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  1. Example, I have a player who is competent all the way down the left side. Within the reports section of the player menu. The default player comparison is set to M (L), when I change the report to D (L), the comparison of players within my squad doesn't change at all. It's still showing the Squad comparison for M (L) rather than the new position I have changed to within the report. Not gamebreaking in the slightest, but would be nice to correct.
  2. @zlatanera Almendra is a top player in my side, he seems to play equally well as the DLP-s at CM, B2B and even occasionally as a RM Winger. He has low flair, but he still seems to be capable of beating a man which is probably due to his absurd physical stats. He averaged 7.35 domestically and 7.31 for the champions league campaign, which is surprising, we batter teams in the league so I thought he'd show higher. He doesn't contribute many goals/assists, but as he generally plays the DLP role that's not a huge concern. I am tempted to alter my midfield role pairing to allow him to play as his preferred Mezzala role but with 9 finishing and 10 long shots I'm not sure it's worth it. @Aizo4576 Good luck with the save! Top tip would be to tie down your best players on new, long contracts with 100m+ release clauses (De Ligt, De Jong, Van De Beek & Dolberg) are the main ones. First season is a strange one while you figure out who you're going to keep and sign players to fit your formation, 4-2-3-1 has worked well for me so far though.
  3. I think from now on I will be trying to put absurdly high release clauses into all contracts. Liverpool not only had the nerve to ruin the champions league for me by scoring a dodgy penalty in a 1-0 defeat but also would like to lowball offer £15m for my star player! The player conversation made me laugh, it's been about a week since but apparently, he's already forgotten we had a fairly comfortable run through to the final. He agreed and said he'd stay for one more season! edit: sorry for huge pictures
  4. He played terribly in all remaining big games of the season so I ended up selling him for £27m to Dortmund - with 45% of the next sale coming to us. They finished 4th last season so hoping they struggle and a bigger club picks him up for a good payday to me. Now I have Dolberg unsettled by offers of £15m which is what he is worth, same for Van De Beek at around £12m. Hope I don't get this whole situation again with these two, luckily I have them on longer contracts than I did De Ligt.
  5. I'm 2.5 seasons in with Ajax - De Ligt is worth £22m and has 2.5 years left on his contract. I was getting bids of £60m in the summer window but kept rejecting them/negotiating to £100m. He got unhappy and wanted me to accept bids so I asked him to name a fair price and he wouldn't budge over £50m! I denied his request to leave but he then handed in a transfer request, he's now stuck on the transfer list with me unable to remove him and teams won't offer anything over £25m. Anyone had a similar situation? Currently, the only option looks to be to let him run down to 1 year left and then sell him for a low price with a high % of future transfer clause.
  6. Just seen this one pop up in the 1st CL knockout round. Bayer go into the 90th minute with a 4-2 lead, only to wind up losing 7-5, with 4 goals from Neymar, including 2 penalties!
  7. All in the title really.. I like to allow my staff to make offers for players, when it's a useless player I just cancel the transfer - but occasionally they make a good suggestion. Sometimes however I will find the club has zero scouting knowledge on the player, which seems a bit unusual if I have staff members making transfer offers for them. Anyone else encountered this, or have a way round it?
  8. Popped up in my league today. Ref didn't even book anyone!
  9. This thread is making me want to find a savegame where my GK was my best FK taker.. I don't think he bagged too many but I now have the urge to find and continue that save It might not even be on FM14 though..
  10. Don't have a screeny knocking about from when he was generated but he's so good as a treq for my southampton side, knocking on the door of the england squad too. A pity his tackling is so low, otherwise he could have made a very good shadow striker, especially with his amazing pace. His PPMs are to knock the ball past opponent & play one two's more, my coaches say it'd be useless to train his weaker foot, so I think I will work on his passing/finishing/dribbling mainly, unless anyone else has any good suggestions? had an amazing debut season, but dropped off until last season when he came into his own. This season though he'll be fighting for a place with an ageing Marek Hamsik
  11. T'nique's technical stats leave much to be desired... never seen this name before?
  12. End of season report 2013-2014. All in all, a horrible, horrible season. We were by far the worst team in the league which wasn't helped by injuries to key stone members of the squad. League Table: It doesn't look that bad but in reality the only reason we are even close to the other teams is because of a string of extremely lucky results towards the end of the season, Fixture list Our good spells were strangely also around the same time that our keeper wasn't injured. I have no idea what they do in training but he managed to tear his groin muscle, obtain a 'chest injury?' and damage his achilles tendon all in one season. I was hopeful we could avoid relegation on the last day till the keeper got injured 4 days before the game. Our replacement conceded 24 in 10 and the injury prone keeper 37 in 24, which isn't great but had he been around I think we might have just made it. It's probably a blessing in disguise that we got relegated so I can start with a new team as the Youth squad I was left with after intake day (forgot photo of intake) would have been no use next season! I may attempt this again in a few days with a new team but that really wasn't a fun season For anyone interested, I lined up a generic flat 4-4-2 for most home games. 2 WM's (s), 1 BWM (d) & CM (s) and a 4-1-4-1 counter for away games.
  13. Just had one of those games where one team has one shot and win 1-0 despite being second best for the whole match... For the first time in a while though it's been my team who pulled it off. Pic which was then followed by this First back to back wins of the season though I'm not sure if I am proud or not because of the sheer luck involved. May prove crucial in the relegation fight though.
  14. 14 games gone, 20 to go and it doesn't look like it's going to get any easier. I really need a good intake in March to drag me up. Table Positions that could urgently do with being filled are: GK, LB, DM & ST. I'm hoping to get at least 1 if not 2 of those positions filled with potential with the intake (If I've not been sacked by then!) edit: Just lost 5 in a row, no thanks to having my 1st choice keeper and DM both injured. Keeper is out for another 2 months. This is his replacement. conceded 14 in his first 5 which isn't exactly ideal. I think tthe keeper injury may have cost me any chance of moving forward with this challenge.
  15. He left on a free Kind of finding our feet in the league after a few played, but I'm not confident I'll keep the job/stay up by the end of the season. Lost in the 2nd round of the cup to top tier opposition. We really should have won, we had an extra man for over half of the game, even more when counting extra time but eventually it went to penalties, we missed all of ours. Need to work on our penalties!
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