have had a hat-trick. Thats it for now !