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  1. You are absolutely right. I thought that pressing hard on the ball would limit this risk, but it is probably safer to let one stay a bit deeper. Another option might be to let both players only arrive when the ball has moved to the final third? The AMC would most definitely be on support duty. I don't expect him to score goals, but he has to create them. The complete wingback role is more attacking and that's the reason why I initially chose it. However, as with 2 BtB midfielders they simply get forward too early so I'll need to change this. I also agree that it might be too one dimensional, but I hope that when executed correctly it would simply be too difficult to stop. This most likely means that the AMC will be the most expensive and skilled player of the squad.
  2. General idea 5-5-0 or 3-7-0, depending on how you look at it. Why? I’ll admit that I was just looking for something different at first. However, the more I started thinking about this, the more it made sense. The idea is that this formation is defensively sound, whilst making the most of space in front and behind the opposing defenders. A brilliant through pass, quick combination through the middle or a vicious shot from an inside forward are what gets me excited and I hope this tactic can provide. Below you’ll find further details on how I imagine this would work. Unfortunately I have never been too good at translating my thoughts to actual working tactics in FM and that is where I’d love to get your help. If you see any obstacles on why this tactic cannot work, please let me know that as well. Attacking I envision the attacking play to be fast and direct with a lot of moving people (six to be exact). The wingers could cut inside, either behind defence ready to receive a through ball or between the defenders and midfielders to set up a Robben-esque shot. At the same time the wing backs should push forward to provide width on either side. This width could then be used to drill in a near post cross or to cut inside behind defence. Finally, the central midfielders would attack the box from deep to create shooting chances from the edge of the box. I expect the wingers and central midfielders to be the main goal scorers. So what about the AMC? Well, he is the key player in this plan. He is the one who will distribute the ball and provides the assists. Like a metronome, he will determine the rhythm of my orchestra. When he has the ball, he can reach all six moving players and he should be able to create chance after chance. I recognize that relying so heavily on one player has its risks, but the payoff could be tremendous. As for the three central defenders; they are there to provide an outlet when more forward players cannot be reached, simply to keep possession and redistribute the ball. Perhaps there are more ways that they can contribute at this stage? Defending We’ll need space in offence, so the way we defend should reflect this. The flip side of attacking with seven men means that there are only three at the back when the ball gets lost. To make the most of this situation, the “front” seven should press as soon as the ball is lost which will hopefully result in a long ball, to be swept up by the back three. By positioning the backs a little deeper, they will hopefully draw out the opposition. While this happens, the midfield players should move back to their general positions and start looking for space again. The pattern I'm expecting to see would very much be a waving back and forward game where our attacks will be followed up by long balls from the opposition, resulting in direct play from us going forward again after which the pattern repeats itself. Team philosophy & instructions Now, this is where I need really your help. While I can put in my ideas into words quite well, I’ve never really been able to translate them into correct usage of team & individual instructions. Mentality wise I would go with “Attacking” since it is aggressive and relies on getting the ball forward quickly. It also means that defenders push up higher, so this is something that will need to be corrected. I also don’t want central defenders to hoof the ball forward, simply because mobile and creative attackers/midfielders are usually not the best in the air. That brings me to fluidity. Would fluid be the way to go here? The three central defenders do little more than defending and sweeping up long balls, but all other players are expected to contribute to the attack and close down the opposing players as soon as possible. Instructions: Drop Deeper Drill Crosses ?? Player roles & instructions As mentioned in the previous section I'm not really sure what to do here and am definitely looking for input. GK – Play shorter, Distribute to defender DCL – DC – DCR – WBL (Wingback - Support)– Stay wider, cross to near post WBR (Wingback- Support)– Stay wider, cross to near post MCL (Deeplying playmaker- Support) – MCR (Box-to-box) – AML (Inside Forward- Attack)– AMC (Advanced Playmaker- Support)– AMR (Inside Forward- Suppport)– Other Finally, I’d like to build player profiles for each position. I’m not looking for suggestions on which players could play these roles, but rather which PPMs and key attributes would be required to make the most of each position. I would imagine that both wingers and central midfielders would benefit from playing one-twos for example (The AMC being the player involved in this and setting them up with clear cut chances) Note: I will update this post as suggestions are being made. Edit 1 Both wide defenders will be used as wingbacks to offer more support during build up and prevent them from running forward too early when in possession. One of the central midfielders will not be box-to-box in order to prevent the entire midfield being caught out when possession is lost.
  3. Just to update. I ended up selling him and purchased Verratti and Draxler and still have cash left. I decided to go for long-term stability (both cash and talent -wise) over short-term success. Let's hope it pays off!
  4. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Sami Khedira Your Team: Real Madrid Buyer/Seller: Paris SG Player's Value: €27M/ 475k/month wage Offer: €41,6M Transfer/Wage Budget: 0/ -410k/month Patch: Latest Season: August 2014/2015 season I am really doubting what to do here. Khedira has been a very solid, albeit unspectacular, box-to-box midfield player last season and at age 27 he still has his best years ahead of him. I also have Moussa Dembele, who I would consider to be his direct replacement. His mental stats however are nowhere near Khedira's and while it should work on paper, I like the option of being able to fall back on a tried and tested player. Originally I wanted to rotate both in order to be able to field a competitive side regardless of fixture congestion, but I did mess up my budget a bit and could do with the freed up wages. Perhaps I could sell him and find a suitable replacement for €20m?
  5. Finally managed to complete the first half of Season 1. We've been playing great and especially defense is rock solid, only conceding 8 in 17 league games. All matches combined, we've only conceded 1 in the past 14 games. Only concern so far is that Benzema is just not hitting the target and I am seriously considering selling him. Luckily C. Ronaldo has been on fire and Jese is only 3 goals behind. Qualified with easy for the next round of CL (Unfortunately drew Juventus next..) and also progressed in the cup. In the league we are 2 points behind Barcelona (drew 0-0 away against them) and 12 points clear of 3rd spot. Now I have 52 million to spend plus whatever I receive if I decide to sell Benzema, Di Maria and/or Diego Lopez. Seriously considering splashing out on a world class midfielder to take our game to the next level.
  6. Thanks! Pardo seems like he might be the right player for the job, or then Herrera if I can afford him.
  7. I've sold Arbeloa and brought in Alvarez Balanta (and brought Jese Rodriguez back from Castilla). Other than that it's the original team. Any tips on which Spanish talents to go for? Especially interested in a creative CM and back-up for Carvajal.
  8. How come this thread is so unpopular this year? I am considering to do a Galacticos save, but it's a shame there are not that many active managers here..
  9. Thanks for this thread! I've only picked up 2 "Scandinavians"; Roope Riski and Rasmus Thelander and both have been great, cheap additions (Also playing in the Netherlands btw). I like the stats for Amartey and I wonder if he is still available on my game, somehow missed him! I also noticed that you can pick up some great Regen talents for free at the end of the first season. Managed to bring in a few 15-16 year olds from Denmark and Norway. So for those who are interested in developing their own players this is probably something worth looking into.
  10. Playing video games in the Cloud is an area people have been working on for a while, just do a Google search for "Play games in cloud". There might even services available right now that might do exactly what you want. Just keep in mind that while "Cloud" sounds fancy (I used to do marketing for a cloud company), it really is nothing more than a computer which you can access through some interface; be it your phone, iPad or PC. So all you really need is an install of Football Manager on a capable (virtual) computer with a fast internet connection and the software to make the game appear on your screen. SI really isn't needed if you want to make this happen, since there is no need for a central database. Theoretically FM is almost the perfect game for Cloud Gaming, since responsiveness is not essential and the graphical demands are limited. It does however mean you need to always be connected to the internet and it will most likely involve monthly fees. Also keep in mind that FM works best on a higher resolution screen, so you might run into scaling and responsiveness issues, like not being able to click a certain button, on your phone.
  11. He would need some training of course, and being left foot only does limit his passing options - but then again, Robben is left footed and that appears to be more of a strength than weakness on the right side (He is more a traditional winger on the left). Anyway, how have their performances been for you?
  12. You could switch Cazorla to the right, still utilizing him as an AP - then Walcott could be your IF on the other side. It also makes sense that if you want one of your fullbacks to come forward, you use the fullback behind your IF. This is because your IF will cut inside, leaving space down the flank for the FB to run into. Rosso, wouldn't it make more sense to switch Podolski and Walcott?
  13. Even though I managed to pick up manager of the month I just couldn't hack it and got sacked 2 days before Christmas... I think I will start over again and try a different approach.
  14. While I bet others can give you much more detailed advice than me, the first thing I noticed is that you have Walcott on the right side as an inside forward. First of all, his Long Shot attribute is way too low for him to perform this role. Secondly, when you think about a player cutting inside from the right, his left foot becomes the obvious foot to shoot with - unfortunately Walcott is right footed. I have had some success (after my post above you) with playing Podolski in that role, since his long shot is great and he is a lefty. Only downsides with him so far is that he is not so familiar with the AMR position, nor does he curl shots. He has scored 8 in 16 for me so far. Unfortunately Cazorla has been injured for me for 6 months and I only play Giroud as a super sub, but I think you got both their roles right. Do they get any support from other players? e.g. wingbacks or midfielders who rush forward?
  15. Was expecting that answer I'll upload a couple screenshots. Edit: Below are the formation and team instructions. The idea is that we would play a Bayern-esque style, but with a more involved #9 to link up play. However, so far I have only managed to create 1 opportunity which would do the team justice (A threatening Cazorla feeding towards Lewandowski who drops down and flicks it on for Arteta who comes forward). First things first, though - Getting defense back in shape. Formation Instructions
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