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  1. @zlatanera Almendra is a top player in my side, he seems to play equally well as the DLP-s at CM, B2B and even occasionally as a RM Winger. He has low flair, but he still seems to be capable of beating a man which is probably due to his absurd physical stats. He averaged 7.35 domestically and 7.31 for the champions league campaign, which is surprising, we batter teams in the league so I thought he'd show higher. He doesn't contribute many goals/assists, but as he generally plays the DLP role that's not a huge concern. I am tempted to alter my midfield role pairing to allow him to play as his preferred Mezzala role but with 9 finishing and 10 long shots I'm not sure it's worth it. @Aizo4576 Good luck with the save! Top tip would be to tie down your best players on new, long contracts with 100m+ release clauses (De Ligt, De Jong, Van De Beek & Dolberg) are the main ones. First season is a strange one while you figure out who you're going to keep and sign players to fit your formation, 4-2-3-1 has worked well for me so far though.
  2. I think from now on I will be trying to put absurdly high release clauses into all contracts. Liverpool not only had the nerve to ruin the champions league for me by scoring a dodgy penalty in a 1-0 defeat but also would like to lowball offer £15m for my star player! The player conversation made me laugh, it's been about a week since but apparently, he's already forgotten we had a fairly comfortable run through to the final. He agreed and said he'd stay for one more season! edit: sorry for huge pictures
  3. He played terribly in all remaining big games of the season so I ended up selling him for £27m to Dortmund - with 45% of the next sale coming to us. They finished 4th last season so hoping they struggle and a bigger club picks him up for a good payday to me. Now I have Dolberg unsettled by offers of £15m which is what he is worth, same for Van De Beek at around £12m. Hope I don't get this whole situation again with these two, luckily I have them on longer contracts than I did De Ligt.
  4. I'm 2.5 seasons in with Ajax - De Ligt is worth £22m and has 2.5 years left on his contract. I was getting bids of £60m in the summer window but kept rejecting them/negotiating to £100m. He got unhappy and wanted me to accept bids so I asked him to name a fair price and he wouldn't budge over £50m! I denied his request to leave but he then handed in a transfer request, he's now stuck on the transfer list with me unable to remove him and teams won't offer anything over £25m. Anyone had a similar situation? Currently, the only option looks to be to let him run down to 1 year left and then sell him for a low price with a high % of future transfer clause.
  5. Just seen this one pop up in the 1st CL knockout round. Bayer go into the 90th minute with a 4-2 lead, only to wind up losing 7-5, with 4 goals from Neymar, including 2 penalties!
  6. All in the title really.. I like to allow my staff to make offers for players, when it's a useless player I just cancel the transfer - but occasionally they make a good suggestion. Sometimes however I will find the club has zero scouting knowledge on the player, which seems a bit unusual if I have staff members making transfer offers for them. Anyone else encountered this, or have a way round it?
  7. Popped up in my league today. Ref didn't even book anyone!
  8. +100 internets for you sir, thank you very much!
  9. None of my FM14 games would load earlier, they'd start to load but never complete, even after leaving for 5 minutes plus there would be no progress. I restarted my machine and verified the integrity of the game cache and it started to update, now however it is stuck at update paused and when I try to play the game it finishes updating but then says 'An error occurred while updating Football Manager 2014 (disk write error).' I'm aware I will probably have to do a full reinstall of FM14 at this point but it won't even let me copy my saved games out of the folder, every time I try it just tells me 'an unexpected error is keeping you from copying this file... Error 0x80070570: the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.' Are my save games completely lost? thanks for any help
  10. this thread is really making me want to buy FM15..
  11. *sigh* someone from SI please get this in for next year!
  12. Can you shift click the rows on a players history? (so that it will give a total appearances / goals at the bottom?) Always thought this would be a logical step, would allow to easily total up a players appearances / goals / assists stats for time periods or just when at individual clubs
  13. I guess but that's going to knock off board confidence. would be good if there was an option to go to the board saying that the extra fixture congestion would outweigh the benefits of competing.
  14. In real life would a team be able to opt out of playing in Europe? I know it's an odd situation but certainly for myself on FM if I win the Capital one cup with a struggling prem team for instance (we've all been there, you put a bad team out and it gets you into the semi's so you may as well play to win from that point) but I wouldn't want the European fixtures next season
  15. Sticking to those rules is all well and good, and I can only assume Dave will have intended to but I'm sure we all know that real life can sometimes throw us curveballs that get in the way of less important things like football manager sign-ups. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt
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