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  1. Just been denied my greatest ever comeback... We were 3-0 down with around 15 minutes to go and some how we managed to score 3 goals in 9 minutes! It wasn't to be however as we gave away a penalty and there was always going to be just one result and we lost the game...
  2. I totally agree with your Braumiller, i've also noticed that several players who I haven't tagged are actually able to cut it in the first team, even though some of them don't look like it from a stats point of view, they just seem to do the job. A bit like you, i've just been playing over and over and not posting my progress, although my reason is just because i've been getting too into it and not wanting to post because I just want to play Sooner or later I will post my progress up. Congratulations on your progress so far Braumiller.
  3. Come on over to Belgium, it's fun with the strange league structures and coming in the relegation zone does not usually autmatically mean your getting relegated Unlucky on relegation on final day though by the way...
  4. Well done so far Korvalis, your team is starting to get better and better, lets just hope the new youth player can move into the first team fast and sort out your defensive problems! Unlucky Fortasel, It's a bit annoying when that happens but luckily I didn't suffer the same fate. Congratulations Worrel on a fine season! Some promising youth players coming through too, just don't play too much attacking football in the coming season Would be nice if you could post up a table of your league history so we can see your improvements over the years.
  5. Good luck Steboyuk with your new challenge! I've had the odd few unhappy players, but i've just simply sent them on their way and when your team gets promoted whilst the player had agreed to join another club during January and that club just got relegated from the same league, it can be very fun stuff Another good season there Korvalis, I would definately say you way over achieved in the first season in that league, so that position this season is definately realistic. Good look for next season! If only I had the same type of financial power...
  6. Season 3 | Union Royale Namur | Belgium Second League | 2015/2016 League Table | Team Stats | Transfers Proof I had high hopes for this season after our domination of the Belgium Third Division A, but it has been a lesson for me not to expect too much in future as we finished 15th and 1 point above the relegation battle! However, if we can perform like we did in our last 3 matches of the season next season, I think we will do well. We managed to secure 15th place with taking 4 points out of our last 3 games and against very difficult opponents from near the top of the league. Season Summary
  7. Well done Korvalis and Braumiller on excellent seasons Bet you'v racked up a lot of cash now Braumiller! What's the highest wage your paying for a player? Unlucky ElSmurfo, the upside to it is you didn't get relegated! Best of luck for next season.
  8. Two seasons or i'm off! My star attacking midfielder has just hinted at wanting to move to a bigger club, so I had a nice little chat with him and I told him I felt he could achieve his ambitions at his current club... He asked how, so I told him I intended to get promotion to the Pro League... He asked how long and the longest I could tell him was two seasons... He was happy to give me two seasons, but stated if it doesn't happen, he's off... Nothing like a bit of pressure! I best hope that we bring through a top class attacking midfield, because this guy would be extremely hard to replace
  9. Cheers, currently managed 7 points out of 7 games in Belgium Second League, it's extremely tough! On the up side, we have only lost twice! I very much doubt I will get to spend £1mil on any type of facilities in the near future My club as a whole is a disgrace and our on field antics are the only thing papering over the cracks...
  10. That's a real shame Maybe you shouldn't end it here and maybe take your talents abroad like I have? I felt that going down the same route as FM12 would be boring as i've been there and done that and almost completed the challenge... I actually feel a real love here in Belgium at UR Namur Give it a try!
  11. I never knew such young players needed registering, although I suppose rules are different for other countries. Such a shame as he could have provided you with that extra firing power to reach the playoffs... Let's hope you don't get a loan! Unfortunately I had no choice in my loan
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