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  1. [RELEASE] OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3.0 - The Dress-Up Edition

    Thanks OLT, really appreciate your help. I am seeing some new hair like goatees, but still very uncommon. Will see how it goes. Thanks again!
  2. [RELEASE] OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3.0 - The Dress-Up Edition

    I now see grey shirts. Its part of the hairpack right? Half my squad have grey shirts, but only 1 out of 20 have the new hair.
  3. [RELEASE] OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3.0 - The Dress-Up Edition

    Any idea how to install in on a mac? I cant find the \data\facegen\hair directory My directory is <name>\documents\sports interactive\ football manager 2014\ EDIT: I found the facegen folder and did as instructed. But the hair pack still aint working Directory : Steam\SteamApps\commons\Football Manager 2014\data\facegen\hair\olt hairpack Any suggestions?
  4. always gets sacked half way in the season and managed in every top leagues i had loaded,
  5. I like the idea of it. Would love them being introduced in FM13, especially the 2nd and 3rd point
  6. Will definitely get it But can you go deeper into it?
  7. Guessed he managed both teams, and shifted the At Madrid players to attack. With no one in defence, and a outfield player for the keeper.
  8. Youth Wanting 100k+

    Liverpool only can sign english youths like Henderson and Carroll And maybe Downing. Its hard coded dont you know?
  9. Career routes

    Lots of ex Arsenal trainees/ players are playing in the premier league and championship. They either get sold for a small amount or released.
  10. I took a peek in the PA with genie scout. France always have the best regen out there. 198 PA, 178 PA etc. English regen are hard to find, and they wouldnt want to leave the club too. Most are 165-175 if they are classified as best of their generation or good.
  11. Moving down the leagues

    Not sure what benefits it will bring u. But the media will ask you why did you move to a smaller club. Your rep would perhaps attract better players, board gives you more time, convinced better staff to join you, better scouting knowledge, and (world class)players (which you managed before) liking you
  12. How to stop Man City?

    Manc have very average results. Hover around in top 6. Wolves and Spurs are the better one (Ingame). 1 of them will always be in top 4. Unreal..
  13. Highest Player Value (Naturally)

    Highest ive seen is 37.5 from FM11 Never go higher then that despite how well he perform FM12 was 36m.
  14. lol! At first i was wondering how amazing this patch can be. Then while reading i thought OP was being sarcastic. Turns out he wasnt.. ._.