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  1. Hi mate , sorry , I didn't mean to offend in any shape or form , I more meant a small club in the grand scheme of the EPL and they know they are 'underdogs' if you will. Not an insult to your club at all. I simply meant they would be a good challenge as they don't sign people for 40m a pop and probably won't in the next few years either. Not a palace fan , nothing against Brighton what so ever. Best of luck to your team , I guess you don't like palace fans by your comment
  2. Brighton might be good. Small club with a small club mentality. I've played a few single season games since beta with different clubs and Brighton have always ended up relegated
  3. Savic is a good shout and my scouts have spotted him. I had him in my beta game for Liverpool though and I'm keen to try different people. Alli certainly wouldn't be value for money but I quite fancied signing him. I might just keep my money as I want Sanchez from arsenal anyway. Hazards first game back in training for me was an u23 friendly and he broke his ribs putting him straight back out after the broken ankle for a further 7 weeks
  4. A wee update from myself , sorry no pics to upload yet but I am still within the transfer window. As you may recall even though it's the first ever window , Roman has given me 230m to play with for whatever reason.. he must really trust me lol. I had said I won't spend it all at once. I'm sure most people will agree that left back needs strengthened if we want an elite team. i decided Alex Sandro was my man as he looks a pure beast. I negotiate a deal in excess of 60m but decide he's worth it and I end up having to offer him 250k per week in order to convince to agree terms which he does. Unfortunately in the final hour Man City swing in with a bid and he agrees to join them....grrrr i have now plumped for Alaba from Bayern and have got him signed ! More expensive but also a top level LB. I fancied trying belloti or dolberg for a striker but I play in a funny way. So many player names get mentioned on the forum that I know they would be good but I only allow myself to sign players that my scouts identify just for a touch of realism. Annoyingly , I am scouring the Netherlands and Italy but neither has as yet been noticed so I have not bid for them. They did however recommend young de ligt from Ajax so he has been signed for the future and I will offload Cahill after the first season so that's his replacement already sorted. i really want anoher striker , maybe 2 as I decide to accept a quite generous loan offer from Everton for batshuai. I go through my scout reports and still no belloti or dolberg so I end up going big and have tied up a deal for icardi. I also want a young but top potential striker as I play two up top so I want another option in who can improve as we go. The highest rated young striker my scouts have found is timo Werner from Germany so a deal is tied up for him. Now what's your opinion here lads, I bid for Delle Alli earlier in the window and all of a sudden he has an outburst about it and spurs list him. I still have 110m left to play with and his asking price is 57m on the list. I decide it's a no-brainier but my bid is then negotiated by spurs and despite the 57 asking price they won't come lower with me than 104m after several attempts. I can just afford him but is it worth it? He's young , good and English but I'm torn. There is FFP to think about and it's also a huge amount spent in one window if I follow through. What do you think everyone , should I do it?
  5. Right , a small update... i wonder if this is bugged. I told you that Roman gave me 131m right at the start when i asked for more money... Well , when it came to setting expectations he has now handed me a budget STARTING at 230m !!!!!! I could have had more if upped the expectations ( champs league qual and first knockout round iirc ) . I'm not gonna spend it all as i would just get bored if i buy a whole team of superstars. Has anyone else had a massive change of budgets like this ?
  6. I was going to disable first budget but i forgot haha ! I won't go too mad anyway as i want to bring through some of the younger lads although they are out on loan currently. Will sign a couple of young but good players , perhaps one big name.
  7. Sooo... I'm starting my Chelsea game and am currently sorting out training / staff / tutoring etc I then start scouting transfer targets and i ask my board for money , they say no and i say that our rivals might use our weakness against us.... Roman then ups the budget to 131m Time to go shopping !!
  8. It was hard-coded in the beta. There is rumours this won't be the case in the full game so i am eagerly awaiting any news on if anyone can talk him into staying before the season end. I am having a play with a chelsea game i had started but then i want my career save to be arsenal so i hope there is ways to keep him , e.g winning the title or the euro cup etc
  9. I tried to offer him a contract , it said he won't talk and wants to leave. I then asked wenger (DoF) to offer a deal and he was able to offer him a 4 year deal it seems , after one week went passed he then rejected it. Guess he is on his way out then.
  10. Hi guys , sorry if it has already been posted but is there any way to get Sanchez to sign a deal or is it coded in that he will definitely leave ? I have just started an Arsenal game ( have not even pressed my first continue ) and he doesnt want to talk right now but shows no sign of unhappiness in info ? Thanks
  11. Dembele ( Dortmund) Coman ( Either Juventus or Bayern if they took clause) Inaki Williams Mbappe Also Leon Bailey might be worth a look.
  12. I have just started a Chelsea game and i got a starting budget of £70m Chelsea have struggled in every game i have played on fm 17 with AI manager but i have played about ten games and am just behind arsenal who are top. A good mixture of hot prospects and some experience. Definitely a stronger side than the AI managing suggests. Can't comment on Everton but obviously you have Lukaku etc there so a decent side also but not quite as good.
  13. I am just starting a Chelsea game , it is £70m UK pounds i got. Just sorting out my staff but i was looking through the squad , there is plenty money and room for signings but while it is not the Chelsea way really there is quite a lot of good youth prospects and im really tempted to sign nobody until at least January.
  14. It depends on how much the player would like to join I guess. i declare them as "stop target" then I will watch a game they are playing in and get people from my squad to encourage them to join . So far I have found it very effective.
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