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  1. Breaking News!!! The chairman of Real Betis B., SAD "Miguel Guillen" has confirmed a takeover bid has been accepted and they sorting out all the legalities. It has been reported that the bid was made by Spanish Billionaire "Amancio Ortega Gaona"! Mr. Goana has kept himself out of the limelight ever since he arrived on the scene as a wealthy man, but he has finally decided to invest in the world of football and instantly makes Real Betis the richest club in the world. We are still yet to see if Mr. Goana will keep a low profile and speculation will follow as to how much he will invest in the club.
  2. Sorry guys, lost my internet for a week, money problems Will update asap.
  3. Important Request: Could everyone who has completed a transfer please send me back the transfer details, if you haven't already.
  4. I think over the season, my player is up there with the best
  5. Kansas City Mega Deal Tromso have confirmed that Kansas City have come back with a mega deal offer for Joel Hochstetter, believed to be worth £25,000 per week for the player. Sources close to the youngster say he is unsure what to do following the bid made by Rangers. Rangers are unable to offer the kind of money that Kansas are able, but they are still hopeful he will choose Scotland over the MLS.
  6. Shame I don't have all these earlier versions Sounds like a lot of fun
  7. Player Training Schedule Here you will find all the training schedules in motion for every player who has one. You will also be able to see the completion dates for the training schedules. Training Focus... Training focus takes 6 months and adds 1 point to the chosen stat. The current schedule completion date is January 1st 2013 John Johnson - Strength Conor Swain - Positioning David Ginsberg - Heading Karl Llewellyn - Positioning Maximus Spartacus - Decisions Conan O'Tarkan - Strength Steve Duffy - Pace Peter MacAndreys - Positioning Ryan Giggs Jr - Pace Jack Price - First Touch Brendan O'Shaugnessy - Stamina Joel Hochstetter - First Touch Geraint Alacarde - Technique Ole Gunnar Balmjar - Stamina Eric Corwyn - Jumping Lincoln Howard - Concentration Ceri Pritchard - Jumping Henning Belvand - Finishing New Position Training... New Position Training take 24 months and adds a new position to your players position ability. This training includes 4 six month stages before completion .The current schedule completion date is July 1st 2014 John Johnson - RWB David Ginsberg - DL Karl Llewellyn - CM Conan O'Tarkan - AMR Ryan Giggs Jr - ML Jack Price - AMC Joel Hochstetter - AMC Ole Gunnar Balmjar - AML Ceri Pritchard - AMC Henning Belvand - MC Preferred Moves Training... Preferred Moves Training takes 12 months and adds your chosen PPM to your players list. The current schedule completion date is July 1st 2013 John Johnson - Likes to switch ball to other flank Conor Swain - Dictates Tempo David Ginsberg - Dives Into Tackles Karl Llewellyn - Possesses Long Flat Throw Maximus Spartacus - Gets Into Opposition Area Conan O'Tarkan - Cuts Inside Steve Duffy - Likes To Beat Offside Trap Ryan Giggs Jr - Moves Ball To Left Foot Before Dribbling Jack Price - Places Shots Joel Hochstetter - Runs With Ball Often Ole Gunnar Balmjar - Knocks Ball Past Opponent Eric Corwyn - Gets Into Opposition Area Lincoln Howard - Plays One-Two's Ceri Pritchard - Likes To Go Round Keeper Henning Belvand - Tries Killer Passes Often Please Note: All up to date now, please check through and make sure I've added you in (if you have sent your form to me).
  8. September 2012 Transfer Spotlight Welcome to the extended edition of Transfer Spotlight! So far two of our stars have already agreed to make the move in the up and coming January Transfer Window. Ole Gunnar Balmjar is off to Rangers in a deal which has cost the Scottish club a massive £1.2mil!!! Rangers are looking to build their team around Balmjar and hope he will commit to the club for the long term. Steve Duffy also made his way to Scotland to join Aberdeen in a deal that cost the Scottish Premier League club £1mil. Aberdeen are currently struggling at the lower end of the table and will be looking to Duffy to make the impact to propel them up the table! Andrew Jackson has been attracting all sorts of attention since the start of the season due to his brilliance on the pitch between the sticks. Scouts were seen at Portadown's training ground yesterday and it seems Everton boss David Moyes may be interested in signing the young goalkeeper. - John Johnson appeared to be receiving a lot of interest at the beginning of the month, but nothing has been heard recently, probably due to struggling with Strained Knee Ligaments. - Brendan O'Shaugnessy has recently stated that he has no idea where the future will take him, but reports suggest he may be staying at Bohemians for the short term at least with the youngster not attracting any interest yet, but he is getting a decent amount of time on the pitch and will probably benefit staying at his current club. - David Ginsberg has recently handed in a transfer request to Rosenborg and nobody can really blame him after being left out of the first team constantly. Rosenborg boss 'Per Joar Hansen' has expressed his regret at David Ginsberg's decision and has called for the youngster to stay at the club for the long term. The club have accepted the transfer request but has said that they will not sell for cheap. Several clubs have already expressed their desire to sign the youngster, with interest coming from teams such as Udinese, Chievo, Lazio, HSV, Furth, Everton, Newcastle and Norwich. It has also been suggested that Liverpool may be looking into signing the centre back, but with no bids on the table yet, nothing is a sure thing! - Eric Corwyn has had a decent start to his career at Llanelli, but other clubs are yet to pay attention as the young left back continues to impress. - Karl Llewelly has really struggled to perform of late and people are starting to speculate the Bangor City are growing impatient with his lacklustre performances - Peter MacAndreys is becoming well known for his antics on the pitch, especially after his recent display where he scored a goal and then got sent off. Stoke City have made it known this week that they are very interested in signing the young Irish midfielder. - Conor Swain will most probably be staying with Cliftonville for the moment with recent comments suggesting he is commited to the cause and would rather work on improving his performances. - Maximus Spartacus is definately struggling in Norway at the moment, but has still managed to pick up some game time for the first team at Aalesund and reports suggest that he may well be staying put, with only slight interest coming from a couple of teams over in France. - Joel Hochstetter has already rejected a move to the MLS this season, but Sporting Kansas City are back with another offer! It is believed that the package contains a £2,000,000 transfer fee, but it is the contract offer that may well pursuade Joel Hochstetter. Over in Scotland, Rangers have also made a move for the brilliant winger. - Ronhaar has had an immense start to the season for Llanelli, but despite being scouted by several clubs in England, it seems they are waiting to see more performances from the explosive winger. - Conan O'Tarkan is one of the hottest properties at the moment and several clubs are looking to try and bring him in. It is believed that Arsenal have already made a move to try and bring him in early before anyone else, but there are bids amongst teams such as West Ham, Brighton, Ajax, Udinese and Parma! With things hotting up, Crusaders will be looking for O'Tarkan to cool things down a little bit and commit to the club. - Ryan Giggs Jr has been attracting a lot of attention, but so far only one club has approached the Welsh wizard and it is now down to Giggsy Jr to figure out what's best. The club in question is believed to be either Hull City or Qpr. - Henning Belvand has slated his club Rosenborg in a recent statement which can be found in a Norweigan newspaper called Marca. He has stated his desire to leave and the club have swiftly accepted the request. Despite being transfer listed, Henning Belvand has only received interest from Belgium side Zulte Waregem and high flying Npower league 1 side Sheffield United. Sources close to Henning Belvand have suggested he may wait it out and look for a bigger move. - Geraint Alacarde has been in amazing form so far this season for Bohemians and it looks like they will do everything in their power to keep Geraint at the club, it is believed that they have offered a new contract to end any speculation that he may well move in January. - Jack Price has sparked a huge amount of interest with his earlier comments about missing his family in England. Despite his comment towards only moving to Ipswich town, several clubs have made moves to try and get a transfer in motion! Ipswich Town were obviously the first to make a move, but the manager has had to make a request to the board to allow him extra funds due to being over the wage budget. Norwich City have also made moves as they plan to stay in the Premier League, which looks extremely likely with the brilliant start to the season. Qpr are also interested, along with Fulham, Brighton, Huddersfield Town and Leeds United! It seems that St. Pats Athletic will have a lot of work to do to keep their young star, despite the youngster admitting it may be hard to leave just yet. - Lincoln Howard may well be on his way to Scotland if reports are true. Rangers have apparently made a big to bring him to Scotland in a £1,000,000 deal! - Ceri Pritchard has had a shocking start for TNS, but it is suggested he will keep working hard and try to improve as the season goes on. Please Note: You will be contacted by PM regarding any transfer bids made in due course.
  9. Not far at all yet, I might accelerate it to 2 months at a time maybe for now, not much to talk about in these early stages really.
  10. Liking the posts guys! I had already started on the update on Friday, but wasn't able to do much yesterday at all. Will look to have Transfer Spotlight Update with you today!
  11. The difference I can see is the sort of players Man United are selling, which I think contributes a lot to their bad performance. I think you should at least have a dim witted assistant manager at man utd and the opposite at Bradford PA. I'd even go as far as doing the coaching staff as well, just to make it more interesting.
  12. September 2012 International Update Welcome to the improved edition of the International Update! Please remember, all suggestion will be looked at, especially those that are for updates as I strive to bring you the best updates possible. To kick it off we have our International stats, including how many youth appearances your player has made. Currently we still have a load of players who haven't made that much anticipated first cap yet, so the International updates wont be very big until we have nearly everyone getting regular game time. John Johnson and Lincoln Howard have forced their way into the Northern Ireland first team already which is encouraging for them. Northern Ireland Not a good month for Northern Ireland unfortunately as they lose to Portugal and then Russia, but on the other hand, this was expected and the score lines weren't extremely bad. Northern Ireland 0 - 3 Portugal Lincoln Howard made an appearance as a substitute in those uphill struggle against a Portugal side that strangely had no Cristiano Ronaldo or Luis Nani. Unfortunately he didn't play well at all and ended his 15 minutes on the pitch with a 6.4 rating. Russia 3 - 0 Northern Ireland Lincoln Howard was understandably left on the bench during this match as Russia dominated possession. However, there was a starting spot for John Johnson who stayed on the pitch for 74 minutes and had a brilliant game, as he always does! Looking at it, the explanation for being substitute was purely down to fitness. He ended the game with a 7.4 rating. Ireland Ireland had a really good month in my opinion, easily beating Kazakhstan and giving Germany a good game. If they can turn on the style against the other teams in the group, I'd say Ireland have a decent chance of snatching second place come the end of the qualifiers. However, none of our stars were used this month again. Norway Norway haven't had the worst ever results, but still didn't manage to pick up a win over the two games. This group seems very balanced and it will be anyone's guess as to who goes through to the World Cup! Unfortunately, none of our stars were used this month. Wales Wales probably have the best chance in the history of football to reach a major final, but with the two results this month and if they continue to fall short, it could fall through the gaps! Unfortunately none of our stars were used this month.
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