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  1. Creating Awards

    I have had the same problems with awards any help would be welcomed
  2. Targetting Europe (Season: 2)

  3. Targetting Europe (Season: 2)

    these are the players I really want to get rid off though: gary cahill gardener maloney harewood Petrov(too old) the only problem is i dont really know how much i could get for them
  4. I just finished my first season and after being offered the Aston Villa job, I accepted. They just finished the league 12th and I am looking to build a good team that is capable of reaching top 7 minimum. This is how the squad looks like at the moment: Scott Carson GK Good Bogdan Lobont GK Olof Mellberg D RC Carlos Salcido D RLC Gareth Barry D L, M LC Gary Cahill D C Good Curtis Davies D C Zat Knight D C Martin Laursen D C Tut Jan Kromkamp D/WB R Pierre Womé D/WB L Hol Edu M C Craig Gardner M C Isaiah Osbourne M C Nigel Reo-Coker M C Shaun Maloney AM RLC, F C Ashley Young AM RL, ST Stiliyan Petrov AM C Gabriel Agbonlahor ST John Carew ST Marlon Harewood ST Luke Moore ST i've already got a pretty good idea of the players I would like to keep and those i want out but i need other opinions I am looking at players to sell (not good enough to be in a top 7 squad) and also players to buy, whether established or good prospects
  5. Ridleys' Create a Club Sign-up

    8th in the blue square premier hopefully we can make it out of being a non league club for the first time
  6. First Name: Bennitto Last Name: Hagan Position: DM/CM/AM Height (cm): 175 cm Weight (kg): 70 kg Left / Right Foot: Right 2 Technical Stats at 20: tackling, long shots 2 Mental Stats at 20: anticipation, creativity 2 Physical Stats at 20: pace, acceleration 1 Gold Member (Frazza Pee) 2 Red Bull (Linfield Fc) 3 Ian Bryant (~Ian~) 4 Sam Fuller (thezogsageordie) 5 Evandro Ribeiro de Souza (GazTheDoood) 6 Rhys Davies (Recky_d) 7 Gaz Davies (Gazza D) 8 The New World Man (PaulHartman71) 9 Pablo Gonzalez (Blackcats) 10 Michael Lowes(Ulti) 11 Mark Snellink (Mark Snellink) 12 Ricardo Cadena (el sid) 13 Haowan (Haowan) 14 Sam Fisher (themakem) 15 Jack Sheppard (Crayons) 16 Boris Sanchez (PoopyPants) 17 Tomaldinho (Tomaldinho) 18 Josh Pearce (Goldenduty) 19 Disco Stu (DiscoStu94) 20 Ricky Nakano (rancer890) 21 Brian Greene (Living_Legend) 22 Ja-Ja Binks (BP_Doosra) 23 Come Honor (Terror) 24 Cody Bird (Chirpin) 25 Winnie Pooh (MikaelS) 26 browser two (coldkohmew) 27 Juan King (MikelLUFC) 28 Daniel Klosinski (Soviet) 29 Sneaky Ninja (DeadlyDevices) 30 Scott Curham-Phillips (WolvesBestEvaManager) 31 Rafael Gilberto (Gilbster) 32 The Stig (ssestig) 33 Motoko Kusangi (drhenry) 34 Jack Birkinshaw (jackyb1989) 35 Bennitto Hagan (problemchild)
  7. Club and Stadium with same id?

    if you done a database before on a simple pprogram like access, you'll realise that two items can have the same ID as long as they belong to different tables i think that might be the case maybe im wrong
  8. Ridleys' Create a Club Sign-up

    any news on the next updates?
  9. still not international cap
  10. Ridleys' Create a Club Sign-up

    wow, almost promoted, hopefully next season we win the league
  11. the second highest valued player but still yet to enter the points table
  12. woah looking really good, hopefully i can start bagging in a lot of goals for my club and cameroon
  13. Ridleys' Create a Club Sign-up

    6th place, doing much better than my expectations
  14. Im currently thinking of doing a new signup, something which im sure and hopefully has never been done before but im i cant decide which league I should run it in im obviously considering the big leagues such as england, spain, italy, france but would like to know which league, either 1 of them or another league will be exciting for a signup considering the ones currently being used already
  15. Challenge - Edit player's name in save-game

    works perfectly thanks, but doesnt work for a saved game though, maybe im doing something wrong