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  1. That question wasn't about football, but for your real life employer, because, let's be honest, you would pay out of your own pocket just for an opportunity to play for Barcelona, so that is only a fantasy!
  2. Are you saying that you won't switch your current employer if the other employer would offer you almost two times bigger salary then your current one?
  3. I really don't understand why you call him greedy? It's his job after all! Are you saying that you won't switch your current employer if the other employer would offer you almost two times bigger salary then your current one?
  4. Would it be possible to make "Minimum underaged players dressed" rule optional rather than a must or create variant of it if "must" rule is used for any playable league already? I guess that it was created for Canadian juniors leagues, but other leagues uses that rule too, but only as optional... Now if, for example, 2 out of 22 players should be underaged in a match squad and a team don't have such players, then the game creates grey/fake players to fill these spots/rule, but instead it should be, that if team don't have such players, then it's allowed to have only 20 (or 21 if they have only one such player) players in a match instead of 22 (20 + 2 grey/fake players). I believe from playable leagues KHL have such an "optional" rule...
  5. It should be ok, because requirements are Pentium IV 1,8ghz single core processor, but he asked about i5 dual core + multi threading 1,3ghz processor - so it should run, tho how well that is a different question...
  6. Thank you, I wasn't aware of this! Maybe there are commands that allow to configure number of teams, number of games, number of times each team play with each other and foreigners rules in playable leagues too?
  7. I was trying to make a custom league out of Danish league, but it looks like all 10 Danish league clubs are hard-coded into the game and can't be replaced with other teams, so I decided to rename them and change their "nation"... I was successful with it, till I tried to do it with "Rungsted Ishockey" team, I was able to rename it, but when I am trying to change this team's nation other than Denmark, then I got an error and Danish league becomes unplayable... Is it possible that "Rungsted Ishockey" team's hard-coded nationality would be removed just like other teams and I could assign it freely!?!
  8. As much as I want that Latvian league would be added to the game, but, in my opinion, it would be even better that there would be released an editor, just like for Football Manager, that anyone of us could add/make whatever league we want as playable in the game... I would say that this (editor) should be a priority over adding any new league to the game!
  9. First of all, I just wanted to apologize for writting up, that you don't know what you are talking about - it was way too harsh from me... In self defense of myself I just wanted to point out that you based your opinion about GTA V and 1GB of VRAM by looking and minimum system requirements, if so then by that logic you should suggest that all FM players should get only 1GB of RAM, because that's a minimal requirements for FM or 2GB at best, because it's recommended for FM and for Windows (64bit) too and don't look for anything more... Anyway I apologize, on more time, for my harsh comment and I hope that there won't be any hard feeling between us!
  10. Do you mean videos like this... [video=youtube;j6Yn-pGVs6M]
  11. I have read your posts in this thread for some time now and I was suspicious that you don't know what you are talking about, but this post of yours finally proved it!! GTA V requires more than 1GB of VRAM (1066MB to be exact) on lowest settings at 1080p resolution and just a little below 4GB of VRAM to max it out at 1080p resolution... Of course GTX 970 won't be able to max out GTA V, but it will be able to handle it on very high settings which still would require at least 3GB of VRAM or are you saying that he have invested 1500$ (or whatever that PC costs) in PC to play games on low settings and ancient resolutions?!?
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