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  1. I am time and time again surprised of how most Europeans perceive the Brazilian leagues. Do people honestly think that all those Brazilians magically became better once they set foot on our continent? Also, the Spanish league only has a handful of decent teams and I would argue that it would be one of the easiest leagues for Neymar to play in, especially with the support of a quality side and the poor quality throughout the rest of Spain.
  2. It's funny how Messi fans feel threatened, while they really should see it as a blessing for Barcelona. I really hope he won't buckle under the expectations, that would certainly be a waste (Robinho, anyone? Or almost every South American player that moved to Bayern?). Personally, I really hoped he would do what Maradona, Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho did and go for an up and coming club to be the absolute star before moving on. I suppose his fame had already risen far beyond that.
  3. Looks like Neymar is finally heading for Barcelona: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/may/26/neymar-barcelona-santos-five-year
  4. Apparently Rodriguez and Moutinho are officially going from Porto to Monaco now for €70m. http://www.france24.com/en/20130524-fc-porto-sells-rodriguez-moutinho-monaco-70-million-deal-football
  5. Thanks . I really tried before, but it just said Ajax everywhere.. So you are saying I should embrace what I hate in order to become victorious! Wise words
  6. Not getting fired as Lyon manager . Every team in the league decided to employ a 4-2-3-1 against me and I just can't seem to counter it. Their front 4 pressure me into playing the long ball and in possession they overload my wing backs. My team is very physical, but I lack wide players aside from said wing backs. Since I have some quality in midfield, would a brazilian 4-2-2-2 be an option? The thought being that one of the DMCs can nullify the AMC and the other DMC can support either the flank or take the position of a DC who had to defend out wide. MCs would have to mark their direct opponen
  7. But only one team produced the current two times Premier League top goalscorer . Keep in mind that current players are a result of something that happened 5 years ago and that Ajax did not start their little "silk revolution" last year without reason. Without a doubt Ajax has a great academy and for Dutch football it is great that we can even have this discussion, I just think that it's a shame that Feyenoord does not get more exposure. Even in FM for the first 2 seasons they let players go on loan who have featured regularly in the first team in real life (Boetius comes to mind, perhaps one
  8. I really liked your stuff about Ajax, but why not Feyenoord? =( Feyenoord's youth team just won the national championships again and the academy has been voted the best in the Netherlands for the fourth year running. 5 of their players will represent the Netherlands in Israel later this year. I wonder if Feyenoord is internationally being slept upon. Sure, they have not performed very well in Europe (despite being the last Dutch team to win a cup final) but their way of focusing on youth means that the club is financially very stable once again and has lead to a whole generation of promisin
  9. Alright guys, important questions. How much does a can of Guinness or a bottle of Miller go for at your local supermarket? I think the last time I was in the UK Miller went for about 12 bottles for £10. Which shocked me, as I pay €2,39 per bottle here (First time today I noticed that the local finally started selling them). Guinness was about €3,79 per can(!)
  10. I don't speak Finnish . After the summer and if cash is running low I will definitely consider flipping burgers or bar tending. I've seen it too often that friends got stuck at jobs they didn't like when they initially just took it to pay the bills. So if I can avoid that and enjoy life for a couple of months while searching for something close to my dream job, why not?
  11. I got laid off in March, don't speak the language and the job offerings are just really scarce here. All the ones I've applied for so far have all had between 120 and 180 applicants. With 2 Bachelor degrees and international work experience I thought this would have been a little easier, but alas, it turns out that not having a job can be hard work at times.
  12. Mikael Forssell would probably live nearer these days
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