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  1. Ok cheers there scab and gdk im not gonna get promotion this year anyway im struggling in league 1, massive struggle !
  2. Exactly the same here, stupid really !
  3. 2015/16 season update Once again out of no expectations we have gained back to back promotions and are now into league 1 ! We never dropped below 6th in the whole season and were playing some great football with every player playing the hearts out ! League table Past positions Targets For Next Season: Hunt the national youth sides for some gems ! mid table finish p.s. sorry the the bobbins update feeling ill but thought I'd just shove it on
  4. glennuk i was fine i managed to get most of mine on ft contracts make sure you get rid of anyone you really don't need to free up wages and you should be fine also i moaned my board for more wages and they did increase it 2/3 times in a season ! so no i was fine btw my wage budget was about the same perhaps a touch more than yours however it depends how greedy your players are mine were actually quite generous and signed for nothing really !
  5. F.c. United 2015/16 End Of Season Update. It was a unbelievable season ! we were newly promote and were favourites for the drop ! but with some quality signings and the team playing some fantastic football we were able to finish 3rd and get promotion into league 1 !!!!!!!!!!! we looked good into early december but we were only just scraping results which wasn't like we was early in the season ! so i decided to hunt the youth national teams of the like of germany and denmark and found some wondeful talent ! this talent pushed us through the season and we were able to claim 3rd spot as ours ! Key Players -Michele Fornasier, quality centre half he was an absoloute rock and scoring his fair share of goals aswell, unfortunatly i couldn't afford what he was requesting on his new contract so is leaving -Michael OHalloran, top goalscorer for me once again absolutely magnificent ! Also played well with whoever i partnered him with which was great ! League Table Graph of Season Positions Targets for next season Avoid Relegation ! Get some more youth in ! Boost finances to open up future pathways for the club !
  6. 3 games after i signed around 4/5 players from germany and denmark in every game one of them has scored
  7. Yh i got 1 or 2 others from germany and also denmark ! the only way I can get some good players tbh !
  8. I hunted him from germany's u19 national team he just scored on his debut aswell (was a penalty but o well )
  9. Not bad for a free... (im in league 2)
  10. Wow my team have gelled really well for league 2, keeping a lot of players from last season in the team was a great idea if i do say so myself
  11. Reduced a team to just one shot !
  12. first season in league 2 and we're looking good so far !
  13. Being a manchester united fan makes this victory even sweeter
  14. Just wondering have any of you guys managed to get a work permit for a player because all mine get turned down ??