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  1. Replacing Mohamed Salah at Arsenal

    Dembele ( Dortmund) Coman ( Either Juventus or Bayern if they took clause) Inaki Williams Mbappe Also Leon Bailey might be worth a look.
  2. Chelsea or Everton

    I have just started a Chelsea game and i got a starting budget of £70m Chelsea have struggled in every game i have played on fm 17 with AI manager but i have played about ten games and am just behind arsenal who are top. A good mixture of hot prospects and some experience. Definitely a stronger side than the AI managing suggests. Can't comment on Everton but obviously you have Lukaku etc there so a decent side also but not quite as good.
  3. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    I am just starting a Chelsea game , it is £70m UK pounds i got. Just sorting out my staff but i was looking through the squad , there is plenty money and room for signings but while it is not the Chelsea way really there is quite a lot of good youth prospects and im really tempted to sign nobody until at least January.
  4. How do you unsettle players?

    It depends on how much the player would like to join I guess. i declare them as "stop target" then I will watch a game they are playing in and get people from my squad to encourage them to join . So far I have found it very effective.
  5. FM17 - French Football Thread

    You might not want to do it and it might not even work but have you tried making the game again and offering a new contract before you even press continue once ? It would let you know if you can sign him up before it happens it or not. If you can't do it right at the game start then i would imagine there is nothing at all you can do mate.
  6. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    Usually when at a big club they either announce a new sponsorship deal or the prize money being confirmed is enough to get you past the FFP.
  7. Argh scratch that i had a crash dump and upon reloading before managing to do a deal with Keita he is now away to the BPL , AAAARRRGGGHHH.
  8. Well i finished Season 1..... As mentioned earlier i play with many rules to make the game more interesting ( harder ) , only signing players that my scouts spot etc and not just typing players into the search bar. It was a difficult time , i had many injuries and the some extremely poor performances , the last time i posted i had been called into the boardroom due to underperforming. I got to january and despite having signed a GK earlier ( Iago Herrerin ) i looked through all the GKs who had been mentioned in scout reports as he wasnt a big enough improvement on what was there already and found "Kiko Casilla" from R.Madrid was listed and a deal was done to bring him in (2.5m) . A young brazilian left back by the name of Alisson Borges was gambled on as he looks like there is a bit of potential there for 300k and then John Obi Mikel for 3.7m and Marcos Rojo on loan from Man U to bolster an absolutely injury-ravaged back line. Things improved but far to late to mount a good league challenge and despite finishing strongly we still only finished 10th , so many draws it was unbeleivable. One highlight though is we are in Europe after winning the Cup ! Another funny thing , despite playing poor i had PSG 3 times in the season , twice in the league and a cup semi-final , they didn't get a single victory , i got two wins and a draw ! Need to play with that determination more often though. I am now at the start of Season of 2 and been handed an inital Budget of 50m. I am in the process of tying up new blood to transform the team , i have over ten people earmarked for leaving and have already been sifting through my scouts report with some good deals all but done including Divock Origi from Liverpool who should bring alive my weakest point in the team (attack) Lucas Silva , listed at Real Madrid and available at 3.1m Finally i am in Contract talks with Balde Keita the Lazio Winger who if he agrees the offered contract will be my final signing until i offload players ( I don't allow monthly payment transfers apart from the 1 , seb Corchia ) This will strengthen the team a lot and in the areas where i felt we needed more during the season.
  9. Youth Player Problem

    Can you just move them to your U20 squad ? Or call them up to the senior sqad then set them "available for U18 , ongoing 90mins" ?
  10. False 9

    Thanks mate ! Glad i could help , it may not show on the training screen etc but he just fits that role in FM so perfectly ! Enjoy him!
  11. As mentioned i drew with PSG , i just beat Monaco and then i lose two running to 17th and 19th placed teams , just been called in by the board and told i have a month to improve !! Oh dear
  12. Thanks both ! Here were my Transfers in the first window:- Zinedine Machach (already on loan) - 860k Didier Drogba - 425k >>>> 7 games , 4 goals and then injured and has decided to retire immediately Yann M'villa 4m >>>> French, so handy for hg rules and was one of several players i would have liked had i not been enforcing my scout rule , luckily my scout in russia spotted him. Milan Djuric >>> 6ft 6" Target man just to be able to mix up how the team plays. Not exactly brilliant but certainly a plan B Mikael Lustig >>>solid and versatile defender from Celtic Tom Carrol 3m >>>> Transfer Listed at spurs ,should be good and easy to sell for profit later to a BPL side. Iago Herrerin >>> 875k from At. Bilbao. He is another GK as we desperately need a better keeper. Wanted better but my damn scouts never came up with anything better ( darn my stupid rules ) Issa Diop 6M >>>> Thank goodness my scout came up with him as i like the look of him in this years game. Ok i have already decided i would cut myself some slack for one signing and i have a player coming in during the joker period ( I am in November now ) on 24 month installments as i can't afford him otherwise : Sebastian Corchia DR in a deal going up to 9m eventually
  13. Sorry 10 games in and 11 points , the only good result i have had is a 1-1 with PSG. I should add that i don't do any monthly installments etc , i only buy "straight up". I really think the transfer business i have done is not very good this time round. I will update you all with that later when i get a chance
  14. Hey all ! I liked the opening post so i have decided to start myself an OM game ! I have rules when i play..I dont sign any forum-mentioned based players and in every FM i don't sign players i have used in a previous game on the same FM. I like to think it keeps things interesting. Scout recommendations only basically. I like to think i'm normally quite good at FM and thought this would be a good challenge as ive done 3 seasons with Man Utd and bored already from winning everything. well....WOW hahaha. I am getting egg on my face with OM lol. I am 10 games in and in 12th position with only 11 points !!! I have only won 3 games and drawn 1. This is easily the poorest start i have ever made in an FM game. I really fear the sack will come if i don't improve and fast.